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    How to delete a Facebook group in a few steps

    We explain how to delete a Facebook group in minutes! The social network makes it possible to create closed or open communities around a specific subject, although sometimes this feature is also used to do collaborative work. So your groups are multiplying, and from time to time, you have to clean up! We explain how to do it.

    Delete a Facebook group

    Delete one Group on Facebook can be tedious. You must first delete its members one by one and be careful to be the last to leave the Facebook group – otherwise you will lose all control over it. If during the operation you want to delete one or more Facebook accounts, follow our tutorial!

    • Go to your Group : this is normally listed in the left column – if necessary, click on Plus for a total list of groups you have joined or created.
    You will find your group in the left column. If it is not in the list, hover your mouse over it, a “More” option will appear!
    • Go to the tab Members
    The “Members” tab
    • Click the gear next to each member, then Remove from group
    The gear next to each member provides access to several other options
    • Be careful not to delete yourself from the group at this stage, otherwise you will lose all control over it.
    • When all members have been removed, remove yourself from the group. A warning message is displayed

    • Confirm by clicking on OK

    Obviously, it is easier to delete a Facebook group if it has few members. But what if your group has several hundred members? There is a trick!

    The extra trick: delete several hundred members at a time

    To perform this trick, you need Google Chrome or Firefox, both with a javascript console. Because it is precisely a bit of javascript that we are going to inject into your Facebook group. Don't worry, the magic only happens on your computer...

    • Copy the code available by clicking on this link
    • Go to your Group as explained in the first part
    • Go to the list of members
    • On Chrome press Ctrl + Shift + J, or F12 on Firefox
    • A window is displayed with a terrifying message: this feature is indeed quite powerful and potentially dangerous if the code is of dubious origin (don't worry, the code given has been checked): paste the code after the sign > and validate
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    The operation may take some time – all members will be deleted one by one by this script, which saves you a lot of tedious actions. Once done, go to the tab blocked if there are blocked members then administrators to delete the last members before deleting itself at the end as during the first method.

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