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    How to recover files and photos from Android

    Do you want to recover files and photos from your Android smartphone? Here are the best free programs.

    Smartphones are now used very often to take pictures and store a lot of important data. As we have seen for Windows, there are several programs to recover deleted files, including for the Android OS. In particular on Google Play it is possible to download some free applications to restore photos and documents deleted by mistake.

    Among the many applications, you can use the software DiskDigger, available in both free and paid versions. If you only need to recover images and some video formats, the free version is more than enough for restore photos from your mobile. Otherwise, if you need to recover music files and other types of documents, you can purchase the paid Pro version.

    To download DiskDigger simply connect to this link and download it for free. Once the app is launched, it can be used in two ways. In the first mode, the root device.

    Rooting is a delicate operation that can be done on Android, and allows you to obtain the administrator rights of the smartphone, to access advanced system settings. Usually on major Android devices, this setting is disabled and can be unlocked with some rather laborious procedures, which in some cases can lead to the loss of the warranty.

    In any case, if you don't have root you can still use the program. Without root, DiskDigger just looks for deleted images available in cache and in low resolution miniature, performing a search only on the internal memory of the mobile phone. Basically you will be able to recover the photos in low quality.

    If you are rooted, the program shows you in detail all the partitions and memory areas of your smartphone, letting you choose where to search. In this case you can recover the photos in high quality.

    To speed up the search operation in unrooted mode, you can customize some parameters. For example, you can set the greatness image by specifying the minimum size in bytes, and setting an exact period in which to search. The search is therefore more precise and you can get the results you want in less time.

    Once the search is done, select the files you want recover from android mobile. The program allows you to save images on a cloud service, on an FTP server or in a specific folder on your smartphone, which you will have to choose manually. After the restoration is complete you will finally be able to see the recovered photos.

    As mentioned before, if you used the unrooted mode, the photo may be grainy and with low quality. If you want a more in-depth recovery with high quality images, you need to log in to root mode.

    DiskDigger is also available in the paid Pro version, which offers several more features. For example it allows you to recover not only photos, but also many other types of files such as songs and recordings, mp3, wav, amr, doc, xls, ppt, pdf, zip, rar and many other formats.


    Do you want to prevent the deletion of files on Android?

    If you want to avoid accidentally deleting photos, videos and documents, you can use another really simple and practical app. Is called dumpster and you can download it for free from this link. Once installed, you won't have to do anything, in fact it works silently.

    When you delete a file, Dumpster automatically moves it to some kind of temporary poster from which you can retrieve it in seconds. If you are sure of the deletion, you can simply permanently remove the file from Dumpster as well.

    This way you will always have the option to recover files from Android in a few clicks, without having to resort to other programs. This application is very useful for preventing any inadvertent deletion of data.


    Recover files from Android: conclusions

    If you have accidentally deleted a document from your Android smartphone or tablet, you can recover it using the software mentioned above. In some cases it can be a very simple operation to perform, but sometimes it is not as trivial and risky lose files definitely.

    See DiskDigger it wasn't enough to recover documents deleted by mistake, you can contact us for advice. We can recover files, photos and videos from any Android and Apple device, using the most advanced software and methodologies in the industry. Also if your device does not turn on, we can recover the data from the memory chip.

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