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    How to find a mobile number

    Preliminary information

    Before going into the heart of the article, it seems only right to provide you with some preliminary information about the use of solutions for find a mobile number indicated below.

    First of all, as I have already anticipated a few lines above, since public lists with mobile numbers are not available, it may not be easy (and sometimes not even feasible) to identify the owners of the latter.

    Furthermore, some of the services listed below, in order to work, may require access to your address book or, in any case, to some of your personal information: before using them, think about the possible implications regarding your privacy and carefully consult the relative conditions of 'use. Having clarified these aspects, I would say that now we can really start!

    How to know who a mobile number belongs to

    Let's go straight to the point and see how to find a free mobile number taking advantage of some useful solutions for the purpose. Try them all, until you can find useful information about the number you are interested in.


    The first solution I want to offer you is tellows, a collaborative online service that allows you to know who a mobile number belongs to by exploiting the reports and feedback of other users.

    To use Tellows, connect to the main page of the service and enter the number you would like to know more about in the text field enter the number, which is located at the top right. Next, click on the blue button search.

    Once this is done, if information is available on the number you entered, you will be shown all the comments and details of the case, entered by the users of the site; otherwise no information will be available.

    Should I Answer

    Another useful service for this purpose is Should I Answer?, in cittàn Who's calling?. If you do not know it, it is a famous portal that bases its operation on user feedback, who help to feed the database containing the holders of mobile and fixed telephone numbers (mostly regarding call centers, telemarketers and other "known annoyances"). It works for free, without registration and without requiring access to any personal data.

    How to use? First go to its home page, write the number to search for and click on the button Wheel. If the numbering you searched for is included in the service database, you will be able to see the name of the holder and the comments made by users in the new page that has opened.

    I point out that "Who is calling?" It is also available as an app for Android and iOS: by downloading it, in addition to identifying the numbers of known annoyers, you can even activate the function that allows you to block calls from them. I have shown you well how it works in this other guide.


    Un'altra soluzione che puoi prendere in considerazione è Truecaller. This is a service linked to a very famous app to block calls from known annoyances on Android and iPhone. It allows you to identify phone numbers by drawing on a proprietary database consisting of the numbers of users who have installed the application on their device and a database of known numbers referring to call centers and other annoyances.

    Since it requires the publication of its number in its database, take this into account if you decide to use the application or service in question. That said, to take advantage of the Web version of Truecaller, go to its main page, select the country code corrected from the menu on the left (in the case of the city it is prefix) and write the number of your interest in the text field Search phone number, placed at the top.

    At this point, press Submit on the keyboard (or click on the magnifying glass on the right) and access the service using theGoogle account or that one Microsoft and wait for the search result. If the number you are looking for is included in the huge Truecaller database, you will see the card containing all the relevant information.

    If you want to use Truecaller directly on your mobile device, through the official app of the service, follow the instructions you find in this other guide.

    Google Phone app

    If you have a smartphone Android, know that theGoogle's Phone app can help you find mobile numbers. In fact, based on the vast database of Google, the app in question allows you to obtain information about the numbers of incoming calls, as long as the Internet connection is active and the caller identification function is active.

    To make sure of this last aspect, open the app Telephone (l'icona della handset placed on the home screen or in the drawer), tap the icon of three vertical dots at the top right and select the wording Settings from the opened menu. Now, select the item Caller ID and spam and (if necessary) move up ON the lever located next to the wording View caller ID and spam.

    If you want, you can also block unwanted calls in the bud by swiping up ON also the lever located in correspondence with the wording Spam filter for calls. Facile, see?


    A trick you can take to try to figure out who is behind a mobile number is to add it to your contacts WhatsApp. If the number is associated with a WhatsApp account and the profile photo of the latter is visible to everyone, you can in fact try to steal some useful information from the latter.

    To proceed, therefore, add the number to your device's address book: to do this, just open the app Address book o Contacts and press the button relating toadding a new contact (usually this is the symbol capacitor positive (+) lead, located at the bottom right of Android top right up iPhone). More info here.

