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    How to access Rai Play from the TV


    • How to access RaiPlay from Smart TV
      • Create a RaiPlay account
      • Connect the TV to the Internet
      • Install RaiPlay on Smart TV
      • Use RaiPlay on Smart TV
    • How to access Rai Play from non-Smart TV

    How to access RaiPlay from Smart TV

    If you have a Smart TV, before you can access Rai Play from the TV, you have to complete a couple of preliminary operations, if these have not already been carried out: create a account on the RaiPlay website e connect the TV to the Internet.

    Create a RaiPlay account

    To be able to register on the RaiPlay site, open the browser you usually use to surf the Internet on your computer (or even on a tablet or smartphone), connected to the page I linked to you previously, press the button Log in located at the top and select the tab Subscribe, located on the next page.

    Now, if you prefer, you can simplify the registration procedure, by logging in through one of the supported platforms, using the appropriate buttons: Facebook, Twitter, Google, Apple ID e HUAWEI ID. If, on the other hand, you prefer to register with an email address, click on the button Create a Rai account and compiles the proposal module with the richieste information: name, last name, e-mail (twice), Password (twice), date of birth e sex.

    Finally, put a check mark next to the entry I declare that I have read the privacy policy and accept the terms and conditions of use of the site's services, choose whether or not to accept the Rai offer customization service intervening on the appropriate box and press the button Subscribe, to complete it all. For further information, you can consult my tutorial on how to register on RaiPlay.

    Connect the TV to the Internet

    In order to access RaiPlay and its contents from Smart TV, it is essential that the device is connected to the Internet. If you haven't done this yet, proceed as follows: Press the key Settings on the TV remote control (or use the specific function key to access the internal menus), go to the section relating to Network configuration or alle Network Settings and specify the typology connection you intend to use, with cable or Wi-Fi.

    In the first case, make sure both ends of the cable Ethernet are connected to the devices involved (the router and the TV, in fact), and wait for the receipt of a notification message, indicating the successful connection. In the second case, after indicating that you want to connect via Wi-Fi, select the network to which you intend to connect and, when prompted, enter the relevant one Password.

    Unfortunately, it is not possible for me to give you the specific steps to take on your TV, as each model has its own menus and settings. You, however, do not despair, as the steps to follow are almost always the same and often very similar to each other.

    For example, if yours is one LG Smart TV us WebOS, you must first press the Smart / Home button on the remote control (usually depicting a cottage) and select the button Settings from the menu that appears. Alternatively, you can also press the key (I.e. on the remote control and select the item (⋮) All settings, from the list of icons that appears on the right.

    Once in the internal menu of the TV, access the section Network, selecting it with directional arrows on the remote control and then pressing the button OK; choose the type of connection to use and, if you have opted to connect via Wi-Fiselect il name of the network to connect to among those detected and insert it Password in the appropriate field. More info here.

    In any case, if you need more precise information on the steps to take to connect your Smart TV to the Internet, you can consult my specific guide on the subject, or search on Google for the phrase Internet connection [TV brand and model].

    Install RaiPlay on Smart TV

    Once the preliminary operations have been completed, all you have to do is install theRaiPlay application directly from the store present on your TV. For example, in the case of LG Smart TV with WebOS, you need to log in to LG Content Store: then open the Home section on the TV by pressing the Smart / Home button on the remote control (usually depicting a cottage), start the integrated store and, using the Search Engine internal, search for the name RaiPlay.

    Once you have found the corresponding application, select it with the remote control and press the button OK, then select the button Installation you see on the screen and press the button again OK remote control to start downloading and installing it. Once this step is completed, you can start the RaiPlay app by pressing the button starts, or by recalling it from the Home screen of the TV.

    For more information about downloading and installing apps on Smart TVs, you can refer to the thematic guides available on my website: how to install apps on Smart TVs, how to download apps on Samsung Smart TVs, how to download apps on LG Smart TVs and how to download apps on Philips Smart TV.

    Use RaiPlay on Smart TV

    After opening the RaiPlay app on your Smart TV, select the button Log in that appears on the screen, press the button OK on the remote control and, using the virtual keyboard (or possibly the one you usually use to control the TV), enter the RaiPlay credentials you created earlier.

