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    How to convert a PDF file to JPG

    Convert PDF to JPG on Windows

    If you are using a Windows PC and want to turn your PDFs into images, I advise you not to waste too much time installing new programs and trying PDF-XChange Viewer. It is a completely free PDF file reader, which works without the need for installation and includes a handy feature to export PDF pages as JPG images.

    To try it, connected to its official website, put the check mark next to the item Portable version (ZIP) located in the right sidebar and click on the button Download now. Therefore, wait for the zip archive containing the program to be downloaded to your PC, open it, extract the contents into a folder of your choice and start the executable PDFXCview.exe.

    At this point, click on your button apri, choose the PDF to transform into JPG and go to the menu File> Export> Export as Image by PDF-XChange Viewer. In the window that opens, set the option JPEG - Joint Graphic Experts Group in the drop-down menu Image typeclick on your button Shop by Department, choose the folder in which to save the images and press the button Export to start converting the document.

    If you want to convert only a specific range of pages to JPG and not the entire document, put the check mark next to the item Pages and type the numbers of the pages to be transformed into images in the adjacent text field.

    Convert PDF to JPG on Mac

    If you use a Mac you can create a program for transform a PDF file into JPG directly with your hands. But no, don't worry, I'm not inviting you to become a professional programmer.

    I want to explain to you much more simply how to create an app for converting PDF files to images with Automator, a utility included in all versions of OS X that allows you to automate many different operations thanks to a series of "prepackaged" scripts.

    To better understand what I'm talking about, open Automator from the folder Other Launchpad and choose to create a new one Application. Select quindi la voce library from the left sidebar and double click on the following items: Ask for Finder items (Ask for Finder items), Turn PDF pages into images (PDF to images) e Move Finder Items (Move Finder items).

    At this point, go to the menu File> Save of Automator, select a folder in which to save your application and that's it. Once you have the app, start it, select the PDF to be transformed into JPG and wait for - almost as if by magic - all the pages of the document you have chosen to appear in the form of images on the Mac desktop.

    If you are interested in extracting images from PDFs rather than converting their pages to images, I invite you to try PDF Toolkit +, a small all-rounder application for editing and converting PDFs that costs just $ 1,99.

    Convert PDF to JPG online

    As mentioned in the initial part of this guide, it is also possible to convert PDF files through convenient online services that allow you to do everything from the browser. A name above all? iLovePDF which is completely free and works without the need for additional plugins.

    The service does not require registration, is able to convert documents up to 200MB large and also allows you to extrapolate the images contained in the PDF (instead of converting the pages in full). Another very important aspect that is worth underlining concerns privacy: the site protects the privacy of users by automatically deleting all the files that are uploaded to its servers within a few hours.

    So, are you ready to try this iLovePDF? Well, then connect to its home page and drag the PDF document to be transformed into JPG into the browser window. Then choose whether to convert the JPG pages or extract images from the document by clicking on one of the two buttons that appear on the screen and click on the item Convert to JPG to start downloading images to your PC.

    How to convert a PDF file to JPG

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