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    How to find a person with their mobile number


    One of the best tools you can use for find a person with their mobile number è TrueCaller. This free service allows you to trace the identity of a given number thanks to a constantly updated database which, at the time of writing, contains over 3 billion telephone numbers. This database is created and updated thanks to the TreuCaller app for smartphones, which, in exchange for a free registration and the publication of your number in the public list of the service, allows you to have protection against call centers and calls from other known annoyances: I told you about this in more detail in my tutorial on call blocking apps.

    So far all clear? Well, then let's take action. To use TrueCaller, linked to the home page of the service, enter in the field Search a phone number the numbering of which you would like to know the origin and click on theicon of the lens of ingrandimento or press the button Submit on the keyboard to start the actual search. In the box that opens, log in to the service by logging in with yours Google account o Microsoft and follow the instructions on the screen to continue.

    After registering, if the number you are looking for is present in the TrueCaller database, you will be shown a summary card containing all the information available regarding the latter: name, mobile number and country of residence. If not, you'll see the message “[numero]” is not yet available.

    TrueCaller per smartphone

    As mentioned above, TrueCaller can also be used on mobile devices by installing the app available for Android and iOS. In this case, you can use this service both to search for the origin of a certain number and to block spam calls from call centers, telemarketers and other serial jammers.

    If you want to know in detail how to block spam calls with TrueCaller, I invite you to read the in-depth analysis I have published on this subject. If, on the other hand, you simply want to know how to search for a number with the TrueCaller app, start the latter, press the green button Start and allow the app to access contacts, calls and SMS by pressing the appropriate button. Then enter your mobile number in the form Enter your number ... and finally, tap on the option Continue.

    Now wait for the call from a bot and continue with the registration of your account by typing your name and surname and authenticating through your email address or, alternatively, through your account Google. As soon as you have logged into the service, go to the tab Search of TrueCaller, type in the search bar the mobile number you want to know the holder and press the icon of the magnifying glass to start the search.

    If the number you are looking for is in the TrueCaller database, you will be able to view the details relating to the latter: name, number, country of origin, etc. TrueCaller also allows you to search for a person's phone number by typing their name in the field Search. To access this function, however, it is necessary to subscribe to the Pro version of the service which costs 2,49 euros / month.


    Another useful tool I recommend you try is Dive3000, a free solution that provides users with a sort of telephone directory of mobile numbers that can be consulted upon free registration. Its operation is quite simple: you register, you consent to the publication of your mobile number in the public list and you have access to the numbers of other users who have registered on the site (it is a sort of exchange to access the numbers of the others, just to be clear).

    To use Dive3000, connected to its main page, click on the option SUBSCRIBE located under the heading Mobile Phone Directory and, on the page that opens, fill out the form that is shown to you by entering yours email address, your username and the relative Password. Then re-type the password you created in the field reType password, put the check mark next to the box next to the item I'm not a robot and click on the orange button Submit which is located at the bottom of the module.

    At this point you should see a green writing containing the following message: Check your email to complete the registration. Therefore access your e-mail box and click on confirmation link which is contained in the email sent to you by the Dive300 team to complete the registration procedure.

    As soon as you have completed the registration to Dive3000, log in by entering the e-mail address and password you used to register in the appropriate fields and click on the button Log in. Before searching for a mobile number contained in the Dive3000 telephone directory, however, it is necessary to register your data by entering your own data in the appropriate fields. name, last name, cellphone number, etc. Before doing this, I advise you to carefully read the privacy policy that you find on the site and, if everything is clear to you, to register your data on Dive3000.

    After completing this last step, you can finally try to search for the number using the appropriate form (by typing the telephone number you would like to know the holder of) and pressing the key Submit keyboard. If you were lucky and found the number in question, click on the result that was found to get more details about the identity of the person it belongs to.

    Another suitable service is In addition to being usable as an online service, is also available as an app for Android and iOS. Since it allows you to easily identify any public information that is related to fixed and mobile telephone numbers, I would say to see immediately how it works.

