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    How to enter the modem page


    • Preliminary operation
    • Enter the modem page
      • Find the IP address
      • Find username and password
      • Change the settings
    • What to do in case of problems

    Preliminary operation

    Before explaining how to proceed in order to access the modem configuration page, it seems only right to provide you with some tips, in some ways trivial but often overlooked, which can allow you to save a lot of time and unnecessary headaches.

    To begin with, I suggest you get your computer, Windows or Mac, and do everything from there. The reason is very simple: having a computer available and therefore also a keyboard as well as a sufficiently large screen, you will be able to better juggle the various commands and options on the modem page. Clearly, it is possible to do everything even from smartphones and tablets but the thing becomes decidedly less practical and extremely cumbersome. The explanations I am going to give you therefore start from the assumption that you are using a computer, if instead you were using a mobile device remember to replace the "clicks" for the "taps" and to skip all the steps related to cabling via Ethernet (as a smartphone and tablets only support WiFi networks).

    Obviously, in order to access the modem page, it is essential that you have connected it to the electrical socket as well as to the telephone socket. More precisely, you must have entered the telephone cable into the wall socket and into the appropriate modem input and on the latter the special indicator light must have turned on corresponding to the icon of thesupply (usually it is colored green o yellow). Then make sure that the Ethernet cable is inserted in one of the numbered doors the modem as well as the port LAN from your computer.

    If you intend to use the modem even or only with a computer connected to the wireless network, you simply need to check that the relative light on the modem (usually it is the one with the written Wi-Fi or with the symbol of wireless networks) is lit and that your computer has theWi-Fi connection icon (Quella with him cleats) at thesystem clock (on Windows you find it at the bottom right by default, while on Mac it is present at the top right, always by default).

    If no Wi-Fi network is enabled on your modem, you can do so by pressing the appropriate button on the device. If there is no Wi-Fi button on your modem (and assuming it supports wireless networks, otherwise I'm sorry to tell you but these explanations won't help you at all) configure and manage the device via cable. Once you have accessed the modem management page, you can enable the li function and put the Ethernet cable aside.

    Enter the modem page

    After having carried out the preliminary operations mentioned above or in any case after having verified that you have already done everything, you can finally go to the real action: enter the modem configuration page. For convenience I have divided the execution of this operation into two different steps plus one in which I proceeded to indicate which actions can be performed later. Find everything explained below.

    Find the IP address

    The first fundamental step you must take in order to access the modem page is to find theIP address of the device. It is a set of numbers that identify the device on the network and that, if typed in the address bar, can, in fact, allow you to access the modem management page.

    So, open your browser (eg. Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge o Safari), try to connect to one of the following IP addresses by typing them in the bar at the top of the browser window and pressing the button Submit on the keyboard


    In the event that the page for accessing the modem should be unreachable, most likely the IP address you are using is not the right one. Try to find the correct address from Windows or Mac by following the steps below.

    • On Windows - Call back the Command Prompt typing Win + R on your PC keyboard and type cmd in the panel Esegui .... Give the command ipconfig and press the button Submit on the keyboard. You will find the IP address of the modem next to the entry Default gateway
    • Your mac - Open the terminal (you can find it in the folder Other Launchpad), enter the command netstat -nr | grep default and press the button Submit on the keyboard. You will find the IP address of the modem next to the second word default.

    In addition to this, as I have just indicated, you can find the right IP address by taking a look at thelabel stuck on the back of the modem or under the device. You can also consult the User Manual of the modem, you should find a special section there.

    Find username and password

    Once you have identified the correct IP through which you can access the modem page and once you have typed it in the address bar of the browser, you will most likely see a window appear in which you will have to type username and password to access the device management panel.

    In most cases the data to use is admin / admin o admin / password. If they are not correct you should find them indicated, even in this case, on the label attached to the side or under the modem or in the user manual of the latter.

    Change the settings

    Now that you have finally come out to enter the modem page you can intervene as you see fit (albeit with due care!) On the various parameters and settings available. Unfortunately I will not be able to be extremely specific about it because although all modems have the same functioning for good or bad, they can still differ from each other for this or that function. For my part, I will still try to help you as much as possible but in case my indications prove to be inaccurate you will have to rely even a little on your intuition and your common sense.

    For further support you can also consult my thematic guides that I have published in the past here on my site and which you can find listed below.

    • How to configure D-Link modems
    • How will I configure Netgear router
    • How to configure TP-Link modem
    • How to configure Fastweb router
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    In general, you can change the default password used to access the device configuration page by going to the section Administration o Safety, while accessing the section Firewall o Virtual Server you can find commands to open ports for eMule, uTorrent and other software. Instead, by accessing the section usually named wireless you can set everything concerning Wi-Fi connections (and therefore also enable their use as I had anticipated at the beginning of the article). In this regard, I suggest you read my tutorial on how to open the router ports through which I proceeded to talk to you in detail on the matter.

    After making all the various and possible changes, remember to click on the button Save o Save Changes to save all changes. Once this is done the modem may restart. In that case don't worry, that's normal and everything will work fine afterwards.

    What to do in case of problems

    Despite having followed my instructions, have you still not managed to enter the modem page? Then do this: try to consult the appropriate section of support and assistance attached to the website of the manufacturer of your device. You will find there all the manuals of all the modems sold and you will receive further information regarding their use.

    If this can be useful to you, below you will find the list of all the main modem manufacturers currently present on the market and the relative link to the Internet page for support and assistance.

    • Asus
    • D-Link
    • FRITZ! Box
    • Linksys
    • Netgear
    • Sitecom
    • TP-LINK

    If, on the other hand, you are having problems because you have changed the combination of username and password to be used in order to access the configuration page of the modem but you cannot remember the new data chosen, I am sorry to tell you but the only thing you can do is that to carry out the reset of the device by restoring it to factory conditions. By resetting the modem, the default combination of username and password is restored (as well as all the settings saved on the device) and consequently it becomes possible to access the administration panel using the default data.

    In most cases, to reset the modem it is sufficient to take a toothpick (or any other thin and sufficiently sharp object) and press the reset button, the small and colored one black placed on the back of the device, for about ten seconds. Subsequently all the lights on the modem will begin to flash and then they will turn off and on again stabilizing and you can finally start configuring and reusing the modem as I explained at the beginning of the guide. It sounds difficult but it really isn't.

    How to enter the modem page

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