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    How to talk to a girl on WhatsApp

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    How to add a girl on WhatsApp

    From the moment you wonder how to talk to a girl on WhatsApp, I must first explain how to add his contact on WhatsApp. You can do this by making use of your smartphone's address book or directly from the famous messaging application, which is available for Android (on the Play Store or alternative stores) and iPhone.

    To get started, therefore, start the WhatsApp, by pressing on its icon located on the home screen and / or in the drawer of your device. After that, if you use Android, select the scheda Chat e premi sull 'fumetto icon which you can see in the lower right corner. At this point, tap the button New contact and choose how to save the new contact: it will automatically be saved on the cloud account set up for the address book (eg. Google) and then the relative option will be available (eg. Save to Google); alternatively you can choose to save it on the SIM, by selecting the wording Save to SIM only.

    At this point, all you have to do is fill in the contact form, typing all the necessary information, such as name, last name e cellphone number and, if you like, other information, such as the birthday. Finally, to confirm the operation of adding the contact on WhatsApp and, consequently, to the address book of your device, press the button located in the upper right corner.

    Su iOS, the operations you need to perform to add a contact on WhatsApp are different. To start, then go to the main WhatsApp screen (the one called Chat) presses onpencil icon located in the upper right corner, then tap on the wording New contact and fill in all the contact information to add to the application (and, consequently, to your iPhone's address book).

    Then type the name and last name of the person you want to add and the cellphone number in the appropriate text field, then, to confirm the operation, press the button Save which you can see located in the upper right corner. Finally, after you will be shown the WhatsApp card of the newly added contact, click on the button Done.

    The contacts added by WhatsApp will be visible at any time in the section of Contacts of WhatsApp but also in the app Contacts, that is the default one of your Android smartphone or your iPhone. In case of doubts or problems, refer to my guide in which I will explain in more detail how to add a contact on WhatsApp.

    How to chat on WhatsApp

    Now that you've added the girl you're interested in on WhatsApp it's time to chat with us: in this regard, let's find out what are the main interaction tools made available by the famous instant messaging app owned by Facebook.

    To start a chat with the girl you just added in WhatsApp, first find her name on the screen Chat and tap on it to open the dedicated conversation. If not, press the button to start one new conversation and select yours nominative from the next screen.

    At this point, write a message in the text field located at the bottom and press onarrow icon, to send it. In addition, if you wish, you can also attach GIFs and stickers to the chat by clicking on the appropriate icons.

    WhatsAppit also allows you to send voice messages (the microphone icon), make voice calls (the handset icon) and video calls (the video camera icon). Both forms of calling can be made free of charge over the Internet.

    Other useful features related to instant messaging are the ability to send items such as photos and videos, which can be taken or recorded on the spot (thecamera icon). Alternatively, all the elements in the default gallery of your device can be shared in the chat by pressing onpaperclip icon on Android andicon (+) your iOS.

    How do you say? You would like to be able to send a document to a contact on WhatsApp? You can do this by taking advantage of the specific functionality. Furthermore, you will be interested to know that through the WhatsApp chat you can also share your location in real time.

    If you want to know more about the features of WhatsApp, refer to my tutorial in which I explain in more detail how the famous messaging app works.

    Tips on how to talk to a girl on WhatsApp

    At this point in the guide I guess you are wondering how to start talking to a girl on WhatsApp, as you would need some practical suggestions on how to converse with her in the right way and what topics to talk about.

    Well, whether your intent is to filter with her, in order to establish a romantic relationship, or to converse in a purely friendly way, take a look at the tips below: they will help you make a good first impression. .

    • Be polite and kind: The best way to make a good impression on a girl is to show that you are well-mannered and well-mannered. It is said, in fact, that the first impression matters a lot, so start to establish a relationship of friendship with her, expressing yourself with education and kindness.
    • Be original and genuine: Do you really like the girl you are chatting with and would you like to make her understand your interest in her? If so, try to filter with her in a genuine and sincere way, avoiding coaxing her. Also, if you want to get his attention, try to be as original as possible in your messages, avoiding clichés and flattery.
    • Don't be too hasty: did you get a girl's number and are you chatting with her because you would like to win her over? In this case, I advise you not to get straight to the point too quickly. Rather, try to establish a friendship and do not expect her to fall into your arms immediately: you will see that if they are roses, they will bloom!
    • Pay attention to the shape of the messages: on WhatsApp there are no limits in the characters you can use to write a message: the era of SMS is long gone. Therefore, I advise you not to use irritating abbreviations (eg "ke" instead of "che"). In general, always pay attention to the form of the messages you write: your interlocutor could be rightly annoyed by the presence of grammar and / or spelling errors.
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