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    How to convert to AVI

    Convert to AVI on Windows

    If you use a Windows PC and want to convert your videos to AVI without spending money and without wasting time, try Video to Video Converter. It is one of the best free converters currently available on the market, supports all major video file formats (both incoming and outgoing) and is available in a handy portable version that you can use without facing tedious installations. This means that, if you want, you can also copy the software to a USB stick or an external hard drive and always carry it with you to use it when needed.

    But now let's stop the chatter and let's take action. To download Video to Video Converter on your computer, connect to the official website of the program and click on the button first Download and then on the voice Click here to download ZIP archive.

    When the download is complete, open the zip archive you just downloaded, extract the contents in any folder and open the file vv.exe. In the window that opens, select thecittàn from the drop-down menu for the choice of language and presses on OK to access the Video to Video Converter main screen.

    At this point, drag the video files you want to convert to AVI in the program window and click on the icon first REVIEWS present in the box that opens and then on the button OK located at the bottom right.

    Then make sure that in the right sidebar the fields Quality e Video size are set to respectively Same as sourcee Original (to make the AVI videos have the same resolution and quality as the original files) and first click on OK and then Converted to start the conversion.

    By default, Video to Video Converter saves the converted videos in a folder located in the path where the program files were extracted. To change folders, click on the icon gialla poster located at the bottom right and choose an alternative route.

    Convert to AVI on Mac

    Do you use a Mac? Then I suggest you forget all the free converters available on the App Store and turn to Adapter. It is a free converter based on FFMPEG open source software, which allows you to convert all major video file formats together. It is also available for Windows, but let's say that it gives its best on the Apple platform.

    To download the program to your computer, connect to its official website and click on the button Download. Once the download is complete, open the dmg package that contains the Adapter, drag the software to the folder Applications of OS X and start it by double clicking on its icon. Should an error message appear, right click on the Adapter icon and select the item apri from the menu that appears (this operation will be necessary only at the first start of the application).

    At this point, click on your button Continue to start the download and installation of FFMPEG on your computer (the open source software that acts as the "engine" of the Adapter) and, when the operation is complete, drag and drop the videos you want convert to AVI in the program window.

    Next, choose the voice Video> General> Custom AVI from the drop-down menu located at the bottom and presses the icon ofgear to display the Adapter advanced settings panel.

    In the bar that appeared on the right side of the screen, set the field Resolution su Same as source and the field Quality su High o Very high (so that the AVI videos have the same resolution and the same quality as the starting files) and presses the button Convert to start the conversion.

    CloudConvert (Web)

    Would you like to turn an animated GIF you downloaded from the Internet into AVI or a very short video? In this case you could avoid downloading new software on your PC and turn to CloudConvert, a “universal” online converter capable of transforming video files of various kinds and animated GIFs into AVI without requiring any registration and without the need for special plugins.

    It works on all browsers and all operating systems, it also works very quickly (provided you have a connection with an acceptable speed) and protects the privacy of users by automatically deleting all the files that are uploaded to its servers within a few hours. The only limitation is that it allows the upload of videos weighing a maximum of 100MB.

    To use it, connect to its home page and drag the videos or animated GIFs to convert to AVI in the browser window. Then he presses the button Start conversion, wait for the upload and conversion of the files to be completed and click on the button Download green that appears on the screen to save the final result on your PC.

    How to convert to AVI

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