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    How to access Fastweb modem

    Access Fastweb modem - New subscribers

    If you want to find out how to access Fastweb modem you must first make sure that it is correctly connected to the computer and then that the Ethernet cable is inserted into one of the numbered ports of the device and into the LAN port of the PC. If your modem is wireless, it is even easier. In this case, all you have to do is check that your computer is connected to the Wi-Fi network generated by the device simply by making sure that the Wi-Fi connection icon is present next to the clock in the dedicated area of 鈥嬧媡he bar. computer system. For more details you can consult my guide on how to connect to the Internet.

    Now proceed as follows. Turn on your computer, start your favorite Web browser by clicking on its icon and connect to the modem's IP address by typing it in the address bar. Then press the button Submit of the keyboard.

    Usually the IP address of the Fastweb router is or o If you do not know the IP address of the modem in your possession you can find out by looking at the back of the device, you should find a special label stuck on it. Alternatively, I suggest you try to take a look at the modem user manual present in the sales package of the same.

    If the IP address of the modem is not indicated either on a label stuck on the device itself or in the user manual, you can locate it directly from the computer.

    If you use a Windows computer you can find the IP address to access Fastweb modem by typing cmd in the search field accessible by clicking on the button Home on the taskbar or in the appropriate field accessible from the top right of the Start Screen. Then press Submit to start the program that has been selected automatically. In the window that will open at this point, type the command ipconfig and then press the button Submit on your PC keyboard to get the complete list of addresses related to your connection. The IP address of the router is the one you find indicated next to the item Default gateway.

    If you are using a Mac you can know the IP address through which you can access Fastweb modem by clicking on the icon System preference (you can find the icon on the Dock, in the folder Applications or you can access it using the Launchpad) and then pressing on the item Network. In the window that will be shown to you at this point, select the name of the connection in use and click on the button Go ahead ... which is located at the bottom right. Then clicking on the tab TCP / IP you will find the address you need to connect to indicated next to the wording Router.

    Once the IP address has been identified, after having entered the latter in the address bar of the web browser and after having pressed the button Submit on the keyboard you should finally be able to access Fastweb modem. If in carrying out all these operations you were asked to enter a username or password, know that generally the combination to use is admin / admin o admin / password. In some cases, however, other settings must be used. If so, you can take a further look at the modem user manual to find out the correct username and password combination. Alternatively, you can try to figure out the correct combination of username and password to use to access Fastweb modem by consulting my tutorial on how to see the modem password.

    At this point you should finally be able to access Fastweb modem. You can therefore proceed by going to change the parameters on which you think it is more appropriate to act. However, assuming that each modem has a configuration panel of its own and that I personally do not know the exact model of router in your possession, you should know that unfortunately I cannot give you detailed explanations on how to do it. However, if you have a modem supplied directly by Fastweb or one of the models indicated as certainly supported, you can click here to consult the web page of the operator's website containing precise instructions on how to access and configure some types of routers correctly.

    If, on the other hand, you have a modem not supplied by Fastweb or in any case a router not included in the list of those certainly supported, do not worry, I will still try to help you as much as possible. In this case, to access Fastweb modem, keep in mind that it is usually sufficient to go to the section Administration o Safety to change the password required to access the device configuration, in the tab Firewall/Virtual Server to open ports for eMule, uTorrent and other P2P and non-PXNUMXP programs wireless to set up wireless connections in case you are using a wireless router. If you are interested in receiving more information about opening the ports of your modem, I suggest you consult my guide on how to open the router ports.

    Once all the changes have been applied, don't forget to click on the button Save o Save Changes to save the new settings in the modem control panel. Also know that after confirming the application of the changes made in some cases the modem may restart automatically.

    Access Fastweb modem - Old subscribers

    If you have signed up for a Fastweb offer for a few years instead of recently, know that to intervene on some of the manager's modem settings, the procedure I indicated in the previous lines may not prove effective because on the oldest manager's routers the user does not have much possibility to intervene and modify the parameters relating to it at will. Nevertheless, it is possible to make some changes to the modem settings by acting on the MyFastPage, the personal online area to which each Fastweb customer can access to manage their subscription and related configurations as well as to consult all the info concerning the active offer

    To access the Fastweb modem and modify its settings and parameters using MyFastPage, the first step you need to take is to click here in order to connect to the Fastweb website. Then press the button Log in that you find located in the upper right part of the Web page that is shown to you. If requested, enter the required login data and then click the button once again Log in.

    Then move the mouse cursor over the item Subscription located at the top left, then click on one of the items attached to the section Safety and that Configuration corresponding to the type of operation you intend to perform. Then use the commands and functions proposed and follow the indications visible on the screen. It's easier done than said, trust me!

    In the unfortunate event that you encounter problems, both in being able to exceed the Fastweb modem and in the possible configuration of one or more parameters and functions of the same, you can click here to consult the appropriate technical assistance web page attached to the website Fastweb official or you can click here to access the web page dedicated to configurations. In case of problems you can also contact the manager's customer service by calling the number 192193 (the call is free from the fixed network and the Fastweb mobile network while it is paid for from the other mobile networks, according to the rates provided by your operator) or using the social caring service offered by the operator on both Facebook and Twitter. Alternatively, you can get in touch with Fastweb customer service by clicking here, indicating your difficulties using the appropriate drop-down menus and then choosing the preferred contact channel from those proposed (switchboard, community, chat or e-mail message).

    How to access Fastweb modem

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