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    How to convert PDF / A

    ZamZar (Online)

    The first of the tools to convert your PDF / A file to another format that I want to suggest you use is ZamZar. Haven't you ever heard of it? No? Strange, he is very famous. Either way you don't have to worry, we can fix it immediately. This is an online service that is not limited to the processing of PDF / A and "simple" PDFs but which is also capable of working with Office documents, music, videos, images and many other types of files. It works perfectly with all the most popular web browsers and every time it allows you to work on files with a maximum size of 100 MB.

    To use it, connected to its home page via the link I just provided you and click on the button Choose Files ... to select the PDF / A file to convert. If you prefer to use drag and drop, you can also drag your files directly into the browser window, in correspondence with the wording or drag and drop files.

    Then use the drop-down menu you find under the item Step 2 to indicate the format in which you are interested in converting your document then type your e-mail address in the empty field under the heading Step 3 (it is a mandatory step to be able to receive the file via email once converted) and press the button Convert.

    Then, access the e-mail address referring to the address you indicated above, open the e-mail that was sent to you by ZamZar and press the link inside to immediately download the converted PDF / A file. The file will be saved in the folder Download computer (unless you have made changes to the default web browser settings).

    Online Convert (Online)

    Another very valid online tool that I want to tell you is Online Convert. It is an all-in-one converter through which, like ZamZar, you can convert your PDF and PDF / A documents but also many other types of files such as photos, music files, videos, text documents and so on. It does not require registration and allows you to upload files with a total weight of 100 MB.

    To use it, go to the main page of the service using the link I have just indicated, select the format in which you want to convert your PDF / A by selecting it from the appropriate drop-down menus that you see corresponding to the various categories on the screen and then click on the button Choose File / Browse and select your PDF / A you want to turn into another file type. If the file you want to convert is online, you can also paste the link in the appropriate field next to the wording Or enter URL of the file you want to convert to EPUB:.

    Is your file on Dropbox or Google Drive? No problem, you can also upload it directly from there. To do this, press the relevant button visible on the screen, log in to your account and select the file. Convenient!

    If you need, you can also intervene on the various options present in the section Optional settings. For example, if you want to convert your PDF / A to a JPG image you will find options to adjust the color scale, DPI number and so on.

    Then click on the button Convert file. At this point, the file will first be uploaded to the site, then converted and finally automatically downloaded to your computer in the folder Download (even then if you haven't made any changes to the default web browser settings).

    iLovePDF (Online)

    iLovePDF instead it is an online service which, as the name implies, is specifically dedicated to converting and editing PDF files. It does not require registrations to be used and automatically deletes the documents that are uploaded to its servers. It is very simple to use and, although it allows you to intervene only on the type of file in question, it has the advantage of allowing the upload of files having a total weight of 200 MB.

    To use it, connected to its home page using the link I have just indicated, bring the cursor to the item Convert PDF at the top and select the document format in which you want to convert your file by choosing it from the menu on the right.

    Then drag the PDF to convert into the browser window. Alternatively, click on the button Select PDF file and select from your computer the PDF / A file on which you want to go to act. If your document is on Dropbox or Google Drive, you can also upload it directly from there by clicking on the relevant buttons and logging into your account.

    Press the black button at the bottom to start the conversion procedure. When the operation is complete, you will find the file in the folder Download on your computer (even if you haven't changed your web browser's default settings).

    I also point out that, if you choose to convert your PDF / A into JPG format, you will be asked to choose whether to convert all the pages of your document to the format in question or whether to intervene only on any images contained within it. Select the option you prefer and then proceed as I have just indicated.

    PDFill FREE PDF Tools (Windows)

    If your need is explicitly to transform the PDF / A in your possession into an image, you can also turn to a tool such as PDFill FREE PDF Tools. It is a free and very versatile software for Windows operating systems that allows you to work with PDF files. More precisely, it allows you to transform the type of documents in question into other file formats but also to merge and divide documents, apply watermarks and much more.

    To immediately download it to your computer, connect to the software website and press the button Download now per due volte I followed.

    When the download is complete, open the file PDFill_PDF_Tools_FREE.exe just obtained and, in the window that opens, first click on the button Yes and then Next. Accept the conditions of use of the software, affixing the sign in correspondence with the wording I accept the terms in the License Agreement and complete the setup by clicking on first Next three consecutive times, then on install and subsequently on Finish. Then make sure that there is no check mark next to the items relating to other PDFill products (this will prevent you from installing evaluation copies of other programs on your computer that you do not need at this time).

    At this point, to convert a PDF file into an image, start the program and press the button Convert PDF to Images attached to its main screen. Then select the file to convert and adjust the settings for the output images in the new window that you see appearing according to your needs.

    Then select the output format you prefer from those available and click on the button Save as image to select the folder in which to save, at the end of the procedure, your document transformed into an image and start the conversion.

    If you need, I point out that you can also set a specific range of pages to be transformed into images by filling in the text fields next to the item Select page from.

    Please note: During the program setup, the software may be downloaded from the Internet Ghostscript. It is a free program that is used to interpret the Adobe PostScript and PDF page description languages 鈥嬧媤ithout which PDFill FREE PDF Tools cannot function properly. You may also need to download the . Net Framework Microsoft, which is also essential for the correct functioning of the software.

    PDF Toolkit + (Mac)

    If you use a Mac and if your need is always to convert PDF / A to images I suggest you try PDF Toolkit +. It is a very convenient application for macOS that allows you to intervene on PDF documents by joining them, dividing them, compressing them and obviously also converting them. It also allows you to extract texts and images from them. You can find the app from the Mac App Store at the very low price of 2,29 euros.

    To use the application, download it and install it on your Mac via the link I just indicated, then start PDFToolkit + by clicking on its icon that has been added to the Launchpad and click on the tab Text / Images.

    Then drag the PDF / A to be transformed into an image in the program window and select the desired output format from the drop-down menu located at the bottom right. If asked, set a resolution via the menu Record as pictures and then press on Converted and select the destination folder.

    I also point out that by clicking the button Extract! placed under the heading Extract images you can directly extract the images contained in the PDF without necessarily having to intervene on all the other contents.

    How to check if a PDF e is a PDF / A

    Have you seen? In the end converting a PDF / A file wasn't complicated at all! Before saying goodbye, however, I would like to explain to you how to distinguish a common PDF file from a PDF / A. Since the extension is practically identical in both cases (. Pdf) and since if it was not you who saved the file in PDF / A you will never be sure of the real nature of your PDF document, I suggest you contact this online tool specially designed for this purpose, free and very easy to use.

    All you have to do to use it is to click on the button Select file to validate ... present at the bottom, select from your computer the file in PDF format that you intend to check if it is really a PDF / A and wait a few moments for it to be uploaded and for the response to be shown to you.

    If it is really a PDF / A at the wording Compilance present in the new screen that is shown you will find written pdf-1a and next to the wording result the voice Document validated successfully.

    How to convert PDF / A

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