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    How to download WhatsApp on Samsung

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    Despite being refractory to the use of smartphones, which you have always considered unnecessarily complicated for your needs, in the end you capitulated and bought one too: taking advantage of an interesting offer - and the fact that your old mobile broke - you took a smartphone from Samsung and now you would like to take advantage of it to save some money on sending SMS and calls. I get it: what you need is WhatsApp!

    WhatsApp is a very famous messaging app thanks to which it is possible to send messages, photos and videos for free to all subscribers to the service (regardless of the phone and the operating system they use). And it doesn't stop there! WhatsApp also allows you to create group conversations, make voice calls over the Internet and video call your friends. All at no cost both under the Wi-Fi network and under the 3G / 4G network (where, however, you can pay for data consumption according to the rate provided by your operator).

    So, what do you think? Would you like to invest five minutes of your time to understand how to download whatsapp on samsung? I assure you that it is absolutely worth it, also because by doing so you can save a lot of money on SMS and calls without having to change operator or subscribe to special offers. Try it and you won't regret it!

    Getting started: Google account setup

    To install WhatsApp on your mobile, you need to associate a Google account with the device. If you have not already done so, then go to the  settings Android (the gear icon located at the top right of the notifications menu), select the item Account from the screen that opens and presses the button Add account.

    At this point, "tap" on the logo of Google, log into your Google / Gmail account and that's it. If you don't have a Google account yet, press the item Or create a new account and fill out the registration form that is proposed to you.

    At the end of the registration you will be asked to choose which data to automatically synchronize with Google cloud services (I recommend that you leave all the default settings active) and you will be asked to set a payment method for the purchase of apps and content multimedia from the Play Store: if you do not want to set one, press the button Ignore.

    How to install WhatsApp on Samsung smartphones

    You are now ready to download WhatsApp on Samsung. Then start the Google Play Store (the shopping bag icon with the ▶ ︎ symbol in the center), presses the icon of magnifying glass located at the top right and search for WhatsApp.

    Then wait for the search results to appear, select the icon  WhatsApp Messenger (the green balloon with the white handset inside) and presses on the buttons Install e Accept to download / install the application on your smartphone. The operation is totally free.

    Alternatively, if you find it more convenient, you can connect to the Play Store page dedicated to WhatsApp from your computer and transfer the application to your smartphone by clicking on the button Install twice in a row (you must be connected to your Google account). The app will be automatically downloaded to your phone as soon as it is connected to the Internet.

    Initial setup of WhatsApp

    When the download is complete, start WhatsApp, press the button Accetta and continue and follow the registration procedure for the service. The procedure is completely free and does not require complicated steps: all you have to do is type in your phone number, wait for the confirmation code that will be sent to you via SMS and complete the configuration of your account by entering a name and a profile photo.

    Going into more detail, the first step you need to take is to type in yours cellphone number in the appropriate text field and first press on NEXT and then OK to confirm. After that you have to wait for the arrival of a code of confirmation that will arrive to you via SMS. In some cases the verification takes place automatically and you just have to wait a few seconds, in others you have to manually type the code received via SMS in the screen that opens.

    Upon verification, if there are gods WhatsApp backup present on the cloud or on the smartphone memory, the application will ask you if you want to restore them or if you want to move on. Finally you will be invited to type the name to use on WhatsApp and to choose the photo to use as a profile photo.

    How to use WhatsApp

    Mission accomplished! Now you are officially a WhatsApp user and you can start chatting immediately with your friends by simply selecting their names from the section Contacts of the app. You can find the names of your friends who use WhatsApp ready in the app as they are automatically imported from the phone book.

    The operation of the application is so intuitive that I don't think there is a need for too many explanations: by pressing on the name of a contact you can start a text conversation with him. The buttons of the handset and clip which are located at the top right are used, respectively, to initiate voice and video calls and to share multimedia content with your interlocutor: photos, videos, contacts and so on.

    If you need more information on how WhatsApp works and how to exchange free messages with your friends, read my guide on the subject in which I explained how to take the first steps in this famous app.

    Restore WhatsApp backups

    If you purchased a Samsung smartphone after using another Android smartphone, you can restore WhatsApp chats and import them from your old device by following one of the procedures listed below.

    • If your old smartphone was associated with a Google account and you had the backup function on Google Drive active on WhatsApp, all you have to do is associate your Samsung smartphone to the same Google account as the old device.
    • If you did not have the Google Drive backup function enabled on your old smartphone, you need to recover the file msgstore.db.crypt12 from the HomeWhatsAppDatabases folder and transfer it to the Samsung smartphone.

    In both cases, to restore WhatsApp conversations you have to install the application from scratch and you have to use the same phone number you had on the old phone. For more details read my tutorial on how to recover Android WhatsApp conversations.

    How to install WhatsApp on Samsung tablets

    WhatsApp is designed to work on smartphones and computers (via the WhatsApp Web service and the official client for Windows and Mac that I told you about in my tutorial on how to use WhatsApp on a PC), but in reality there is also a way to make it work on tablets.

    If you have a Samsung tablet and you want to install WhatsApp on it, you must follow a different procedure depending on the characteristics of the device: if the tablet in your possession is equipped with telephone functions, you can install WhatsApp following the same procedure as previously seen for smartphones, you will use the number of the SIM installed in the device to activate your account. If, on the other hand, you have a tablet without telephone network support, you must activate WhatsApp using the number of a mobile phone on which the application is not installed and on which you will not install it in the future (as WhatsApp allows you to use only one device per number, so by installing the application on the tablet you will lose the ability to use it on the phone and vice versa). For more information on this procedure, read my tutorial on how to install WhatsApp on tablets.

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