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    How to convert files to PDF for free

    Virtual PDF printer

    If you want to convert a web page, a Word document or any other type of printable file to PDF, rely on one virtual printer. Virtual printers are software that, as can be deduced from the name itself, once installed, are seen by the system as if they were real printers.

    This allows you to use them in all applications that support sending print commands to printers: business suites, web browsers, e-mail clients, graphics software, and so on. The most recent versions of Windows and Mac already include them, but if you want you can download more for free from the Internet. Read on if you want to know more.


    If you are using Windows 10, you can convert any type of printable document into a PDF using the virtual printer included by default in the operating system. All you have to do is display on the screen the content you want to convert to PDF (e.g. a Web page, a photo or a document), call up the command for the print from the menu Fillet and select Microsoft Print to PDF from the list of available printers.

    If you are using an older version of Windows, however, you can rely on virtual printers produced by third parties. Among the best in the free field I point out doPDF which can be used at no cost even for commercial purposes.

    To download doPDF on your computer, connect to the official website of the software and click on the button Download now! per due turn consecutive.

    Once the download is complete, open the file on your PC dopdf – full.exe you just got, uncheck the option Install add-in for Microsoft Office from the window that opens (it is a function that allows you to add a quick link to DoPDF in Office, there is no need), remove (if you want) also the check from the box for sending anonymous statistics at the bottom on the right and complete the setup by clicking on first Install now and then Yes, its OK and Close.

    When installation is complete, open the document you want to transform into PDF, call the command Stampa ... from the menu Fillet and select doPDF from the list of available printers.

    Then click on the button Print and select the quality of the document to be obtained from the window that opens (best quality for the highest quality, Medium for intermediate quality e Smallest file for minimum quality). To finish, click on the button KATEGORIEN, choose the folder in which to save the PDF and press the button OK to start creating the document.


    All newer versions of macOS also include a virtual PDF printer. This means that if you use a Mac you can convert your files to PDF for free starting from any printable document without having to download additional applications from the Internet.

    All you have to do is open the web page, document or photo you want to turn into PDF, select the command Stampa ... from the menu Fillet I will select the voice Save as PDF from the drop-down menu located at the bottom left. Then choose the folder in which to export the document, click on the button Save and the game is done.

    Applications to convert images to PDF

    Would you like to group a series of JPG, PNG or TIFF images into a single PDF file but don't know how to do it? Don't worry, now I'll mark you a couple of uses for Windows and Mac which should be right for you. You can find them indicated below.

    PDFill FREE PDF Tools (Windows)

    If you are using a PC running Windows (any version), the suggestion I would like to give you is to contact PDFill FREE PDF Tools. It is a suite of tools for editing and converting PDF documents that you can use for free for both personal and commercial purposes.

    To download it on your PC, connect to its official website and click on the link first Download located on the left, then on the button Download now present sotto la scritta GET FREE Basic Version on the page that opens and on the additional button Download Now.

    Once the download is complete, open the file on your PC PDFill_FREE_PDF_Tools_Editor_Basic.exe just got it and click the button first Yes and then Next. Then put the check mark next to the item I accept the terms in the License Agreement and complete the setup by clicking in sequence on the buttons Next three consecutive times, on install and Finish.

    If during the installation process you are asked to install Ghostscript e . Net Framework, accept. These are two free software without which it would not be possible to use many of the functions included in PDFill FREE PDF Tools (they are not promotional content, don't worry).

    Now you can take action! Once the setup is complete, start PDFill FREE PDF Tools by double clicking on its icon that has been added on the desktop and, after viewing the program window, start the tool to convert images to PDF by clicking on the button Convert images to PDF.

    Then drag the images to include in the PDF into the window that opens or click the button Add an Image at the top and select them "manually". If you then want to add an entire folder of images, click on the button Add all Images under a Folder and select it from there.

    Then arrange the selected images in the order you prefer using the buttons Move Up (move up) e Move down (move down) that are on the right and to conclude click on the button Save as ..., in order to save the final PDF in a folder of your choice.

    If you have special needs, before proceeding with the conversion you can also change the settings relating to the final file by using the options and menus provided at the bottom of the window. For example, you can define the layout, orientation, etc.

    Preview (Mac)

    If you're using a Mac, you can turn your images into PDF instead using Preview, the application for viewing photos and PDFs included by default in macOS. All you have to do is open the first image you want to include in your document and call up the left sidebar with the miniature from the menu Vista which is located at the top.

    Then you have to drag all the images to be inserted in the PDF in the bar that appeared laterally, you have to arrange them in the order you prefer (using the mouse) and you have to "print" them in PDF as we have seen previously. So, you have to select the command Stampa ... from the menu Fillet and then you have to select the item Save as PDF from the drop-down menu located at the bottom left.

    Online services

    To top it off, as they say, let me point out a few online services which allow you to convert files to PDF for free. They are multi-platform (they can be used on any operating system and in any browser) and protect users' privacy by deleting all files that are uploaded to their servers within hours of uploading.


    Another great web tool you can appeal to to convert your files to PDF for free is CloudConvert. It is a "universal" online converter that is not as focused on PDF as SmallPDF, but it still allows you to transform a huge range of files into this format. It has an upload limit of 100MB which can be raised to 1GB if you create a free account on the site.

    To use it, connect to its home page and drag the documents to convert to PDF in the browser window. If, on the other hand, you want to select the files to be edited manually, click the button Select files. And if the files you want to transform into PDF are found on the net, press on dart adjacent and select, from the menu you see appear, the option to upload them via URL or via one of the supported cloud storage services.

    Then click on the button Start conversion. Then wait for the documents to be processed and download their version in PDF format by pressing the button Download that appears next to their names. If you want to download all the files convert at the same time, press the button create archive that is at the bottom and select the compressed archive format you want to get as the last file from the menu that opens.

    I also point out that if you want, you can merge two or more files into a single document in PDF format. Just select the item PDF give menu to tendin combine all into one located at the bottom right instead of clicking on the button Start conversion.

    How to convert files to PDF for free

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