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    Data recovery from unrecognized USB stick

    Is your USB stick not recognized? Here is how you can recover the data.


    Le pen drive USB are increasingly widespread, and are used to save many types of data. Not only documents and photos, but also music and Word, Excel files and important projects. Obviously this is not an indestructible device, indeed, in some situations they can be very delicate.

    When using a USB stick it is important to disconnect it correctly from the PC, ejecting the drive from the Windows panel before removing it physically from the USB port. This process may seem trivial, but it is actually very important. In fact, there may be read or write operations in progress, and literally tearing the USB key from the computer can compromise the data and its operation.

    So before you have problems and risk it lose data, remember to disconnect the pen drive from Windows. In this way all operations are terminated and you can remove the pen drive in total safety without risking compromising the files inside.

    In some cases, simple removal is not enough to avoid damage. The USB stick may drop, or it may be damaged and become unreadable or not recognized by the PC. In these circumstances, you can try to use data recovery software to see if these programs can see the damaged drive.

    In the most serious cases, you need to contact data recovery specialists, such as the team. In fact, it is appropriate to use particular technologies that are not within everyone's reach. Proceed with the extraction of the memory chip from the unrecognized USB key, and then proceed inserting the chip in a dedicated reader. Such a reader can read the files saved on the stick and thus the files can be recovered from the USB pen drive.


    As it is easy to guess, some technologies are only available in specialized data recovery centers, and you need to have certain skills to be able to take out the chip without causing damage. In fact, it is a delicate device, which must be removed with caution and precision.

    In some special cases, it is also possible to install the chip on a new donor key. Actually this process it is not used very often, because it is not easy to find keys identical to the original and therefore compatible with the procedure.

    Instead, the extraction and reading of the memory chip turns out to be a more adequate solution that normally brings better results. User can recover his files saved in USB pen drive.

    Data recovery from unrecognized USB stick: conclusions

    When using a pen drive it is always important to make sure of disconnect it correctly from Windows before physically disconnecting it from the PC. This is not the only possible cause of damage, but it is good practice to follow the instructions that have been provided in the article to minimize the damage.

    If your USB stick is not working, you can contact us for advice. We can recover data from an unrecognized USB stick by removing the chip and reading the data with a special reader.

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