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    How to convert PowerPoint to video

    Convert presentations to video with PowerPoint (Windows / Mac)

    If you are using Office 2010 or higher, you can convert your presentations to video directly from PowerPoint. All you have to do is open the PPT or PPTX file you want to turn into video, after which you have to click on the button Fillet located at the top left and you have to select the item Export from the side bar of the sinistra.

    At this point, click on the icon Create video; select from the drop-down menu Presentation quality the resolution of the movie you want to obtain (maximum quality, average quality or minimum quality) and use the other drop-down menu to choose whether to include in the video also intervals and audio commentary.

    Once you have set your preferences, click on the button Create video, select the folder in which to save the output file and press on Save to start creating the movie.

    The operation could take several minutes, it all depends on the amount of slides present in the presentation and on whether there is any video inside them. By default, videos are saved in MP4 format. If you prefer WMV format, select the item Windows Media Video give menu to tendin Save eat.

    Do you use a Mac? No problem, starting with version 2011 Office for macOS also includes a function to export PowerPoint presentations as video files. All you have to do is select the item Save as movie from the menu Fillet (top left) and that's it. By clicking on the button Movie options you can also adjust advanced video settings such as soundtrack, titles and more.

    Convert Presentations to Video with Movie Maker (Windows)

    Are you using a version of Office earlier than 2010? You don't have Office installed on your PC and are looking for a way to convert PowerPoint to video? Don't despair, you can export your slideshow as JPEG or PNG images and convert it into a video thanks to Movie Maker.

    Movie Maker is a free video editing software developed by Microsoft, it has not been updated for some time and is no longer officially supported by the Redmond giant but also works great with the most recent versions of Windows (such as Windows 10). To download it on your PC, connect to the MajorGeeks website.

    The installation package of Windows Essentials (in English), a collection of free utilities made by Microsoft that includes Movie Maker, Windows Mail and other multimedia and communication software, will be downloaded to your PC. Once the download is complete, open the file wlsetup-web.exe you just downloaded to your computer and click on the button first Yes and then Select the programs to install.

    At this point, just leave the check mark next to the item Photo Gallery and Movie Makerclick on your button Install and wait a few seconds for Movie Maker to be first downloaded from the Internet and then installed on your PC. It shouldn't take long.

    Now you have to open the PPT / PPTX presentation you want to convert to video and you have to export the slides it contains as a JPEG or PNG file. To do this you can rely on PowerPoint or LibreOffice / OpenOffice.

    • If you are using PowerPoint, select the item Save with name from the menu Fillet at the top left and select the option JPG o PNG give menu to tendin Save eat (in the window that opens).
    • If you are using LibreOffice / OpenOffice, select the item Export from the menu Fillet (top left), choose the option Impress HTML document give menu to tendin File type and click on the button Save. In the window that opens, make sure there is a check mark next to the item New structure, dopodich茅 clicca sul pulsating NEXT twice consecutively and choose the file format in which to export the slides: PNG o JPG ad high resolution. When the operation is completed, click on NEXT three consecutive times, then on Crea and all the slides of your presentation will be saved in the form of JPG or PNG images in the folder you have selected (together with HTML pages that are used to view them via the browser).

    Now you just have to open Movie Maker and import in it all the slides of your presentation (those you previously saved as a JPEG or PNG file). To do this, click on the button Add videos and photos located at the top left and select the images of your interest.

    Then arrange the slides in the Movie Maker timeline in the order you prefer, insert transition effects, titles or other extra content in your movie and save the final result as an MP4 or WMV file by selecting the item Save Movie> For Computer from the Movie Maker menu.

    Please note: By exporting PowerPoint presentations as PNG or JPEG images, the animations and movies contained in them are not preserved. To restore them you have to add them "manually" in Movie Maker (by importing the videos to be inserted in the presentation into the timeline of the program and / or using the transition effects included in the editor).

    Convert presentations to video with Keynote (Mac)

    Also Keynote, the presentation software developed by Apple, allows you to convert PowerPoint files to video while preserving animations and multimedia contents.

    Its operation is extremely intuitive. After opening the PPT or PPTX file to be transformed into video, you need to select the item Export As> QuickTime from the menu Fillet (top left) and you have to choose the resolution in which to export the output video (720p or 1080p) from the drop-down menu Size.

    Keynote is included by default in many of the Macs currently on the market, otherwise you can buy it from the Mac App Store at a price of 19,99 euros. The output movies are always in MP4 format.

    Convert presentations to online video

    You would like it convert PowerPoint to video without installing programs on your PC? In this case you can rely on Online-Convert, an online service that allows you to convert many different file types between them.

    Online-Convert does not require registration to be used and allows you to upload files with a maximum weight of 100MB. The data uploaded to the service is automatically deleted within 24 hours, in any case, being an online service, I do not recommend using it for the conversion of files containing sensitive information.

    Having made this necessary premise, let's take action. To convert a PPT or PPTX file into a video with Online-Convert, connect to the home page of the service and select the video format you want to obtain (eg. Avi) from the drop-down menu Video converter.

    Successively click on your button Browse / Choose File, select the PowerPoint presentation to turn into video and press the button Convert file to start the conversion first and then the download to your PC. If you want, by filling in the fields of the form located under the heading Optional settings, you can also change the resolution, bitrate and other parameters of the output video.

    How to convert PowerPoint to video

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