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    How to search for a phone number

    Search for a landline phone number

    White pages

    In a review of sites for search for a phone number certainly could not miss the White Pages site, the online transposition of the classic telephone directory through which it is possible to trace the telephone numbers of people and companies throughout the city.

    To use the White Pages site, all you have to do is connect to its main page, type the name of the person or company you want to search for in the field name, surname or company name, the city in which to search in the field location, address and click on the button Find.

    If you want, you can also do reverse searches to find the holder of a phone number. All you have to do is click on the tab search by number (above), type in the number you want to know the owner of and click on the button Find. Other services available on the site are those relating to useful numbers, to the list of international prefixes andsearch by address which allows you to search for people based on their residential address.

    White Pages is also available as an app for smartphones and tablets. You can install it for free on iPhone / iPad, Android devices and Windows Phone.

    Yellow Pages

    As easily understood, the second service I want to point out is that of the Yellow Pages, the digital transposition of the historical list with the telephone numbers of professionals and commercial activities.

    To use the online version of the Yellow Pages, connect to the home page of the site and type the name of acompany, A 'activity or a category in the appropriate text field, the city in which you want to delimit the search from the appropriate menu and click on the icon of magnifying glass.

    Alternatively, by clicking on the tab A number you can perform a reverse search (to go back from a number to the holder) while clicking on the card An address you can find all the businesses that are located in a certain area.

    Also noteworthy is the presence of some icons for quick access that allow you to find hotels, restaurants, dentists, thrift shops, pharmacies e gyms nearby.

    Pagine Gialle is also available as an app for Android, iOS and Windows Phone. It's completely free and comes with a bunch of cool features.


    Do you want search for a number international? In that case I recommend that you connect to, a Dutch website that provides links for white pages, yellow pages and public directories of all the major countries in the world. The site is in Dutch but can be easily used by anyone, just click on the links contained in the box of the country of your interest (eg Spanje for Spain) and that's it. Also in the left sidebar there is a handy menu of Google Translate which allows you to translate the page into various languages.

    Search for a mobile number

    As already mentioned at the beginning of the post, there is still no public list for mobile numbers, however there are some third-party services that allow - with a bit of luck - to discover the mobile numbers of private citizens and professionals. Here are some that may help you achieve your goal.

    •  TrueCaller - is an online service associated with a very famous smartphone app that blocks the numbers of known scammers and annoyances (e.g. call centers, vendors, etc.). All users of the application must accept that their number is published in a sort of public list, so using this list you can find the numbers and names of all TrueCaller users (which are very numerous). To view all the details of the users subscribed to the service, you must authenticate via an account Google o Microsoft. During the login phase, remember to remove the check mark from the item improve your results, otherwise you will feed all your contacts to TrueCaller. For more info about this service and the app connected to it, see my tutorial on how to block a number on Android.
    • Dive3000 - is another "private" directory that forces its users to publish their mobile numbers. It goes without saying that to use it you have to register, provide your mobile number and make it public. It's not the best when it comes to privacy, so I recommend using it only in desperate cases.
    • Google - no, I'm not crazy! As trivial as it may seem, sometimes it is possible to trace a person's mobile number simply by searching for it on Google. Especially professionals, in fact, publish their numbers on forums, social networks and personal blogs, allowing the public to easily find them. Trust me, it doesn't hurt to try!

    How to unmask annoyances and anonymous numbers

    To conclude, I want to point out some online services, very useful in my opinion, which allow you to unmask those who call anonymously and to discover the identity of the "nuisances" who call us every day from call centers scattered in every corner of the globe.

    If you are tired of receiving anonymous calls on your mobile or home phone, follow my tutorial on how to find out your private number and sign up for Whooming. This is a service that uses the call forwarding technique to reveal the identity of the caller by disguising their number. Using it, you can view the real number of whoever calls you anonymously simply by rejecting the call and then accessing your personal panel. The numbers, in the free version of the service, are obscured in the final part: to view them in clear text, it is necessary to subscribe to a paid plan equal to 12,20 euros for 3 months, 18,30 euros for 6 months or 24,40 euros for 1 years. For all the details, read the tutorial I just linked to.

    If, on the other hand, you continue to receive calls from call centers and vendors you don't trust much, connected to sites like Tellows, Who's Calling? and Who is calling me? that group user feedback in order to identify and "unmask" all the fraudulent call centers.

    If you want, you can also install an app on your smartphone and automatically reject all calls from so-called annoyances or anonymous numbers. What apps am I talking about? Read my tutorials on how to block a number on Android and how to block a mobile number on iPhone and you will find out!

    How to search for a phone number

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