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    How to find undated cheap flights

    Skyscanner (Online/Android/iOS)

    The first solution that I recommend you to try for find undated cheap flights è Skyscanner: it is a very famous online service (also available in the form of an app for Android and iOS) thanks to which it is possible to find low cost flights to the most famous locations in the world. It integrates a convenient function that allows you to choose the reference period of your trip, without necessarily having to specify the exact date of departure and return: in this way it is possible to identify the day when the ticket costs less and save money.

    To search for cheap flights with Skyscanner, first connect to its home page and fill out the form you see on the screen. Therefore, indicate the location from which you intend to leave in the text field located under the heading Da; then indicate the destination you want to reach in the text field located under the heading A, while for the round trip date, open the menu Departure, select the scheda The whole month and presses the button The cheapest month to automatically select the month that offers the most savings or, if you already have in mind the period in which to leave (but not the exact date), click on one of the months listed (eg. August 20xx; September 20xx, Etc.).

    Now repeat the operation for the menu as well Return, choose whether to include in the search nearby airports, only direct flights class where you want to travel and the number of travelers (through the appropriate options you see in the form) and then presses the button Search flights.

    On the page that opens, identify the days of departure and return on which the ticket costs less (prices are marked in green), select them and then press the button Show flights. As soon as you find the flight you are interested in, press the button first Guarda, Then NEXT and finally on the button Visit website located at your favorite airline: you will be redirected to the website of the chosen airline and there you can complete the purchase of the ticket. Easier than that ?!

    Kayaking (Online/Android/iOS/Windows)

    Another service that can come in handy to easily search for undated cheap flights is Kayak: This site, also available as an app for Android, iOS and Windows 10 Mobile, integrates the functionality Explore which allows you to organize trips by choosing dates and destinations "at random".

    I guarantee you that thanks to its “clean” and well organized interface, looking for low cost flights with Kayak is very simple. To begin with, connect to this Web page and indicate the airport from which to depart by typing its name in the text field located under the heading Your airport (top left). To select the arrival airport, instead, move on the map and click on the corresponding placeholder on which the price quoted by Kayak is also indicated (if you want to set a budget, use the adjustment bar located at the top, immediately below the symbol ).

    As for the dates, however, expand the menu Date and click the buttons located under the heading When do you want to travel? to indicate the period in which you plan to leave (eg. Any, Estate 20xx, winter 20xx, etc.) and under the heading How long will the trip take? to indicate the total duration of the holiday (eg. Any duration, 2 days, Saturday to Saturday, Etc.).

    After defining the details of the trip (date separately), press the orange button Find flights located on the right, find the offer that seems to you best suited to your needs on the page that opens (perhaps by filtering the results from the menu located on the left) and presses the buttons See offer e Book now to view the details of the offer and book the flight from the website of the company that formulated it.

    Google Loves (Online)

    Google Loves is another very useful resource for finding cheap flights, as it integrates a convenient notification function, which allows you to periodically receive alerts on the price changes of your favorite routes: ideal for those who want to leave for a specific destination without breaking the budget at your disposal and without having to choose an exact date. Unlike the services I have listed in the previous lines, however, it does not allow you not to choose the departure date, which must still be entered (even if "fictitious").

    To find cheap flights with Google Flights, you need to connect to this page and log into your Google account. Then click on the item Log in located at the top right, select the Google account with which you want to log in, type the password in the appropriate text field and press the blue button Log in per portare to finish l'operazione.

    After logging into your Google account, type your departure city in the text field Where do you want to start from? and enter the goal you want to reach in the text field Where do you want to go?. Then indicate the return dates (as I told you, please enter some fictitious dates, since completing this step is necessary to activate the price alerts function), the number of passengers class and presses the red button Search.

    On the page that opens, locate the box Monitor prices (it is found immediately after the list of flights corresponding to the search you have made) and move to ON the switch lever: as I said earlier, thanks to this function, you will be able to receive alerts on flight prices via email and also any suggestions for your travels. As soon as you are notified of an offer that you consider interesting, you will be able to seize it on the fly, therefore not subject to the (fictitious) dates entered in the search.

    Other solutions to find cheap flights

    There are many other solutions to find cheap flights that deserve to be taken into consideration. The ones I will list below are as valid as the ones I told you about in the first part of the tutorial: I am only mentioning them now because, unfortunately, they do not allow you to search for cheap flights without setting exact dates. However, I advise you to keep them in mind.

    • Momondo (Online / Android / iOS) - the simple and intuitive interface that features both the web version and the mobile version of Momondo, make this platform one of the best for organizing travel. It allows you to find offers regarding the booking of flights, accommodation and car rental in a matter of minutes.
    • Bravofly (Online / Android / iOS) - this service allows you to search for cheap flights by personalizing your searches to the maximum: you can set numerous filters and options that allow you to identify the best offers from over 400 different airlines.
    • Opodo (Online / Android / iOS) - this is a less "noble" website than the ones I listed in the previous lines, but it is equally valid for searching for low cost flights by comparing offers from various airlines.
    How to find undated cheap flights

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