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    How to convert PDF to PowerPoint


    SmallPDF is the best solution you can rely on if you need to convert only one PDF to PowerPoint. It is an online service entirely dedicated to PDF documents that allows you to convert various types of files to PDF and vice versa. It has no upload limits, requires no registration and works on all browsers.

    To use it, connect to its home page and drag the PDF to convert to PowerPoint in the browser window. Then wait for the file to be uploaded online, converted and downloaded to your PC by pressing the button Download the file. Only PPTX is available as output format, not PPT which you can find in other services mentioned below.


    If you need to convert multiple documents at the same time, I highly recommend you try Online2PDF. It is a very advanced online service that allows you to transform up to 20 PDFs to PowerPoint at the same time. It has an upload limit of 100MB and 50 pages, allows you to select a range of pages to convert (instead of converting documents in full) and to merge multiple PDFs into the same presentation.

    To use it, linked to its home page and drag the PDF files to be converted into PPT or PPTX (you can choose both formats) in the red box at the bottom. Then expand the drop-down menu Convert to, choose the desired output format from PowerPoint 2003 or older (* .ppt) e PowerPoint 2007–2013 (* .pptx) and presses the button Convert to start converting the files (which will be automatically downloaded to your PC).

    To limit the conversion to a specific range of pages, click on the icon scissors which is on the right. By expanding the drop-down menu fashion instead you can choose whether to convert each PDF as a presentation in its own right (Convert files separately) or whether to merge all PDFs into one PowerPoint presentation (Merge files).


    OnlineConvert is among the best alternatives to SmallPDF, but unlike the latter it is not a service dedicated entirely to PDF documents: it is a universal converter capable of working with multimedia files, Office documents and other types of files.

    convert PDF to PowerPoint with this service, connected to its home page, expand the drop-down menu Document converter and select the item Convert to PPT o Convert to PPT from the latter (depending on the type of file you intend to obtain as output). Then he presses the button Choose File / Browse and select the PDF to turn into PowerPoint. You can choose only one file at a time, maximum 100MB.

    When the operation is completed, click on the button Convert file and wait for the document to be processed first and then downloaded to your computer as a PowerPoint presentation.

    Include PDFs in PowerPoint presentations

    Don't want to turn your PDFs into PDF presentations? Rather, would you like to be able to include a PDF within a PDF presentation and recall it as a separate file? Nothing easier.

    If you are using a recent version of Microsoft Office (from 2007 onwards) you can do this by going to the tab Inserisci in the program toolbar and clicking on the button Subject.

    It was used LibreOffice or OpenOffice (the most popular free alternatives to Microsoft Office) you can get a similar result by starting the software Impress, by going to the menu Insert> Object> OLE Object and selecting the voice Create from file from the window that opens.

    How to convert PDF to PowerPoint

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