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    How to convert PDF to image

    How to convert PDF to image for free

    If you want convert PDF to image for free on your PC or on your smartphone or tablet, what you have to do is carefully read the solutions that I will show you in the next chapters.

    Convert PDF to Image on Windows

    If you have a PC with an operating system Windows, I can show you some software that you can use to make conversation from PDF to image file. You will find everything you need in the next paragraphs.

    Any PDF to JPG

    The first tool I want to tell you about, which you can use on any PC with Windows 10, is Any PDF to JPG. It is an application downloadable from the Windows Microsoft Store that allows you to convert any PDF file into an image. The supported output formats are JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF e TIF.

    To download it to your computer, go to this link and press the button Get and then Install. By doing so, all the necessary files will be downloaded and the installation will run automatically in no time at all. At the end of this procedure, you will find the application icon within the menu Home of Windows.

    After starting Any PDF to JPG, click here Load PDF, which you find at the top left, and select the file to convert. Once this is done, press the button Save Image, located in the lower right. In the box that is shown to you, then indicate the path where the pages of the PDF should be extracted (use the key (...) to choose the destination folder).

    At this point, in case the PDF consists of several pages, make sure that the box is activated Create subfolder for each PDF file, so that the pages are all contained within a folder in the directory you have chosen.

    Now, select the pages to convert: All (to select them all), Current Page (to extract only the featured page) or Pages (to indicate the page numbers for the range you are interested in converting). Finally, use the drop-down menu under the heading Output Format to choose the target format.

    Now you just have to press the button Continue, to immediately start the process of extracting and converting the pages into the image format of your choice. By pressing the key Open Folder, in the message on the screen, the folder containing the images relating to the pages of the PDF will open.

    PDF to JPG

    If you prefer to use a tool on Windows that requires no installation for convert a PDF to image, you can rely on PDF to JPG. It is a free and open source tool that extracts photos from PDF documents and saves them as JPG files.

    The program does not have a graphical interface, as it works from the command line. Don't worry though, because it's not complex at all and, in fact, you'll find it's super easy to use. To download it to your PC, connect to its official website and click on the button Download, above, to carry out the withdrawal, in the form of .ZIP file.

    Once the download is complete, open the zip archive that contains the software and extract the contents to any folder. Then take the PDF from which you want to extract the images and drag it right above the program icon (p2j.exe).

    A del window will open Command Prompt which will warn you that the file has been converted to an image inside a folder that is in the same directory where the tool is. Then press the button Submit to confirm completion of the operation and close the screen.

    To learn more about how PDF to JPG and find out all the commands supported by the software, read the document manual.txt contained in the folder where you extracted all the program files.

    Do you prefer to convert the pages of the document in full, keeping intact texts and other additional content? No problem, you can use the free software PDFill FREE PDF Tools I told you about in my tutorial on how to convert PDF to JPG.

    Convert PDF to Image on Mac

    Possiedi a Mac and you are looking for a solution for convert a PDF to image? Well, you'll find some useful tools suitable for the purpose right below.


    If you do not want to use any third-party tools and, therefore, want to rely on the already predefined solutions of the operating system MacOS to convert PDF to image, all you have to do is use the application Preview.

    Surely you are familiar with this tool, which allows you to view images and PDFs, but also allows you to export PDFs to JPG, PNG and TIFF files in a few simple clicks.

    I warn you that this macOS tool can only be useful if you need to extract one or a few pages from the PDF. If not, you'll need better tools, like the ones I'll tell you about in the next chapter.

    To use Preview for the goal you have set yourself, open the PDF document of your interest, double clicking on it, and select the items View> Thumbnails from the top menu bar. At this point, right click on thepreview of the page you want to convert, located in the sidebar and select the item Export as from the context menu, to display the page export screen.

    Then use the appropriate fields to select the file name and destination folder, the drop-down menu Size to choose the format of the image file you want to obtain, adjust the image quality settings and press the button Save, to start the conversion process on the page of the PDF in question.

    PDF Toolkit +

    Within Mac, I also recommend using PDF Toolkit +: it is a small app that costs 2,29 € and allows you to edit, create and convert PDFs into many other formats. You can buy it directly from the Mac App Store. As for how it works there is not much to explain: you find everything you need in the tab Text / Images of the software.

    After dragging the PDF you want to edit into the PDF Toolkit +, choose whether to convert all the pages of the document into images or whether to extract only the photos contained in it: in the first case, you must select the file format to convert the PDF pages (JPEG, PNG o TIFF), from the drop-down menu located at the bottom right, and press the button Converted; in the second case, instead, you have to click on the button Extract and wait for the procedure to finish.

    If you do not think it appropriate to spend money just to convert the pages of a PDF document into images, follow my guide on how to transform PDF to JPG on Mac in which I explained how to do this with Automator, one of the utilities included “standard” in macOS.

