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Hide WhatsApp chat on Android

If you use a smartphone Android and you want hide WhatsApp chats found on the home screen of the app, start the app by pressing the icon you find in Home Screen or in drawer (the section with the list of all installed apps) of your device.

At this point, via the screen Chat, locate the conversation to archive (be it a single conversation or a group conversation), keep your finger pressed on it and press the button with the symbol (...), located at the top right. To finish, click on the item Archive chat you see in the context menu.

Archived conversations are not immediately visible on the main WhatsApp screen, but can be easily retrieved by acting on the tab Chat of the application: to do this, scroll the screen with the list of active chats to the bottom and press on the wording Archived chats you see below. At this point, to bring the archived chat back to the main screen of WhatsApp, keep your finger pressed on the name of the conversation to be restored, press the symbol again (...) you see in the upper right corner and, in the menu that opens, select the item Estrai chat dall'archivio.

Keep in mind, however, that archived chats can automatically return to the main WhatsApp screen if messages are received in them. To prevent this from happening, you could for example temporarily block people from the conversations you intend to archive (in this regard you can refer to the instructions in my tutorial on how to block a person on WhatsApp).

Alternatively, you could simply ask the people in the conversation not to text you on days or times you set.

Hide WhatsApp chat on iPhone

If you own a iPhone and you want hide WhatsApp chats using the special storage function included in the famous messaging app, tap on the card Chat. Once you have identified the conversation you want to hide, keep your finger pressed on it, swipe from left to right and, finally, press on the wording Archive.

Archived chats also disappear from the main WhatsApp menu on iOS, but can be easily recovered. You can do this via the tab Chat application: drag it down and press on the item Archived chats. Find, in this screen, the conversation you want to restore and, keeping your finger pressed on it, swipe from left to right, then tap on the item Extract.

Please note that archived chats will automatically return to the main WhatsApp screen if you receive a message within them. To prevent this from happening, even in this case you might consider temporarily blocking people belonging to archived conversations. To do this, I recommend that you refer to my tutorial on how to block a person on WhatsApp.

Other solutions to hide WhatsApp chat

If you prefer a more sophisticated security method, you can block access to the WhatsApp with the fingerprint sensor or facial recognition. To take advantage of this possibility, go to the menu Settings> Account> Privacy> Fingerprint Lock / Screen Lock of the app and activate the lever for the function Unlock with fingerprint / Request Face ID. If you don't see the option in question, make sure you have updated WhatsApp to the latest version available.

And if your device is not equipped with a fingerprint sensor or face unlock, you can adopt alternative solutions, such as apps to put a PIN to applications on Android and iOS restrictions (called Usage time): I'll talk about it below in detail.

App Lock (Android)

If you are using a smartphone Android, the method I recommend you use to hide WhatsApp chats concerns the use of the application Lock (App Lock). This is a free app that can be used to block access to some specific applications installed via the Play Store and that it does not require root permissions for its operation.

To use Lock (App Lock), download it from Play Store searching for it through the search engine and pressing the buttons Install e Accept. At the end of the download, start it by pressing the button apri, or tap on its icon on the home screen.

When the application is started, configure the security code with which you intend to block access to your apps: trace the unlock pattern twice in a row, also enter a email address e fai tap sul pulsating Save.

Once you see the main screen of the app, called Privacy, individual l'icona di WhatsApp in the list of apps installed on your smartphone, tap on the padlock placed next to the latter, and authorizes the application by pressing the button Consent.

On the next screen App with usage data access locate the icon App Lock, tap on it and move the lever up ON, in correspondence with the wording Allow usage data access, in order to finish the configuration and be able to block access to the app WhatsApp.

At this point, every time you start WhatsApp a screen will appear asking you to enter the previously entered unlock pattern to access the app.

If you change your mind, remove the block from the application WhatsApp starting AppLock, typing the unlock pattern and pressing the icon padlock located next to the icon WhatsApp.

Similar to the application App Lock there are also other tools, such as Norton App Lock, capable of performing similar tasks, allowing you to block access to specific applications. I told you about it in more detail in my guide dedicated to apps to block apps.

Usage time (iOS)

If you have updated your iPhone to iOS 12 or later, you can set a restriction on the use of the WhatsApp and thus prevent access, using the native functionality of parental control called Usage time.

To use it, first tap on the app Settings of iOS (the symbol ofgear found on the home screen), then tap on the item Usage time I awarded her Continue. Therefore, indicate whether it is the your iPhone or if it belongs to a child pressing on the respective items.

Assuming it's your device, first set up a code to prevent the application from WhatsApp can be started, the usage time has expired. To do this, click on the item Use time-of-use code and type the PIN to use.

Once the code has been set, press on the item that shows the usage time of the device in use then, on the next screen, locate the WhatsApp (it must have already been started previously), tap on it and, finally, press on the wording Aggiungi LIMITATION OF USE.

At this point, enter the previously set code and set a time of use through the relative menu. If necessary, also tap on the wording Customize days in order to set up a rule.

Also, make sure it's moved to ON the levetta Freeze when the limit runs out, so as to allow access to the app only after typing the code you set. To confirm the operation, tap on the item Add located in the upper right corner.

By doing this, the time set for using the application expires WhatsApp, this will no longer be accessible. Trying to open it, the wording will appear Time limit and, by pressing the button Ask for time, you will be asked to enter the previously set code.

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