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    How to create DivX from DVD

    Create DivX from DVD on Windows

    Do you have a PC with Windows installed and are you interested in understanding how to create DivX from DVD? Then give one now I look at the ad hoc programs that I have provided to indicate and explain to you below. I am sure they will be able to satisfy you.


    The first of the useful resources to create DivX from DVD that I want to tell you about is DVDx, a free program (for copying and decrypting files, however, it is necessary to buy the user license), running on all Windows operating systems (even older ones) and able to fulfill the purpose in question in a handful of clicks . Install it and you will no longer have the fear of "consuming" your beloved original disks!

    First, connected to the download page, click on the link Download DVDx 4.2 Setup.exe from VideoHelp present at the top and then on the link Download DVDx 4.2 Setup.exe here on the further page displays. Then wait for the download procedure to start and complete, then open the .exe file obtained.

    Then wait a few moments for the installation procedure to be started and completed and click on the button Close in the window that appeared on the screen. Then insert the DVD you intend to transform into DivX into your computer and start DVDx via its icon that has been added to the desktop.

    Now, press the button ignore which is in the lower right part of the window that appears on the screen to ignore the software activation procedure and in the additional window you see appear select the item Open disc or folder (Bluray / DVD) annessa to the menu Fillet top left. Then select the folder VIDEO_TS contained inside the DVD drive and first click on OK and then Select to open your DVD in DVDx.

    At this point, you need to set your preferences for converting DVD to DivX. So make sure there is a check mark next to the items Original Colors (to keep the colors of the film intact), Dolby Surround (to have high quality audio even in DivX) e Detect Prog 24 Hz (to keep the fluidity of the film intact) and click on the button OK to save the settings.

    Now, select the item Output settings from the menu Settings and, in the window that opens, select the wording AVI (DivX, YUM) from the drop-down menu located at the top left to set DivX as the output format of the DVD conversion. Then choose the codec you want to use (eg. DivX o XviD) through the drop-down menu located under the item Pass 1 settings and click on the button Apply per salvare i Cambiomenti.

    Then choose the destination folder of your DivX by selecting the item Select output file from the menu Fillet e clicking on your button KATEGORIEN, and start converting DVD to DivX by clicking the button Encode (the red circle) in the lower part of the main window of DVDx. The duration of the process depends on the duration of the film.


    As an alternative to the above program, you can rely on AutoGK. This is an old-fashioned but still very good software for Windows operating systems. It is open source in nature and totally free and allows you to turn DVDs into DivX (or Xvid) format files. The interface is quite simple and intuitive even for those who are about to carry out operations of this type for the first time. The only negative note, if we want to define it that way, is that during the setup it proposes the installation of various accessory programs but just pay a minimum of attention to it to avoid unwanted installations.

    To serve, first connect to the download page of the program, click on the button Download that you find at the top right and presses on the link Download AutoGK (Auto Gordian Knot) 2.55 attached to the page that is subsequently shown to you.

    When the download is complete, open the .exe file obtained, click on Si, Then Next and I Agree. Click again on Next, Then install and subsequently on OK to confirm the use of the English language (cittàn unfortunately is not available). Now decline the invitation to install all the accessory software that are offered to you by pressing the buttons Cancel e Cancel. You only agree to the installation of the codec Xvid (essential to be able to use the program for the purpose in question) then press on Finish.

    Now, start the program by calling it from Start menu, presses on yellow folder with "+" that you find next to the item Input file: in the software window and select the main .IFO file contained in the folder VIDEO_TS of the DVD. Then click on the button with the yellow folder and the "+" that you find next to the item File output: and select the destination location.

    Now proceed to select the audio track of the original DVD and possibly the subtitle language to add to the movie by acting on the section Step 2: Select audo track and subtitle track of the program window.

    Then move to the section Step 3: Select output size and set the desired size that the file that will be created must have. If you have no special needs, you can also leave the default option set in the menu next to the item Predefinied size:.

    Now, click on the button Advanced Setting on the right and select the option DivX at the section Codec ed Output format. Adjust, if you want, the other available parameters relating to resolution, audio and subtitles according to your needs and preferences and then click on the button OK to ensure that the changes made are applied. Then press the button Add Job.

    Then click on Home and therefore wait for the whole procedure to be started and completed. In the box at the bottom left the program will write all the operations carried out and the time taken. At the end of the process, the writing will appear Job finishied and you will then find the final file in the previously selected location.

    Create DivX from DVD on macOS

    If, on the other hand, you have a Mac and are looking for some program with which you can create DivX from DVD then I would say that the resources I have discussed below are right for you. Choose the one you prefer and follow the relative instructions for use.

    Burn Energy Drink

    If you have a Mac and are looking for a good resource through which you can create DivX from DVD I can not help but suggest you try Burn Energy Drink. This is a no-cost application for the computers of the "bitten apple" company that allows you to perform various video burning and transformation operations, including the one in question, which has its extremely simple user interface as its strong point. and intuitive.

    You ask me what to do to be able to use it? I'll explain it to you right away. First, link to the program download page and click on the entry Download Burn that you find on the right. Then wait a few moments for the software download to start and complete.

    Once the download is complete, extract the ZIP file obtained in any macOS location and drag the Burn icon inside it to the folder Applications on the Mac. then right click on it and select apri for two consecutive times to start the program, however, going around the limitations imposed by Apple against unauthorized developers.

    Now that you see the main program window on your desk, press the tab Video located at the top and select the item Divx from the drop-down menu on the right, then press the icon with thegear at the bottom and select the option Force Divx encoding give the menu to compare.

    Once this is done, insert the DVD you want to convert into Divx into the Mac, then select the folder from the Burn window VIDEO_TS of the DVD by clicking on the button "+". If necessary, click Converted, choose where to save the files to convert and press on OK.

    Then, press the button Burn attached to the Burn window, wait for the DVD you inserted into your computer to eject and replace it with a blank disk. Therefore, adjust the speed options using the appropriate drop-down menu (if you have no special needs you can also leave everything as it is) and click on the button Burn to start the disk writing and file transformation procedure. When finished, the disk will be automatically ejected from the Mac.

    If you deem it appropriate, before starting the conversion procedure you can possibly make some changes to the parameters to convert DVD to DivX by clicking on the item Burn Energy Drink attached in the upper left part of the menu bar, by pressing on Preference pressing on the tab Video and then on that DivX in the window that is shown to you on your desk

    Toast Titanium

    If the above solution to create DivX from DVD has not convinced you in a particular way and you are looking for a more performing tool, then the advice I can give you is to rely on a pay solution such as Toast Titanium.

    This is a commercial software (costs € 89,99) capable of carrying out all kinds of operations of burning and copying, conversion and sharing and of nature and modification of videos. In short, it constitutes a much more versatile and professional tool than Burn (which can be easily guessed from the price).

    Considering the cost that is anything but low, before purchasing the program from the official website of the same, I recommend that you first of all evaluate whether it is a resource that is actually your chaste or not and then connect to the page dedicated to software that you find on the website of MacUpdate in such a way as to be able to check the availability of a possible demo or that of some discount (from time to time they are offered) on the actual purchase price.

    How to create DivX from DVD

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