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    How to enter the modem Alice

    How to access Alice's modem

    Regardless of the type of router used, you can find out easily how to enter Alice's modem by going to the menu Home and starting the Command Prompt (you find it in the folder All Programs> Accessories). In the window that opens, type the command ipconfig / all and press the Enter key on your PC keyboard to get a complete report on the status of the Network on your computer. In the report you will find several items, including Default gateway, which is the control panel address of Alice's router.

    Alternatively, if the Command Prompt seems too difficult to use, you can find out the IP address of your modem in another way: click the button Home (l'icona della bandierina collocata nell'angolo in basso a sinistra dello schermo), close Panel of control in the menu that appears on the screen and starts the Windows Classic Control Panel by selecting the first occurrence from the search results.

    At this point, go on Rete and Internet, Then network and sharing center, select the name of the connection in use (eg. EthernetWi-Fi) and click on the button Details: the IP address of your modem is the one located next to the item IPv4 default gateway.

    In most cases, the modem / router address is or, but it all depends on your network configuration and the type of device you are using.

    If you are using a Mac, to find out the IP address of your router you have to click on the icon network located at the top right of the menu bar (the Wi-Fi cleats) and select the item Open network preferences give the menu to compare.

    In the window that opens, select the connection in use (eg. Wi-Fi) and click on your button Advanced located at the bottom right, then select the tab TCP / IP and you will find Alice's modem address next to the wording Router.

    Now you just have to start your favorite web browser (eg. ChromeInternet Explorer Safari) and connect to the numeric address you got from the ipconfig command or from the OS X preferences. the password field is white and access the device management panel by pressing the button first Log in and then Continue. Alternatively, try the combination admin / admin or admin / password.

    If someone has changed the modem's default password and you can't log in, reset the device by pressing and holding the touch black which is on its back (just as I explained to you in my tutorial on how to reset Alice's modem) and try to log in again leaving the password field blank.

    Please note: in the unfortunate that you are unable to access your router's administration panel, try turning off the Wi-Fi on your computer and connect the PC to Alice's modem using an Ethernet cable. So repeat all the steps that I showed you previously and you should be able to enter the device configuration menu.

    How to configure the Alice modem

    Now you have found out how to enter the modem Alice and you are in front of the control panel of the router. So let's see how to perform the most common operations within the latter.

    Open Alice's modem ports

    To open the ports used by uTorrent, eMule and other P2P programs to receive incoming connections, select the item Port mapping which is located in the right sidebar and fill out the form that for creating Custom Virtual Servers.

    In the field Internal door e External door you must indicate the number of the door you want to open in the drop-down menu Door type you must specify if the door to open is of type TCPUDPwhile in the fields Your name Destination there are, respectively, the name to assign to the rule (you can choose any one, eg "uTorrent" or "eMule") and the local IP address of your computer. To find the IP address of your computer follow the instructions I gave you in my tutorial on how to view the IP address, instead to find out the ports used by your P2P software read my guides on how to open uTorrent ports and how to open the ports of eMule.

    Finally, click on the buttons  Activate e NEXT and your settings should take effect immediately.

    Change Alice's modem password

    To increase the security of your modem and your wireless network, it is essential to change the device access password and the security key of the Wi-Fi network.

    To change Alice's modem access password, select the item Log in from the right sidebar, put the check mark next to the item  Activate and type the password you want to use to enter the device administration panel in the fields Set password Repeat the password. Finally click on the button Save And I modified it immediately.

    To change the Wi-Fi passkey, select the item instead Wi-Fi from the left sidebar, go to the bottom of the page that opens and press the button Configure Wi-Fi Network. On the page that opens, select the option WPA-PSK AES 256 bit from the drop-down menu for choosing the encryption mode (as this is the safest encryption mode currently available), type the encryption key you want to use to protect your Wi-Fi network in the appropriate text field (I suggest you set one of at least 24-32 characters) and presses the buttons Save e NEXT to save the settings.

    On some newer modems, such as theADSL2 + Wi-Fi N DA2210, the menu structure is slightly different and therefore to change the password to access the device you have to follow a slightly different path. To be more precise, to change your router login password you have to go to Basic Settings> Local Access> Configure Local Access, then you have to click on the item  Activate and you have to type the password you want to use to protect access to the device in the two appropriate text fields.

    To change the password of the wireless network, you need to click on instead Basic Settings and then Wi-Fi in the left sidebar. After that you have to go up Main Wi-Fi, you need to select the tab Configure Wi-Fi and fill in the form that is proposed to you.

    From the same menus you can also change the radio channel used by the modem / router to transmit the Wi-Fi signal, which is very useful if you have problems with receiving the Wi-Fi signal. For more information read my tutorials on how to change Alice password and how to configure Alice router where you will find all the details on how to configure TIM / Telecom modems.

    For more information…

    As you can see, everything is very easy and intuitive even for those who do not have excessive confidence with wireless routers. In any case, know that you can consult the instruction manual of your router by connecting to the TIM / Telecom città website and selecting the device name from the left menu.

    How to enter the modem Alice

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