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    How to turn a photo into PDF for free

    How to turn a photo into PDF from PC for free

    You stai chiedendo how to turn a photo into PDF for free su Windows? I will go and answer this question of yours in the next chapters. I'll start by showing you some pre-built operating system functions, then move on to some free third-party solutions. Read on to find out all about it!

    Windows 10 photo

    You have never heard of the tool Gallery di Windows 10? No problem, I'll explain immediately what it is. The application in question, included in the Microsoft operating system, is used to view, edit and share the images stored on your PC. If necessary, with a sort of "gimmick" integrated into the application itself, you can also change to PDF the format of the images.

    How to carry out this last operation? I'll explain it to you immediately. First, click with the right mouse button on 'icon of the image you want to transform and then click on the items Open with> Photos give the menu answer.

    If you want to combine a series of photos into a single PDF file, open instead Gallery from Start menu Windows (just press the button with the pennant in the lower left corner and choose Gallery from the program list).

    Subsequently, once the application is open, press on the item Folders and then on the button Add a folder. Then select the folder with the images to convert and then click on folder imported and put the checkmark on all the images you want to transform.

    Now, regardless of how many images you want to convert to PDF, click on the icon of printer located at the top right and select Microsoft Print to PDF from the list to choose the Printer; finally, click on the button Print present below, select one destinazione for the converted file and press the button Save. Più facile di così ?!


    If you prefer to rely on a third party solution for convert images to PDF, my advice is to use i2PDF. It is a very simple, completely free program that you can use on any Windows-based computer and that does not require installations to work.

    To download it, simply connect to the program website and click on the item Download i2pdf [32/64 bit] (depending on the version of your operating system) that you find below.

    At this point, extract the zip file just downloaded and launch the file i2pdf.exe present inside. Then drag the image (or images) you want to convert to white box in the center of the program window (PNG, GIF, TIFF, BMP and JPG files are supported) and put the check on the boxes corresponding to the files you want to transform. Then press the button Build PDF (down).

    You can possibly adjust the quality of the image and resize it by moving the indicators under the items respectively Image quality e Image resize. Once you've made any changes, click the button OK present at the bottom right. Finally, choose a destination path for the final file and press the button Save. Really easy, isn't it?

    Virtual PDF printer

    You have to know that in Windows 10 (as well as in other popular operating systems) a function is integrated that allows you to convert easily images and any other type of printable content (e.g. an Office document or Internet page) in PDF.

    Regardless of the program you use to view the photos (eg IrfanView or XnView MP) you can use the Windows 10 virtual PDF printer by going to the menu File> Print (above) and choosing Microsoft Print to PDF as a printer to use. Finally, you have to click on the entry Save as PDF, choose a destination for the PDF file created in this way and press the button Save. More info here.

    If an older version of Windows is installed on your PC (eg. Windows 7), fear not, you can install a third-party virtual PDF printer, for example doPDF, and proceed in a very similar way to the one just seen together for Windows 10. More info here.

    How to turn a photo to PDF on Mac for free

    Do you want turn a photo into PDF on Mac? No problem. Below you will find the most immediate procedures to carry out this operation.


    The first tip I want to give you is to use Preview, the default software for viewing images and PDF files included “standard” with the operating system MacOS.

    In case you want to convert multiple images to PDF at the same time, I recommend that you first copy all the photos in the same folder. If the images you want to convert are in the application Gallery, open the latter, select the images of your interest (by holding down the key cmd on the keyboard), go to the menu File> Export> Export File (above) and choose the folder in which to save the photos.

    Once you have the folder with the photos you want to transform into PDF, open the first one you want to include in your PDF (if Preview is not the default application for opening images, right-click on the file and select the items Open with> Preview from the context menu). Later, to add more images to what your PDF will be, go to the menu View> Thumbnails (top) and drag the image icons to the sidebar that appears in Preview; then arranging the thumbnails in the order you prefer (just drag them with the mouse).

    Finally, go to the menu File> Print (top left), tap on the drop-down menu PDF present at the bottom left of the window that opens, select the item Save as PDF from the latter, choose the destination folder for the PDF file and, finally, click on the button Save. Done! Now the PDF document created with the images (or image) you have chosen is ready.

    Virtual PDF printer

    As in the case of Windows, too MacOS has a feature that allows you to save images format PDF directly from the print preview. It is the one we have just seen together for Preview, but it can actually be exploited in any other viewing application, by invoking the command of print.

