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    How to access the router

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    Preliminary operation

    To log into the router and change its settings, you must first locate theIP address appliance, essential to reach the area you want. Some network devices are accessible by typing preset literal addresses (eg http: // modemtelecom, just to give you an example), however they don't always work.

    In any case, in order to obtain the requested information, connect the device from which you intend to act - be it a computer, a smartphone or a tablet - to the Wi-Fi network generated by the modem, or at the door Ethernet of the same (even better). Now, try surf the Internet to make sure that everything works for the best and, once this check is completed, obtain the IP of the router following the procedure that best suits your device.

    • Windows: start the Command Prompt, which resides in the folder Windows Accessories from the menu Home, type in the ipconfig instruction and press the key Submit keyboard. The router's IP address is specified next to the wording Default gateway.
    • Mac: reached the menu Or> Utility of macOS and open the terminal, by double clicking on its icon. Then type the command ipconfig getifaddr en1, if you are connected via Wi-Fi, or ipconfig getifaddr en0, if you are connected with an Ethernet cable, and press the key Submit to view the IP of the router.
    • Android: open the menu Settings> Network and Internet> Wi-Fi of the operating system, tap on thegear located next to the name of the Wi-Fi network you are connected to, tap on the wording Advanced and take note of the IP address of the router, which resides in correspondence with the entry Gateway.
    • iPhone / iPad: access the menu Settings> Wi-Fi of the device, identifies the name of the wireless network you are using, tap the button (I) placed in correspondence with it and locate the information you are looking for from the panel that is shown to you later.

    If you find it difficult to find the IP address of the router, or if you need an extra hand in completing one of the procedures I told you about, the specific guide completely focused on this topic could be very useful.

    How to enter the management panel of the router

    Once you have identified the IP address of the router, you can easily access its administration area, both from a computer and from a smartphone and tablet: generally, the steps to follow are the same, except for the position of the buttons, of the control boxes. text and menu items, which may change depending on the size of the display in use.

    In any case, to enter the management panel of the device, open the browser you usually use to access the Internet (you can use the one you prefer, there shouldn't be big differences) and, always remaining connected to the network generated by the router, enter theIP address of the latter in the address bar attached to the program or navigation app.

    After that, come on Submit and wait a few moments, for the login page of the network device to be completely loaded: depending on the precise model in your possession, you may have to specify a password immediately to be used for future access, or enter the login credentials set "at the factory".

    Generally, the username and passkey to use for the first login are admin / admin or admin / password; in some cases, the default credentials are printed on the back of the router, or inside its sales package. However, if you are having difficulty identifying the password to use to log in, you can take a look at my guide to passwords for the most used routers or consult the user manual that came with the device.

    Once logged in, you can use the router's management panel to perform a large number of operations: change the password of the Wi-Fi network, change the wireless network channel, open doors to improve the operation of some programs / apps and much , more.

    Unfortunately, it is not possible for me to show you a generic procedure to use to access all the modems, as the steps to follow vary according to the device in your possession; below, however, you will find explained how to enter the management panels of the routers most commonly combined with the Fiber / ADSL subscriptions offered by the various telephony operators.

    How to access the router: TIM Hub

    To be able to enter the router TEAM Hub, first locate the IP address of the device, following the instructions I have given you previously, then start the browser of your choice, type theRouter IP in the appropriate navigation bar and go on Submit.

    If all went well, you should see a login page, which requires you to enter username e Password: if you have not already changed them, you will find the access credentials printed on thelabel on the back of the router, or on its sales package.

    If, on the other hand, you have a previous generation TIM modem or an Alice modem, you must enter the address http: // modemtelecom or http: // alicegate in the browser and enter Submit: if this is the first time you try to log in, press the button Log in and configure a password to be used for future logins, typing it in the boxes Set password e Repeat the password. More info here.

    Please note that it is possible to access the TIM modem, regardless of the exact model, also through the app Modem TEAM, available for Android (even on devices not equipped with Play Store), iOS and iPadOS. In order to use it, you must have a account MyTIM, which can be created for free by following the instructions in this guide.

    How to access the router: Fastweb

    To access the FASTGate router of Fastweb, start the browser of your choice, type the address http: // fastgate or in the dedicated bar and Submit.

    Now, if this is the first time you try to log in, you will be asked to set a username and password to be used for future accesses: after typing them in the appropriate text boxes, press the button Apply and then log in, entering the credentials chosen previously.

    If you prefer, you can also manage the router from smartphones and tablets using the app MyFastweb, available for Android (even on devices without Play Store), iOS and iPadOS; to succeed in the business, however, it is essential to access the app using the personal data that were provided to you when signing the contract: if you no longer find them, connect to this page, to retrieve them. More info here.

    How to access the router: FRITZ Box

    As for the family routers FRITZ! Box, the address to type in the browser bar is After giving Submit, you will find yourself in front of the password entry screen: by default, the device is protected by an initial password, printed on the label affixed to the base of the router.

    Once you find it, type inside the field FRITZ! Box and click on the button Log in, to enter the device configuration panel.

    Please note that all aspects of the router can also be configured and managed using the MyFRITZ! App application, available for free for Android (even on devices without Play Store) and iOS / iPadOS.

    How to access the router: TP Link

    The steps to follow in order to log in to the marked routers TP Link are very simple: to start, locate the IP address of the device, as I explained a little while ago, enter it in the address bar of a browser of your choice and give Submit.

    Now, wait for the login screen for the management panel to appear and enter, in the appropriate fields, the username and password of the same: by default, username and access key are both admin.

    Since the default password is common to all routers and can be easily "guessed", I suggest you change it: once logged in, click on the tab Advanced placed at the top, press the button System tools, located in the left sidebar, and then on the item Administration.

    Finally, type the old password (presumably admin) in the dedicated text field and use the fields New password e Confirm new password to specify the new access key to use; when you are done, click on the button Save, visible immediately below, and that's it. More info here.

    How to access the router: Netgear

    To log in to the branded router Netgear, enter, in the address bar of the browser, the address and give Submit. If it does not work, try with the address or identify the specific IP of the router, as I explained to you in the initial chapter of this guide.

    Now, you should see a notification panel appear, prompting you to enter your username and password: type the word admin in both boxes and press the button Log in, to enter the device management area.

    As you can guess, the router's default password is quite insecure and can be easily guessed by other users; to change it, after accessing the device management panel, click on the tab Advanced / Advanced (located at the top), then on the button Administration / Administration (left) and, subsequently, on the voice Set password / Set password. To conclude, enter the old password in the appropriate field, enter the nuova chiave d'accesso in the two text boxes below and, finally, press the button Apply / Apply, to make the change effective. More info here.

    How to access the router: Eolo

    With particular exceptions, the routers supplied in combination with the Internet subscriptions of Aeolus they are part of the family FRITZ! Box: I refer you to reading the section dedicated to the aforementioned devices, as the steps to follow are practically identical.

    How to access the router: Wind

    If you have the router WINDTRE Hub/Home&Life, the one supplied in combination with the most recent Fiber and ADSL subscriptions, you can access the relevant management panel very easily: to start, enter the IP address of the device in the appropriate browser bar, from Submit and wait a few moments for the dedicated management page to load.

    Now, locate the username and Password access default on the label stuck on the back of the router, take note and enter this information in the appropriate fields. To conclude and access the device management page, click on the button Login. More info here.

    How to access the router

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