    The operation of the application is quite intuitive: from the home screen, you can view content categories more seen; to examine them in more detail, use the section instead On demand. If you prefer, you can use the Search Engine internal to identify a specific content, or divide the content according to the broadcast channel (section TV channels).

    Once you have identified the content of your interest, select his preview e premium pulsating Play, to start the vision; if it is a television series, you will also need to select theepisode specific to watch. You can always control the playback stream via the remote control, or via the virtual controls that appear below.

    How to access Rai Play from non-Smart TV

    If you don't have a TV with Smart features, know that you can anyway access Rai Play from the TV making use of dongle o box HDMI to be purchased separately: these are, specifically, sticks or mini-computers that connect to the HDMI port of the TV and that allow you to "enable" the Internet connection on the latter and, therefore, access to streaming services and many other Smart functions.

    There is certainly one of the devices to consider in this regard chromecast, the Google “key” capable of enabling any TV with an HDMI port to receive content from smartphones, tablets and computers, via the Wi-Fi connection.

    Chromecast can be purchased from the Google store and is available in two variants: a cheaper one, which allows you to play content at maximum resolution Full HD; and a more advanced one, called Incredibly , which enables playback of 4K content.

    After obtaining Chromecast, you have to connect it to the TV, turn it on and carry out its initial configuration; then, you just have to download the RaiPlay app on your smartphone or tablet, log in with your credentials (the operation is identical to that of the Smart TV app) and start the transmission of the contents by pressing the appropriate button (usually in the shape of screen with waves). I would also like to point out that you can also cast content on Chromecast from a PC, as long as you use the browser Google Chrome. To learn more about this possibility, I refer you to reading my tutorial on how to watch RaiPlay with Chromecast.

    If, on the other hand, you prefer an HDMI device capable of running apps "independently" from your smartphone or tablet, you will be pleased to know that, in addition to the "classic" edition of Chromecast, Google has created another device, called Chromecast with Google TV: it is a real multimedia box, equipped with an independent remote control and Play Store, on which it is possible to download and run numerous apps for Android, including that of RaiPlay.

    Another device of this type to consider is certainly the Fire TV Stick by Amazon: this dongle, available in three versions (two Full HD, with and without controls for the TV, and one 4K), allows you to transform your TV into a real Smart TV.

    See offer on Amazon See offer on Amazon

    Since the Fire TV Stick is equipped with an internal store, it is possible to install numerous applications for Android, including the RaiPlay app: to learn more about the operation and how to configure and download the Amazon Fire TV Stick apps, I refer you to to the reading of the specific guide that I have dedicated to the topic.

    Also Apple TV, the HDMI multimedia box produced by the "bitten apple" company and available in two versions (HD and 4K), allows you to transform your TV into a real Smart TV, fully compatible with the Apple ecosystem and the protocol AirPlay for wireless content streaming from iPhone, iPad and Mac.

    See offer on Amazon See offer on Amazon

    You will be pleased to know, in this regard, that the set-top box in question integrates the App Store, on which, among other things, the RaiPlay (which works in a completely similar way to that available on Smart TV). For further information on the operation of Apple TV, I refer you to reading my tutorial entirely dedicated to the device in question.

    Finally, if you are looking for a more customizable solution that works in a similar way to Android, you can use a TV Box/TV Stick Android: they are real mini-computers, equipped with the “Big G” operating system, capable of adding Smart features to the TV.

    Vedi offers your Amazon

    Most of the devices in question are also equipped with the Play Store, which makes it possible to install the RaiPlay app, like you would on any smartphone or tablet animated by the Google operating system. If you are interested in learning more about how Android TV Boxes work, you can take a look at my specific guide on the subject.

    As you may have noticed, it is not essential to have a Smart TV, in order to access the contents available on RaiPlay, as each of the HDMI devices I have told you about is able to give you a more than appreciable result, with a rather low cost and without the need to buy a new TV.

    If you are interested in further exploring this aspect, together with the specific methods of use for RaiPlay of each of the devices mentioned, you can refer to my guide on how to see RaiPlay on non-Smart TVs: I'm sure it will be extremely useful!

    How to access Rai Play from the TV

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