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    How to convert video for free

    Convert video for free on Windows

    Freemake Video Converter

    Are you using a computer with Windows installed and are you trying to figure out how to convert video for free? Then I can not help but suggest that you resort to the use of Freemake Video Converter. It is what can probably be called the most complete and powerful free video converter available for PC. However, it should be noted right away, in its installation package are often included annoying promotional software that is not always easy to "dodge" so ... watch out during the setup! It also adds its logo to the converted videos and a customized screen at the beginning and end of the latter (limitations that can only be overcome by purchasing the full version of the program for a one-time € 19,95 or € 9,95 / year).

    Otherwise, the software is practically perfect. It's super easy to use, supports all major video file formats (as well as audio), and even lets you burn / rip DVDs. It also includes functions for adding subtitles, watermarks and for cutting videos to convert.

    To be able to use it on your computer, connect to its official website of Freemake Video Converter using the link that I have provided you just now and click on the button Free download. When the download is complete, open the file by double clicking on it FreemakeVideoConverterSetup.exe just downloaded and, in the window that opens, click first on Yes and then OK e NEXT. Uncheck the item Help improve Freemake software by automatically submitting anonymous usage statistics and problem reports to Freemake if you do not want to send software usage statistics to Freemake.

    At this point, metti il ​​segno di spunta accanto alla voce Custom installationand deselect all the underlying options (e.g. Install Opera Browser) to avoid the installation of promotional software. Then click on NEXT twice in a row, answer No, thanks at the request to download additional promotional software and wait for all the files necessary to install Freemake to be downloaded from the Internet. At the end of the operation, press the button end to conclude the setup.

    Then wait a few moments for the program window to be visible on the desktop. If this doesn't happen, double-click the Freemake Video Converter icon attached to the Start menu. At this point, you can start converting videos for free by clicking the button + Video located at the top left and selecting the file to transform.

    Then click on the icon for the desired output format (from the menu below) and press the button Converted to start video processing. You can also select the destination folder of the converted movie by clicking on the button [...] and select a resolution different from that of the original file through the drop-down menu profiles.

    Mobile Media Converter

    Mobile Media Converter is another video converter for Windows (but possibly also available in macOS and Linux versions) which, unlike the one I proposed at the beginning of the guide, can be used in portable mode. It has fewer features than Freemake Video Converter but is still simple to use and supports all major multimedia file formats: AVI, MP4, WMV, FLV, MOV, 3GP and so on.

    To download Mobile Media Converter on your PC, connect to its official website via the link I have just indicated and click on the button first Download now and then on the voice portable present in the center of the page that opens.

    Then start the executable Mobile Media Converter xx Portable.exe, drag the videos you want to convert into the program window and choose one of the available output formats in the drop-down menu Conversion to.

    Finally, click the button (...), select the folder to save the converted videos and start the file conversion process by clicking the button Convert.

    If you want to customize the output parameters in a more advanced way, click on the first arrow located at the bottom right and then on the button Advanced ....

    Convert video for free on macOS


    Are you using a Mac and are you looking for a way to convert videos for free? Then I suggest you contact Adapter. It is a free video converter for macOS (but also for Windows!) Based on FFMPEG, well-known open source software for processing multimedia files.

    It supports all major video file formats, both incoming and outgoing, and includes several interesting features, such as inserting watermarks, subtitles and additional audio tracks in converted movies. Its only flaw is that it does not allow you to choose the audio tracks to be kept in the videos with multi-track audio (it only converts the main track) but if this is not relevant to you, you have certainly found the solution that's right for you. your.

    To serve, connect to the Adapter website via the link I gave you a moment ago and click on the button Download present at the top. Then open the package in Adapter-2.1.x.dmg you downloaded from the program website and drag the icon it contains into the folder Applications of macOS. Then you have to right-click on the Adapter icon (the one you dragged into the applications folder) and start the program by clicking on the item apri per due turn consecutive.

