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    How to convert WAV to MP3

    Fre: ac (Windows, macOS and Linux)

    The first software I recommend you to try is Fre: ac. It is an open source licensed converter that supports all major audio file formats. It is compatible with both Windows and macOS and Linux, so you can use it regardless of the operating system installed on your computer.

    To download Fre: ac on your computer, connect to its official website and click on the link Self extracting installer: freac-xx.exe if you use a Windows PC or on the link Binary .dmg image: freac-xx-macosx.dmg if you use a Mac.

    When the download is complete, if you are using a Windows PC, open the installation package of Fre: ac (freac-xx.exe) and complete the program setup by first clicking on Yes and then NEXTYes, yet NEXT three consecutive times and finally Install e end.

    If you use a Mac, to install Fre: ac on your computer you need to open the package in .dmg format downloaded from the program's website and copy the icon it contains into the folder Applications say macOS.

    At this point, start Fre: ac. If you are using a Mac, at the first start of the software, to avoid the appearance of errors, it may be necessary to right-click on its icon and select the item apri from the menu that appears. Once the software window is displayed on the screen, click on the first icon located at the top left (the one with the symbol +). Select all the WAV files you want to convert to MP3 and start the conversion by selecting the item MP3 blades from the menu that appears by clicking on the arrow next to the green button with Play symbol.

    If you want to customize the folder in which to save the songs after conversion, click on the button Sfoglia ... which is located at the bottom right. If you want to adjust the quality level of the MP3s to be generated, click on the icon wrench, select the voice Lick MP3 Encoder from the drop-down menu in the window that opens and click on Configure.

    MediaHuman Audio Converter (Windows and macOS)

    As an alternative to the program I proposed earlier, you can convert WAV to MP3 with MediaHuman Audio Converter. It is a free software available for both Windows and macOS that can easily “digest” any WAV file and turn it into MP3.

    To download MediaHuman Audio Converter, connect to its official website via the link I gave you a moment ago and click on the button Download. Then, if you are using a Windows PC, open the program installation package (eg. MHAudioConverter.exe), click on your button Yes and check the item I accept the terms of the license agreement. Then click on NEXT for four consecutive times and finish the setup by clicking on first Install and then end.

    If you are using a Mac, after downloading MediaHuman Audio Converter on your computer, you need to open the package in .dmg that contains the program and drag the icon of the latter into the folder Applications of macOS. At the first start, to avoid the appearance of error messages, you may have to right-click on the MediaHuman Audio Converter icon and start the program by selecting the item apri give the menu to compare.

    Once the program window appears on the screen, drag and drop the WAV files to convert into the software window. Then expand the drop-down menu Size located at the top right. In the window that opens, select the item MP3 from the first menu, set the desired quality for the output file (ex. stereo, 44100Hz, 320kbps) in the second menu and click on the button Close to save the settings.

    Finally click on the button with the two arrows located at the top right and wait for the file conversion to finish. The songs will be saved in the Users name Music Converted by MediaHuman folder of your Mac.

    MooO AudioTypeConverter (Windows)

    Where Fre: ac and MediaHuman Audio Converter they could not elaborate some of the passages you gave them "as a meal", try to make up for it with Moo0 AudioTypeConverter, another extremely powerful and easy to use free Windows converter.

    You can download it in two clicks by connecting to its official website using the link I just provided and pressing the green button first Download and then Download now. When the download is complete, open the software installation package (eg.Moo0_AudioConverter_v1.32_Installer.exe) and remove the check from the items relating to other Moo0 software to avoid downloading additional programs.

    Now, click on NEXT, metti il ​​segno di spunta accanto alla voce I accept the Conditions and finish the setup by pressing on first NEXT three consecutive times and then on Install e Close.

    At this point, to transform WAV to MP3 with Moo0 AudioTypeConverter, start the software and once the window of the same is displayed on the desktop select the files to convert with the mouse and drag them into the application window: that's all. If you want to adjust the quality parameters of the output files, click on the button Advanced options and select one of the options available in the drop-down menu located under the item Bit Rate (Audio Quality).

    ZamZar (Online)

    If you don't have many songs to convert, you might also turn to online services such as ZamZar which allows you to do everything from the browser. It's completely free, supports converting multiple files in batches, and doesn't involve lengthy recording practices. However, it has an upload limit of 50 MB and requires the entry of a valid email address, in fact the links to download the converted files are sent by email.

    To try it, connected to its home page using the link I just indicated, click on the button Choose files ... and select the songs to convert on your computer.

    At this point, select the option MP3 from the menu Convert files to:, type your email address in the field Step 3 and click on Convert. At the end of the conversion you will receive the links to download the songs in MP3 directly to your inbox. Easier than that? (Online)

    As an alternative to the online service I proposed earlier, you can convert WAV to MP3 with Media me. This is another excellent, completely free online tool that can convert all major audio file formats together without resorting to special extensions or plugins. You can use it even if neither Flash Player nor Java are installed on your computer. In short, try it and you will see that you will not regret it. It is compatible with all major web browsing programs and there are no particular upload limits to be respected.

    To use it, connected to its home page via the link I just provided, press the button Select Files to Upload and select the WAV songs to convert.

    Then click on the button MP3 located at the bottom left, select one of the available bitrates at the bottom of the page (personally I recommend 320 kbps in order to keep the audio quality high) and click on Convert to start the conversion process.

    Wait the necessary time for the files to be processed (the conversion duration depends on the weight of the songs and the speed of the Internet connection) and click on the item Download to download the final MP3s to your computer.

    How to convert WAV to MP3

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