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    How to convert RTF files to PDF

    Convert RTF files to PDF online

    Do you need to convert RTF files to PDF and prefer to do this directly online? In this case, you can easily succeed in your intent by resorting to the use of one of the appropriate services that you find indicated below. The choice is yours.

    • ZamZar - It is one of the most popular online converters in the world. To use it, connected to its home page, click on the button Choose files ... and select the RTF document or documents to turn into PDF. Then select the item pdf give menu to tendin Step 2, type your e-mail address in the field Step 3 and presses the button Convert. Within a few minutes you will receive emails with links to download each file.
    • CloudConvert - This is another very practical and effective web converter. To use it, connected to its home page, click on the button Select files and select the RTF file or files to convert. Then, press the button Start conversion, wait for the conversion to complete and download each of the documents handled by pressing the green buttons that appear next to their names, those with written Download.
    • Online2PDF - This is an excellent online service dedicated exclusively to the modification and conversion of documents from / to PDF format. To use it, connected to its main page, click on the button Select files and select the RTF document on your computer. Then choose whether to carry out the standard conversion or whether to create a new PDF file for each page of the document using the drop-down menu next to the item mode: and click on the red button Converted. When the conversion is complete, the file will be automatically downloaded to your computer.
    • PDF Converter - This is another online tool that allows you to convert various text documents, including RTF, into PDF format. To use it, connected to the main page of the service, click on the button Select file and select the RTF file to convert from your computer. Then make sure that from the drop-down menu you find under the item Convert to the item is selected PDF (and if not, select it) and click on the button Convert. The file conversion procedure will then start, at the end of which you just need to click on the button Download to download the transformed file to your computer.

    Convert RTF files to PDF on Windows

    Virtual printer

    If you are using a computer equipped with Windows, the program I recommend you to try is DoPDF. It is a virtual printer that, once installed in the system, allows you to convert any type of printable file to PDF: Office documents, Web pages, photos and much more, including RTF files, of course. It can be used for free for both personal and commercial purposes.

    To download DoPDF on your computer, connect to the program's website and click on the button Download now twice in a row. When the download is complete, start the program installation file and if you are prompted to download the . Net Framework Microsoft, click on Accept and install and then Yes. In the window that opens, put the check mark next to the item I have read and accepted the license conditions and click on the button first Install and then end to conclude the setup.

    Once these steps have been carried out, the installation of DoPDF should start automatically. To complete it, all you have to do is remove the check mark from the item Install novaPDF add-in for Microsoft Office (to avoid the installation of the specific plugin for Office applications which is not essential to the functioning of the PDF printer) and first click on Install now and then Close.

    Once installation is complete, DoPDF will be recognized by Windows as if it were a printer. This means that if you want to transform an RTF document or any other file into a PDF, you have to open it with the program that is most suitable for the purpose (for example WordPad) and invoke the command Print from the menu Fillet of the latter.

    In the window that opens, you must then select DoPDF from the list of available printers, choose the quality level of the document to be obtained (H for the highest quality, Medium for an average compromise between quality and file weight or Smallest file to create PDFs of low quality but very light in terms of MB), indicate choose the destination folder of the file by clicking on the button KATEGORIEN and start its creation by clicking on OK.


    As an alternative to using a virtual printer, you can convert RTF files to PDF using LibreOffice. If you have never heard of it, know that this is the best free Microsoft Office alternative. LibreOffice includes word processing software similar to Word, one for processing spreadsheets, one for creating presentations and much more. It is completely in citt脿n and is perfectly compatible with all Office file formats.

    To download LibreOffice on your computer, connect to the suite website and click on the first item located under the drop-down menu for selecting the operating system. When the download is complete, open the software installation package and complete the setup by clicking on the button NEXT twice in a row and then on InstallYes e end.

    At this point you just have to start LibreOffice Writer, select the item Apri ... from the menu Fillet and open the RTF document to be transformed into PDF.

    Once the file is open, go back to the menu Fillet and select the item Export in PDF format .... In the window that opens, make any changes to the document that will be returned to you after conversion using the appropriate commands available on the screen and then click on Export. Finally, type the name to assign to the document in the appropriate text field, choose the location on your computer to export it to and click on the button Save. Very simple.

    Convert RTF files to PDF on macOS

    Virtual printer

    If you are using a Mac, you can convert RTF files to PDF without resorting to the use of third-party software. In fact, you can easily leave the work in the hands of the PDF printer included "standard" in macOS. Using it is child's play.

    All you have to do to be able to convert RTF files to PDF using the virtual printer of your Mac is to open the document on which you intend to go to act and invoke the command of Stampa ... from the menu Fillet (o archive). In the window that opens, click on the drop-down menu PDF located at the bottom left and select the item Save come PDF ... da quest'ultimo.

    Finally, indicate the location on your Mac where you intend to save the converted document, if you deem it appropriate, enter the information relating to the title of the file, his author etc. and then click on the button Save to start creating the PDF.


    As an alternative to the solution I have already indicated, you can transform RTF files into PDF using the application TextEdit, the text editor also standard on Mac.

    All you have to do is select the RTF document to turn into PDF and open it with TextEdit by dragging the file icon onto the program icon. Next you have to select the item Export as PDF ... from the menu Fillet and normally complete the export of the document indicating the location in which you intend the file to be saved once converted and clicking on the button Save. Easier than that?

    How to convert RTF files to PDF

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