    At the first start of the Adapter you will be asked to download FFMPEG. Click on the button Continue to accept and wait a few seconds for the procedure to be completed. Then, drag the video to convert into the main window of the software, go to the drop-down menu located at the bottom center and select the output format you prefer: in Video> General find all generic file formats (eg. AVI, MP4, WMV) while selecting options AppleTabletsNintendo etc. you can get videos optimized for various models of smartphones, tablets and video game consoles.

    If you need to fine-tune the output video parameters, click thegear which is located in the lower left and uses the options that appear in the right sidebar. If you want to avoid the not exactly pleasant "checkered effect", I suggest you adjust the output quality from the drop-down menu Quality su High o Very high.

    If you want to add subtitles, watermarks or audio tracks to the videos you want to convert, drag them into the field Layers located at the bottom of the right sidebar.

    After adjusting all the settings to your preferences, click the button Convert below and the video conversion procedure will start instantly. The output folder will be the same where the source files are stored.

    Total Video Converter Lite

    Another tool that I can suggest you to use if you want to convert video for free on Mac is Total Video Converter Lite. Thanks to this tool, you can easily transform all major video file formats without spending a penny.

    To install the application on your computer, connect to the page of the Mac App Store Online dedicated to it via the link I have just provided and then click on the button View in the Mac App Store which is on the left. In the window that opens, click the button Get/Install the app and enter your Apple ID password (if required) to complete the operation.

    To convert a video with Total Video Converter Lite, start the app, drag the movie on which you intend to go to the program window and then use the drop-down menu located at the top to select the format in which to transform the file: you can choose between various types of devices, using the menu Pocket player, and types of video files, via the menu Video files.

    Finally, select the folder to save the output file and then click the button Choose to start the conversion.

    Convert video for free online

    Online Video Converter

    Do you need to convert videos for free but can't add new software to your computer? In this case it might come in handy Online Video Converter, a video converter that works directly from the browser, without having to install plugins or various other “witchcraft” on your computer.

    The service is compatible with all major navigation programs, does not require Flash Player, does not require registration and supports all major multimedia file formats.

    To start converting videos for free online, go to the home page of the service using the link I just indicated, click on the button Open file and select the video to convert. If you want, you can also select the video you want to work on from your Google Drive account, from Dropbox or, if present directly online, you can indicate the URL by clicking on the relevant items on the screen.

    Once the upload is complete (the loading times can be very long, it all depends on the size of the video), select the output format by clicking on one of the buttons located at the top (eg. MP4REVIEWS o FLV), choose a resolution from the drop-down menu and click on the button Converted to start converting and then downloading the video first.

    If you want, by clicking on the button Settings, you can also adjust the most advanced output settings, such as the audio codec and the weight of the output file (clearly, the lower the "weight" set, the lower the quality of the final video will be).


    Didn't the free video converting service that I proposed to you have been able to attract your attention in a particular way? No? then you can turn to CloudConvert. It is an excellent all-in-one converter also usable directly from the browser which is not only able to convert videos into various formats but also allows you to do the same with images, music, Office documents, PDFs and many other file types (over 200 in all).

    The service is free but there are some limitations to take into account: the maximum number of files that can be converted every day is 25 (10 if you don't register by creating a free account), their weight can be up to 1 GB and no more than 5 simultaneous conversions can be made. Also, conversions can't take more than 25 minutes and if it takes longer, they are automatically stopped. All these limitations can be removed by subscribing to a paid plan.

    To start using CloudConvert, connected to the main page of the service using the link I just provided, then drag the video to convert into the browser window. Alternatively, click on the button Select files and select the file directly from your computer or click the freccia rivolta verse il basso which is next to it and choose the video to act on by taking it directly from the Internet (providing the URL) or from one of the supported cloud storage services.

    Then click on the item to (file extension) located at the top of the page, click on the item video in the menu that is shown to you and select the output format you want to get.

    By clicking on the button with the wrench that you find next to the name of the video you can instead adjust various parameters related to the latter such as resolution, quality, codec used and much more. Once you have made changes, click on the button Okay to confirm them.

    To conclude, click on your button Start conversion located at the bottom right, wait for the conversion of your files to be completed and download each of them to your PC by pressing the button Download that appears next to their names.

    How to convert video for free

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