    To use it, go to its main page, click on the icon pennant located on the left and, in the menu that opens, select the international prefix you prefer to set for the search (eg prefix). Then, write the number of your interest in the appropriate text field and click on the button Search.

    Now, on the page that opens, complete the security check by placing a check mark on the item I'm not a robot and then check for useful information to get some more information about the numbering sought.


    Another useful tool that could help you find a person with their mobile number is tellows, a collaborative online service that can be used without registering. Tellows allows you to identify above all telephone numbers from call centers, telemarketers and other well-known players in the field of telephone spam thanks to user comments.

    To use Tellows, connected to the home page of the service, type in the field enter your number the numbering on which you would like more information and click on the button search. When typing the number, remember not to insert blank spaces or you risk making the search ineffective.

    If you are lucky and you have found the number you are looking for, you will see some information about it and the comments made by other users who, like you, have been contacted by the number you found. If, on the other hand, the search was not successful and did not produce any results, you can still give your contribution to the Tellows community by leaving a textual comment or by giving a numerical vote to the number that contacted you: from 1 (very serious) a 9 (dangerous). To submit your vote click on the green button Vote the number.

    White pages

    If you suspect that the number you are looking for may come from a landline number or from a professional, I recommend that you use White pages. No, I am not advising you to browse the paper book of the same name, but to use the online service that allows you to access a telephone directory in just a few clicks that includes the mobile numbers of professionals and companies, as well as the landline numbers of individuals.

    To use PagineBianche, access the main page of the service, select the tab telephone number, type the number you want to search for in the field Telephone number and start the number search by clicking the button search. Easy, right? But that's not all!

    PagineBianche also allows you to find a number starting from the name. To do this, select the tab name and enter, in the field where the wording is present Name, Surname or Company name, the name of a professional or profession (eg Dr. Rossi). Then type in the field where the wording is present Location, address, the place where the professional you are looking for is located and start the search by clicking on the button search.

    To carry out a search starting from an address, instead, click on the button address and, on the page that opens, type the address you are looking for in the field place, address, house number and start the search by clicking on the button search.

    PagineBianche for smartphones

    You can also access the White Pages service from your smartphone or tablet by installing theWhite Pages app available for Android and iOS devices.

    After downloading it to your device, launch it, enter in the field Telephone (l'icona della handset) the number you are looking for and confirm by pressing onicon of the lens of ingrandimento. By tapping onicona dell'omino, on the other hand, you can search by name, while pressing on theearth globe or placeholder icon you can search by location.


    Have you tried all the services I have listed so far but you have not yet been able to trace the identity of the person to whom the number you searched for belongs? Your "last resort" is Google, the most used search engine on the planet. You probably already know this service extensively, but still allow me to briefly explain how it works in this context.

    To search for a number on Google, connect to its home page and type in the search bar the number you would like to know the origin of. Then click on the button Search with Google or, alternatively, press the button Submit of the keyboard.

    On the page that opens, you may see some results that correspond to the number you searched for: click on the one that you think can give you some useful information. Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee you 100% that you will be able to trace the owner of the number, since it could be a private user, but as they say in these cases… trying doesn't hurt.

    If you want to have some more “tips” on how to search on Google and on how Google search works, the guides that I have linked to you will be useful to deepen the subject.


    By chance you received some anonymous calls on your mobile phone and now would you like to find out who is behind the words "private" or "unknown"? If that is the case, the services I have told you about so far are of little use in your specific case. However, do not worry, even in this circumstance it is possible to trace the person who made the anonymous call. How? By using Whooming, a service which, using the call forwarding technique, reveals to the user the private or unknown number from which the call comes.

    This service is basic free and can be used with any carrier. To know the exact identity of the unknown number from which the call comes, however, it is necessary to subscribe to a subscription, which starts at € 12,99 for 3 months.

    If I have intrigued you and now you would like to have more information about Whooming and how it works, read the guide in which I explain how to identify an anonymous number that I have specially prepared for you. I am sure you will find this reading very useful.

    How to find a person with their mobile number

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