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How to download WhatsApp on PC

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How to download WhatsApp on PC for free

You stai chiedendo how to download whatsapp on pc without phone? No problem, I'll show you just how to do this shortly. You need to know that your phone will not be needed during the client download and installation process WhatsApp Desktop but only once you start the latter to synchronize the messages between the client itself and the app on the phone (your smartphone will still have to be switched on and connected to the network for as long as you use the client). Here are all the details.

How to download WhatsApp on PC: Windows 10

If that's okay with you I'd start by showing you how to download whatsapp on pc equipped with the operating system Windows 10 and later. The directions apply to any brand of computer, so if you're interested in knowing how to download whatsapp on hp pc, how to download WhatsApp on Asus PC or how to download WhatsApp on any other brand of computer, please follow the instructions that I will give you shortly without problems.

The operation is not complex at all and the first option you have available to carry it out is to proceed by resorting to the Microsoft Store, the virtual showcase of the Redmond house, from which you can get applications, programs and games of all kinds. To download WhatsApp Desktop in this way, simply connect to this page of the Microsoft Store and then press the button Get. Then click on the button Open Microsoft Store and you will be redirected directly to the application in the aforementioned store.

At this point, all you have to do is click on the button Install and, at the end of the download, WhatsApp will be bootable directly from the Start menu Windows (the one accessible by pressing the icon of the pennant located in the lower left corner). See how easy it was?

How do you say? Did you have any problems with the procedure I have just indicated and you were unable to complete the operation? Don't despair: you can also get WhatsApp Desktop with another simple system, that is, using the download page of the official website of the very popular instant messaging service. Then log in to the latter and press the button Download for Windows on the right.

When the download is complete, open the file WhatsAppSetup.exe obtained and, if asked, answer Yes at the Windows user control prompt. The program window will open after a short loading and to start using the client you will need to use the smartphone app available on Android and iOS. Then start the latter on your smartphone and proceed by scanning the QR code which is shown to you in the client window.

If, therefore, you act from the version Android application, click on the icon at the top right, click on the item Web WhatsApp present in the menu that opens, tap on the item Collect a device and framing the QR code of the client with the camera of your smartphone. If, on the other hand, you are using an iPhone, press on the item Settings located at the bottom, in the main menu of the app, go to WhatsApp Web / WhatsApp Desktop and repeat the above step.

Once this is done, all chats open on the smartphone app will automatically be displayed on the PC client in the left part of the window. To continue the various conversations, just click on their preview, compose the various messages in the input field below and send them by pressing the key Submit.

In addition, you can initiate video and voice calls by clicking on the icon respectively video camera and phone, both located at the top right.

To search for a specific contact, just type the name in search bar placed at the top left. By pressing the button + located at the top left you can start both a new one single chat (by clicking on one of the contacts you see in the list) is one group chat (by pressing on the option New group). As for the message notifications, as you may have already noticed, they will be shown to you with small previews displayed, from time to time, in the lower right part of your computer screen.

To view the statuses (you will not be able to create new ones from the client) click on the icon circle divided into three parts placed next to the icon + just mentioned. While if you want to view the client options (through which you can set the dark theme, change your profile name, chat background, view blocked contacts and more) you just need to click on the icon ... located at the top.

How to download WhatsApp on PC: Windows 7

Are you going to download WhatsApp Desktop on a computer based on the operating system Windows 7, or even on Windows 8.x? So, in this case, I inform you that the installation procedure is the same as I explained to you in the previous chapter.

However, since the Microsoft Store is not available on your computer, you will have to proceed by opening the download page of the official WhatsApp site and clicking on the button Download for Windows. Finally, you will need to open the file WhatsAppSetup.exe just obtained and, if prompted, authorize Windows to proceed with the installation. That's all!

How to download WhatsApp on PC: Mac

You have a Mac and you would need help to proceed with the download and installation of WhatsApp Desktop on your computer? I'll settle you immediately, even in this case the steps are really immediate. First of all, I show you how to download the WhatsApp client from the Mac App Store, Apple's digital store from which you can download programs and applications verified directly by the Cupertino giant. Connect, therefore, to the link I just provided, wait for the store to open, press the button Ottieni / Installa and, if necessary, verify your identity by typing the Password of your Apple ID or using the touch ID.