    A window will open in which you can view the print preview of the image. You will then be able to adjust the various options of the final document (for example theorientation ladder, i.e. zoom, and so on). In the end, you just have to press on the drop-down menu PDF located at the bottom left and, from here, click on the item Save as PDF. Then choose a destination folder for the file, click on the button Save And that's it. More info here.

    How to turn a photo into PDF online for free

    So far I have told you about native programs and functions of Windows and macOS operating systems, you must know, however, that converting a photo into PDF format is also possible thanks to various online services free, for example iLovePDF. The latter is a convenient and immediate service that allows you to convert numerous file formats (images included) in PDF without the need to register or use specific browsers. To be precise, it allows you to merge up to 20 images in PDF with a maximum weight 40MB and only supports JPG (to eliminate some limits you can register).

    All you have to do to start using the iLovePDF conversion tool is to connect to this page and drag the images to convert to PDF into the browser window (or select them manually by clicking on the button Select JPG images; you can also import them from Dropbox and Google Drive by clicking on the respective icons).

    Now, if necessary, select theorientation of pages (vertical or horizontal) and i margini (with or without) by clicking on the appropriate buttons on the right and, from here, press the button Convert to PDF. Finally, select a destination path for the files and press the button Save. A no-brainer, right?

    How to turn a photo into PDF from your mobile for free

    In a way all analogous to computer operating systems, too Android e iPhone offer the ability to transform photos into PDF, both with built-in tools and with third-party apps. Read on for details.

    How to turn a photo into Android PDF for free

    It was used Android, you can convert photos to PDF easily with the app PDF Converter, which is completely free and allows you to convert various file formats into PDF ensuring an excellent final quality result. All popular image formats are supported and there are no size limits for converted files.

    To download the app in question, open the relevant page of the Play Store (if your device does not have Google services, you can find it on the alternative stores) and press the button Install. Once the download is complete, open the app by pressing on its icon that you find on the home screen or in the app menu.

    Then press on the item Skip, at the top right, to skip the introductory tutorial and tap the button Allow to give the app the necessary permissions. At this point, press on the item Images to PDF, quindi quello Select images and tap on the little one hoops on each of the images you want to convert and, from here, click on the item Sure, bottom right.

    Now you can make various changes to the file you are going to create, such as applying a filter (Filter Images), compress it (Image compression) or rotate it (Edit Images). Once you are satisfied with the result (tap on the item Preview PDF to take a look at the preview) press the button Create PDF, up. Then type a name for the file and, finally, press on the item OK placed on the right. Files saved in this way will be automatically stored in the folder PDFfiles and you can open it with any file manager.

    I would also like to point out that the function of the virtual PDF printer. The latter is accessible thanks to any image viewer (such as Google Photos). In fact, by selecting the print option from the viewer menu, it will be possible to select the PDF conversion function. More info here.

    How to turn a photo to iPhone PDF for free

    For iPhone (e iPad), you can easily convert the images in the app Gallery in PDF, through commands integrated in iOS 12 and later. If you do not know, it is an application that can be used to execute automated commands on your device. Among the various functions (set multiple alarms, play a music playlist, get directions to a place and so on), there is also that of converting files from one format to another, such as photos to PDF.

    If you do not find Commands on the home screen or in the App Library of your device, you can download it from the official page on the Store (by pressing the button Ottieni / Installa and verifying your identity with Face ID, touch ID o Password dell 'Apple ID). Once you have installed the app, open this link with your browser Safari to import the command for the conversion into the latter (just press the button Get quick commands that you find below).

    If you are using a device with iOS 13 (or a later version) to complete this last step you may need to enable adding shortcuts. To perform this further operation, go to Settings> Quick Commands e premi sull 'switch next to the item Allow untrusted shortcuts to activate it (press the button Allow to conclude the procedure).

    At this point, open the Commands app, press the button Photos To Pdf and give the app permission to access the device's photos. Proceed, then, by pressing onpreview of the images you want to convert and tap on the item end, top right.

    Now just type a name for the new PDF file obtained from the image and press the button end. To conclude the operation, tap the button Share (Quello with l'icona del square and the arrow) and choose the save or share option that suits you best.

    I also inform you that on iOS there is also the function of virtual PDF printer (thanks to which you can convert photos to PDF in a simple and immediate way). This feature is accessible from the file sharing menu or web page. More info here.

    How to turn a photo into PDF for free

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