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Preliminary information

Before entering the tutorial, going to explain, concretely, how to hide the number on WhatsApp, it is my duty to provide you with some preliminary information in this regard which it is my duty to provide you.

Let's start from a fixed point: unlike other instant messaging services, such as Telegram and Facebook Messenger, which can be used without having to provide or disclose your phone number to other contacts, WhatsApp does not allow you to do this.

Il telephone number it is in fact essential to register and verify a WhatsApp account and it is essential to communicate with other users who in turn use the service. In fact, each WhatsApp contact is associated with a phone number that identifies that user and each account can be used on a maximum of one device at a time (excluding WhatsApp Web or WhatsApp PC sessions, which are nothing more than "repetitions" of the app installed on the smartphone).

In light of what has just been stated, you cannot therefore hide the phone number you use for WhatsApp from the eyes of others. However, this does not mean that it is not possible to carry out the operation that is the subject of this guide, albeit not literally. In fact, you can consider using a alternative address.

More precisely, you can decide to use one Alternative SIM, so as to associate the relative numbering to the messaging service, hiding what, on the other hand, is your real address and which you use to communicate by phone, by SMS or in any other way. Another solution can then be to register a WhatsApp account using the temporary phone numbers made available by special online services.

How to hide a number on WhatsApp

Taking into account what has just been said, I would say that we can finally take the action itself and go and find out, in detail, how to hide the number on WhatsApp. Below, therefore, you will find explained how to do it, using the two methods mentioned in the previous lines: using one Alternative SIM or a temporary number.

Use an alternative SIM

The first system I suggest you consider to hide a number on WhatsApp is to use a SIM to be used exclusively for the messaging service, in order to conceal your real telephone number from the people you are going to chat with and to let them know only that of the "replacement" card.

To do this, you can decide to use a SIM already active but that you no longer use or you can buy one new card. In this second case, all you have to do is identify the telephone operator you intend to contact, go to one of its stores in the area and request the activation of a card, providing your data and paying the requested fee.

Alternatively, you can consider submitting your SIM request online, so as to receive it at home by courier and activate it directly from the browser. For more details, you can consult my specific guides on how to activate a SIM TIM, Vodafone, WINDTRE, Iliad, Fastweb, ho., Kena and PosteMobile.

Keep in mind that, unless you have special needs, for the sole use of WhatsApp you would do well to opt for an economic tariff plan, such as those proposed by most virtual operators who usually also have a large number of GB for the connection unlimited data and minutes and SMS. If you think you need some advice on this, you can consult my post dedicated to the best mobile rates.

You can also evaluate the purchase of a SIM specific for messaging services, though it is not a recommended solution as, in general, not particularly cheap. Among the most widespread solutions of this type there is ChatSim, a service designed specifically to facilitate the use of various messaging tools in over 150 countries around the world without having to face any limitations relating to international roaming.

The ChatSim card costs 15 euros, to which, however, a one-off 5 euros must be added for shipping and at least 10 euros / year of recharge necessary to obtain the credits necessary to use the service, for a total of at least 30 euros. If there is no recharge for a period of 12 months or more, the SIM is automatically deactivated. It should also be noted that ChatSim applies traffic thresholds that must not be exceeded and which should be informed before proceeding with any purchase.

If you have evaluated the "pros" and "cons" of ChatSim and want to buy a SIM, you can order it through its official website or on Amazon (in this case, you will already have 10 euros of credit on the card). Once you have received the ChatSIM SIM, you will need to activate it by connecting to the appropriate web page.

After obtaining the alternative SIM to use, insert the latter in the appropriate compartment on your smartphone, configure the APN (if necessary) following the instructions that were provided to you by the reference manager and that you can also find in my guide on how to activate mobile data, start theWhatsApp app and go ahead with the account setup with the phone number associated with the alternative SIM (as well as with the preventive download of the app, if you had not already done so), following the instructions I gave you in my tutorial on how to set up WhatsApp.

Use a temporary number

As I had anticipated, a further solution to hide the number on WhatsApp is to turn to the use of a temporary telephone number. There are, in fact, gods online services that allow you to have disposable telephone numbers to be used to activate services such as WhatsApp without being obliged to provide your real contact details.

The use of such services can therefore prove to be particularly useful and convenient for carrying out the operation covered by this guide, but unfortunately, this should be borne in mind, it is not easy to find temporary numbers that actually work with WhatsApp, since it is very likely that the numbers offered have already been used by other users to activate WhatsApp accounts. In any case, trying doesn't hurt.

That said, if you still want to try to turn to tools of this type, just search on Google using keywords such as "Fake phone number for verification" o "Fake number SMS" and find the service that seems best suited to your needs, such as the ones I reported to you in my post on how to receive SMS online. Note that generally you are not asked to enter your personal data to make a registration, so beware of portals that act differently, it could be an expedient to perpetrate identity theft or to implement real scams.

After finding one of the services that allow you to obtain a temporary telephone number, locate the number with the least number of messages to its credit and select it to view all the SMS received in the last hours. If there is already some WhatsApp activation code among the messages, choose another number, the one in all likelihood can no longer be used.

Once you have found a potentially working number, open theWhatsApp app on your smartphone (if necessary, download it in advance) and start it configuration procedure, then go to the page of the service from which you got the number and wait for the receipt of the verification code through which you can activate the account, as I explained to you in detail in my guide on how to activate WhatsApp.

Alternative solutions to hiding a number on WhatsApp

If you were interested in understanding how to hide the number on WhatsApp because you intended to don't be disturbed anymore from specific contacts, instead of resorting to the use of an alternative telephone number, you can consider using the specific features of the app that allow you to hide the last access, the read receipts and the status, which I told you about in detail in my guides on that topic. In doing so, you will be able limit information that others have at their disposal to find out if and when you have actually used the messaging service.

Another solution to avoid being bothered by certain contacts and not letting them know when you are online is to use the lock function. The thing is a bit "drastic", this is true, but it is still a reversible condition at any time. For more details, refer to my guide on how to block a person on WhatsApp.

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