    Convert PDF to Image Online

    If you want to proceed through online services for convert PDF to images directly from your browser, in the next paragraphs you will find some solutions that can certainly pique your interest.


    SmallPDF is among the best Web services dedicated to the processing of PDF files: it allows you to convert, modify and optimize them in a very simple way. It also has no upload limits and protects users' privacy by deleting all files that are uploaded to its servers within 1 hour.

    To use SmallPDF, linked to this page of the service, drag your PDF to the box located in the center of the screen and choose whether extract images from the document or if convert the pages of the file in an integral way (keeping texts, borders, etc.).

    Please note that the extracting images from a PDF feature is only available for accounts PRO, with costs starting from 10 euro / month o 90 euro / year. You can still activate a free trial plan for 14 days. If you want to convert an entire page to image format instead, you can proceed for free.

    Then wait for the PDF to be processed and download the photos extracted from it by clicking on the button Download next to the wording [file name] .zip.


    Should SmallPDF not satisfy you, you can use ExtractPDF which, as the name suggests, allows you to extract images from PDFs by saving them in JPG format.

    Like SmallPDF, it protects users' privacy by deleting all files that are uploaded to its servers within a few hours but, unlike the latter, it has an upload limit: it does not allow you to process documents larger than 25MB.

    To "capture" the images contained in your PDFs with ExtractPDF, linked to the home page of the service, click on the button Choose file and select the document to be processed.

    Then press on Home, wait for the file to be processed and download the images extracted from it by clicking on their previews, present in the tab Pictures, oppure sul pulsating Download all images as zip file (to download them all at once).

    Convert PDF to Image on Android

    If you want to download an app on your smartphone or tablet Android that allows you to convert a PDF to image, I recommend that you consider one of the solutions I will tell you about below.

    PDF to Image Converter

    Among the apps that allow you to export the pages of a PDF to an image on Android, I recommend you PDF to Image Converter, which is free but features banner ads, removable with a one-time purchase of 10,99 €.

    After having downloaded and notified the app in question, which can be found directly from the Android Play Store, choose the image output format, press the button +, to choose the PDF to convert, and therefore wait a few moments for the conversion to be completed.

    In the next screen, you will be shown the pages to export: by default they are all selected but, in case you want to remove any, simply remove the check mark from the thumbnail. Finally, tap ondiskette icon, to start the saving process in the device Gallery.


    Another useful app for converting PDF to image is PDF2IMG, available completely free and without advertising banners on the Android Play Store. After you have installed the app in question via the link I provided, launch it via its icon on the home screen.

    On the main screen of PDF2IMG, then select the PDF you want to convert, locating it on the tab Scan PDF. You can also search for it in the memory folders, using the card Folder. When you have found it, press on it to open it.

    In the next section that is shown to you, click on the button All Pages, to start the conversion process for the whole document, or click on Select Pages, to select one or more pages.

    Now set the image quality and press the wording Format, to select the format JPEG, PNG o WEBP. Finally, tap on Home, to start the conversion: you will find the image files in the Android Gallery.

    Convert PDF to Image on iOS / iPadOS

    If you want convert PDF to image on iPhone or iPad, you can use a shortcut that allows you to do this instantly. But first you need the app Commands, developed by Apple, to manage these automated procedures.

    After downloading and installing the app in question (if not already present "standard" on your device), reach this link with your browser Safari, to access the shortcut to enter in the app commands. All you have to do is press the button Get quick command, to confirm the integration procedure on the app in question.

    Su iOS13, you may need to disable the restrictions of this version of the operating system, which does not allow the addition of quick commands not coming from the official gallery. Therefore, go to the menu Settings> Quick Commandssposta su ON la levetta a fianco the dicitura Allow untrusted shortcuts e pigia his Allow.

    Now, open a PDF file on your device or on the web and press the share button. In the box on the screen, scroll through the different options and press on Quick commands. After the app starts commands, premium sull'icona PDF to Image and wait for the conversion process to come to an end. You will find the converted pages within the app Photo.

    How to convert PDF to image with Adobe

    If you own Adobe Acrobat and I wanted to know how you can convert a PDF to image, know that the procedure is easy and requires only a few simple clicks. I warn you that the free version of Adobe Acrobat, i.e. Reader, only allows you to view PDFs without being able to make other substantial changes to the document.

    Therefore, what you need to do is purchase a subscription to Adobe, following the instructions I have given you in this guide, so that you can download and install the software. In any case, you can also activate a free 7-day trial, directly from the official website, which you can cancel before the billing period begins.

    That said, start Adobe Acrobat and fai clic sulle voci File> Open, to locate the PDF file you want to convert. Once the document has been opened, click on the items File> Save As Other> Image and choose one of the formats listed (JPEG, TIFF o PNG). Select the destination folder, type the file name and press the key Save to confirm saving the PDF in image format.

    How to convert PDF to image

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