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    How to turn a photo into PDF from your mobile

    PDF export

    The first method for turn a photo into PDF from your mobile, as well as the simplest, which I recommend you to use involves the use of a feature integrated in the most recent versions of Android e iOS: direct export of files to PDF. Through the print function, in fact, it is possible to convert any type of document (including photos) into a PDF file on the fly: I'll explain how.


    If you have a terminal Android, apri l'app Gallery (l'app Gallery or any other app you use to manage phone images) and select the photo you want to convert to PDF; then tap the button (⋮) and play the voice Print or export to PDF present in the proposed menu.

    The game is practically done: press the drop-down menu located at the top, or press the button resident at the top right, and then select the item Save as PDF from the menu that appears on the screen.

    Finally, press the button with thesave icon placed at the top and, finally, indicates the name of the file in the appropriate box and press the button Save to store the converted file in the folder Download of Android. That's all!


    In a way quite similar to what we have seen above, it is possible to take advantage of the "hidden" print to file functionality also on iPhone (e iPad). How? I'll explain it to you immediately!

    First, open the app Gallery and select the photo you want to convert, press the button sharing (The square with up arrow) and tap on the icon Print attached to the panel proposed on the screen.

    At this point, instead of selecting the printer AirPrint as you usually do, do zoom with two fingers on the preview of the photo placed in the print window: in this way, a PDF document ready to be saved will be automatically generated!

    Finally, press on share button placed in the preview of the previously generated PDF, choose the option Save your File and, through the next screen, indicate whether to save the document thus created in the internal memory of the iPhone, on iCloud or in the other paths provided by the apps installed in your "iPhone by". All very simple, isn't it?

    Google Drive (Android / iOS / iPadOS)

    Through the app Google Drive, available on both Android and iOS / iPadOS, you can create PDF documents by taking photos in real time. To do this, after starting the app Google Drive via the quick start icon, press the icon + found on the main screen and select the item Scan.

    At this point, take the photo of the subject and press on theconfirmation icon up. On the next screen, choose whether to add new pages, using the icon +, or make improvements using the tools available. When the operation is completed, press the icon , choose a file name and then the destination where to save the document. Then press on Save to save the document.

    Microsoft Office (Android / iOS / iPadOS)

    The app Office from Microsoft allows you to generate PDFs from images or any business document. This app is available for free on Android (and alternative stores) and on iOS / iPadOS for devices with displays under 10,1 inches. For devices with larger screens, it is necessary to subscribe to Microsoft 365 (from 7 euros / month).

    After starting the app and pressing the icon +, you can choose between the two available modes related to photo conversion: Scan to PDF which allows you to take a photo in real time and convert it to PDF or Images in PDF to recall a photo present in the gallery to generate a document in PDF format.

    In the first case, the camera shutter is displayed: then frame the subject, press on shutter button, adjust the margins of the photo and tap the button Confirmation. In the second case, you will be shown the media gallery of the device through which you can select one or more images to import.

    Regardless of the capture method used, on the next screen, you can add more pages to the PDF, apply filters, crop the image, and more. When you are done, press the button Done: you will be directed to the preview of the document and, through theshare icon, you can also send the document to other external apps. To save the document, press the icon (...) at the top and tap on the item Save with name.

    File (iOS / iPadOS)

    Via the default app Fillet di iOS e iPadOS (also available on the App Store, if removed) it is possible to create PDFs by taking a photo in real time via the iPhone camera. How? I'll explain it to you immediately.

    First, launch the app Fillet and, in its main screen, press the icon (...) placed at the top. At this point, in the menu you see, select the item Scan documents, frame the subject to be photographed and press on shutter button. At this point, adjust the scanning area using the appropriate ones markers and, when you are done, press the button Save the scan down.

    Now you can decide to take further shots or proceed with saving the file. In the latter case, press the button Save at the bottom, presses on the wording Scanned document to change the file name and then tap on folder of destination. Finally, click on the button Save, in high.

    SwiftScan (Android / iOS / iPadOS)

    If the previous solutions didn't quite convince you or if your OS doesn't support the print to file feature, you can get a pretty similar result using the app SwiftScan, available for free for Android (and on alternative stores) and iOS / iPadOS.

    The app is free, but making a one-time payment of 11,99 €, you can access additional features, such as text recognition or the ability to sign documents.

    Once you have downloaded and installed the app from the reference store of your device, launch it from the Android drawer or from the iOS Home screen and, to start, press the button several times Continue, in order to skip the initial getting started guide and confirm access to the device features.

    Once in the main screen, press the icon + e fai tap sul pulsating Import located at the bottom to select the image from the system gallery. Alternatively, frame the subject to be photographed with the lens and press the shutter button, bottom center.

    On the next screen, you can edit the captured image using the buttons in the bottom bar. For example, if you want to make a crop, press the button Size; if you want to rotate the image, press the button Wheel. If you want to add more pages, click on the icon +.

    After carrying out this operation, change the name of the file using the bar at the top and then to save it press the button Save. The newly generated file will be available on the main app screen. Therefore, press on the file name, press the button Send to and you can also share the PDF externally.

    Tiny Scanner (Android / iOS / iPadOS)

    If the previous apps didn't satisfy you, you can give a chance to Tiny Scanner, available for free for Android (and on alternative stores) and for iOS / iPadOS. The app allows you to quickly scan documents, converting any type of image into a PDF file on the fly.

    By subscription to the version Premium, 4,19 euro / month su Android e 5,49 euro / month su iOS / iPadOS, you can unlock additional features, such as the removal of banner ads and use the text recognition feature.

    After launching the app via the quick launch icon, grant permissions to access the device features, to access the main screen. At this point, come on Android, premi sull 'camera icon, to take a photo, or tap on thepicture icon, to select a photo from the media gallery. Choose a name to give to the file and press the icon at the top to save the PDF file.

    Su iPhone (or your iPad), click on the icon +at the bottom to access the device's camera and take a photo in real time. Alternatively, tap onpicture iconat the bottom right, and select a photo from the list. At this point, press the button Done, type the name to give to the file at the top and then tap the button Save.

    After saving the file, on the main screen of the app, tap on the PDF and then press on theshare icon located at the bottom, to export the document outside the app to other services.

    Other solutions to turn a photo into PDF from your mobile

    Have you read carefully the advice I gave you earlier but, nevertheless, would you like to know some alternatives to the apps illustrated in this guide? No problem: there are so many methods for turn a photo into PDF from your mobile. Below, I briefly illustrate some additional solutions that you could rely on to do this.

    • Microsoft Lens (Android / iOS / iPadOS) - this is a free app for Android e iOS designed by Microsoft, which allows you to take shots in real time, using the phone's camera and turn them into Office documents or PDF files in just a few taps.
    • Image to PDF Converter (Android) - this is an app for Android which, unlike the solutions seen above, was created with the specific intent of converting the images in the gallery into PDF documents. Its free version features banner ads, which can be eliminated by purchasing the Pro version within the app itself (for the price of 14,99€).
    • Online converters - don't want to install any apps? You must know that there are numerous Internet sites that allow you to convert images to PDF in a few taps, able to work both from your computer and from smartphones and tablets. I have shown you some of them in my guides on how to turn images to PDF and how to convert JPG to PDF.
    How to turn a photo into PDF from your mobile

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