    Once you have saved the contact in question, open WhatsApp and, if you are acting from a device Android, update the contact list by clicking on the icon speech bubble, then on the symbol of three vertical dots at the top right and then tap on the wording Update.

    After that, click on the icon comic, in order to start a new chat, search for the contact you added and, if this is available on WhatsApp, tap his profilo's photo. If you are lucky, you may see the user's nickname and / or you may see some details from their profile photo to help you understand who they are.

    As I said earlier, this may not always be feasible: it depends on the privacy settings that the owner of the number in question has adopted on WhatsApp.

    How to find a mobile number by name

    Let's see now how to find a mobile number by name, taking advantage of some solutions suitable for this purpose.

    Yellow Pages

    If you need to find the telephone number of a professional, such as a plumber, you can easily rely on the website of the Yellow Pages, which also includes mobile numbers (as well as landline contacts) for companies and professionals who request them.

    Explaining how to use it is almost superfluous. All you have to do to find a mobile number is in fact connect to the home page of the service, click on the tab name, type the name of a company, business or category in the search bar located in the center and click on the button search.

    If you want to perform a reverse search, ie if you want to go back from the number to the holder, click on the tab telephone number, type the telephone number you want to use for the search in the appropriate text field and press the button search. Otherwise you can select the tab address and find all the shops, offices and public places that are located in a specific area.

    If you want to use the service offered by Pagine Gialle also from mobile, you can install the official app of the service, which is available for Android and iOS.

    Other solutions to find a mobile number by name

    There are other solutions for find a mobile number by name. I'll list them below: see if they can be right for you.

    • Google - to search for a mobile number on the famous search engine, go to its main page, write the number of your interest in the search field in the center of the page (I suggest you write it in quotation marks) and give it Submit on the keyboard or click on the button Search with Google visible on the screen. At this point you should see a whole series of search results referring to the mobile number you want to get more information about. Press, therefore, on the search result that you think may be more relevant to what you want to know to obtain further details regarding the numbering to be searched. In the unfortunate event that no search results are available for the number you entered, please note that most likely this is a private user for which it is not possible to find out more, sorry. More info here.
    • Facebook - if you want to know how to find a mobile number on Facebook, be aware that it is not possible to perform a direct search. However, what I recommend that you do is go to the profile of the user you are interested in and see if they have left their contact details as public data in their profile information.
    • Instagram - if you want to know how to find a mobile number from instagram, what has already been said for Facebook is valid: also in this case it is not possible to search directly for a mobile number, since it is a sensitive data. Anyway, try to go to the profile of the user you are interested in and see if he has made his contact details available in the profile bio.

    How to find an unknown mobile number

    Instead of finding a mobile number, you care find out who is calling you anonymously? No problem: by signing up for Whooming you can use the call forwarding technique to find out who is really hiding behind a "private number" or "unknown number" who contacts you on your mobile phone (or even at home).

    The service is free in its basic version (which obscures the last digits of the numbers), otherwise it costs 12,99 euros for 3 months or more, and is extremely simple to use. If you want to know more, check out my tutorial on how to find out about anonymous calls.

    How to find a deleted mobile number

    Would you find a deleted mobile number? If so, you may be able to succeed by running the restore Gmail or iCloud address books, based on the device in your possession.

    Since your contacts are saved by default in the cloud, you can take advantage of the features of automatic backup present on Gmail and iCloud and, in this way, return the address book to an earlier date, therefore to before the time when the number of your interest was deleted (presumably by mistake).

    For more information on how to recover deleted phone numbers, I refer you to the guide that I have dedicated entirely to the topic.

    How to find a lost mobile number

    You would like to know how to find a lost mobile number? If it is your mobile number, if you have difficulty remembering it, you can access this data from the device settings, from the documentation that was provided to you when you purchased the SIM, etc.

    If you have lost the number of other people, however, you can try to find it through some of the solutions I have already mentioned in the previous chapters, such as PagineGialle and the Gmail and iCloud address book reset functions.

    For more information on how to see your phone number and how to recover deleted phone numbers, read the tutorials dedicated to this topic.

    How to find a mobile number

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