Once the download is complete, you will be able to launch WhatsApp Desktop from the Launchpad. It took a moment, see? If you prefer, you can still download WhatsApp from the official website of the service: to do so, click on the button Scarica for Mac OS X placed at the bottom. Proceed, therefore, by opening the file files-WhatsApp.dmg just got it.

From the window that opens, drag theicon of WhatsApp in the folder Applications macOS and that's it. At this point, you can open the program and it will invite you to scan the QR code shown in the window with the WhatsApp app for smartphones. From here on, I refer you to the chapter in which I showed you how to use WhatsApp Desktop on Windows since the operation of the macOS version of the client is totally similar to the one that can be installed on PCs based on Microsoft's operating system.

Web WhatsApp

As I have already said, as an alternative to downloading WhatsApp Desktop, you can use the popular messaging application on your computer via browser thanks to Web WhatsApp. To use this tool, connect immediately to its main page. After that, start the application of WhatsApp on your smartphone, call up the entry for WhatsApp Web / Desktop from the settings as I showed you here and scan the QR code.

Once you have logged in to WhatsApp from the Web version of the app, you can start using the messaging service to chat with all your contacts in the same way as you usually do from your smartphone. As you have probably noticed, the interface and operation of WhatsApp Web is almost identical to that of WhatsApp Desktop.

In fact, in the left sidebar you will find the list of recent chats and the buttons to start a new conversation (the +) and access the service settings (the ...), while clicking on the name of a contact or on title of a chat you can continue the discussion just like on a smartphone by inserting, if necessary, also emoticons (the icon of the smiley bottom left) and attached images (the icon of the clip top right).


Have you already tried WhatsApp Desktop and WhatsApp Web but the interface for using the computer variants of the app that you are used to using on Android smartphones is not very intuitive? So, in this case, I inform you that there is a way to use the aforementioned app directly on your computer.

How? Using BlueStacks. It is a convenient and efficient free emulator (also available in a paid version without advertising) of the operating system Android available for Windows e MacOS which allows you to install the games and apps of the "green robot" on a sort of virtual tablet that will always be available to you on your computer.

I inform you, however, that if you proceed to use WhatsApp on BlueStacks, the account you use on the messaging app will be transferred to the emulator app and to go back to using it on your smartphone you will need to verify your number again. phone via SMS. In addition, you will also need to set up your account again as if you were using the app for the first time.

The first step to get the emulator I'm talking about (if you use Windows) is to connect to the official download page of the same and press the button Download BlueStacks 5. Then open the file BlueStacksInstaller_ [version number] .exe and rispondi Yes at the Windows user control prompt.

Proceed by pressing the button Install now and wait for the download and installation of the additional files to complete. If, on the other hand, you want to download BlueStacks on a Mac, (at the moment only the 4) linked to this page and press the button Download BlueStacks 4 located at the top right.

Once the download is complete, open the file BlueStacksInstaller_ [version number] .dmg and double click onicon program shown in the center of the window, to start the installation. After that, press the button apri and then on the button Install now. Then, if necessary, type the Password of your Mac.

If you are prompted to enable accessibility features, open the System preference and click on the padlock below to consent to the operation. Type the again Password of your computer and press the button Unlock.

Finally, click on the box next to the item BlueStacks to place the sign of check and finally, press the icon again padlock down. Now that you have installed the emulator it should automatically open the interface of the latter (a gray box with the icon of Play Store, that is, a colored triangle on white background). Then click on the latter and log in by entering the credentials of the Google account associated with the smartphone on which you use WhatsApp.

After that, type whatsapp messenger in search bar at the top and press the button Install on the page that opens. At this point, exit the Play Store by repeatedly pressing the button Esc and click onWhatsApp icon to start the application. In the screen that will open, click on the button Accetta and continue, type il tuo cellphone number e, infine, click on the button NEXT twice in a row.

At this point, you should receive a SMS with the code of confirmation to activate the application. Therefore, enter the code received via message on your mobile phone in the appropriate section of the WhatsApp window on the PC, after which the profile configuration procedure in WhatsApp will start automatically at the end of which you can finally start chatting with your friends.

If you have made a backup of your messages, just press the button Restore to find the latter. For all the other details on how BlueStacks works, take a look at my tutorial on how to download BlueStacks.

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