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    How to unblock yourself if someone blocks you on WhatsApp

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    Find out if you have been blocked on WhatsApp

    As mentioned above, before doing anything else, you need to make sure that you have actually been blocked by a person you are trying to contact on WhatsApp.

    For reasons, more than understandable, related to privacy, WhatsApp does not allow you to officially know if you have been blocked by a user or not, in fact this information is not available, nor is it notified when this happens.

    There are, however, some small checks that you can carry out to confirm your suspicions: it's nothing complex, it's just a couple of minutes interacting with the profile and conversation of the user you are trying to contact. but their combination can give quite reliable responses. Here's everything in detail.

    Profile picture

    The first thing to check is definitely theprofile picture. Then open WhatsApp on your smartphone and search for the person you think may have blocked you.

    Once you've identified the contact, just tap their icon profile picture: if your profile picture is not loaded and is displayed instead the default blank avatar, then the contact may have actually blocked you.

    It is still necessary to proceed with the other checks, because each user can decide to remove or hide their profile picture, so this single clue is still not enough to be sure of the block.

    To hide or limit the display of your profile picture it is in fact sufficient to enter the WhatsApp Settings, by touching the ⋮ button and selecting the item Settings from the menu that appears. From here you have to press Account, Then Privacy and finally Profile picture. The box that appears on the screen allows you to define the audience that can see your profile picture among anyone, only your contacts e no.

    Last access

    Re-identify the contact you suspect may have blocked you, but this time, instead of tapping their profile picture, tap theirs name, in order to open the conversation with him / her.

    After a few moments, check the top bar that shows the name with which you saved the person in the address book: if his name does not appear under his name Last Access, you are facing another clue that the person has blocked you.

    Also in this case, it is necessary to proceed with the checks, as, as for the profile picture, even the last access is information that each user can decide to hide from others.

    To hide or limit the display of your profile picture, in fact, simply enter the WhatsApp Settings by tapping the ⋮ button and selecting the item Settings from the menu that opens. From here, you have to press Account, Then Privacy and finally Last access.

    The box that appears on the screen allows you to define the audience that can see your last seen among anyone, only your contacts e no. If you want to learn more about this function, see my guide on how to hide the last access on WhatsApp.

    Message delivery

    If you are wondering if your contact has blocked you, it is surely because you no longer receive a reply to the messages you send to them.

    You should know, however, that WhatsApp provides a tracking system for the messages that are sent, based on the check marks that can be seen in the lower right corner of each message sent.

    When you write a message on WhatsApp and you are connected to the Internet, your message is actually sent from your mobile and then a first check mark in the lower right corner of the message.

    When your contact's mobile phone is connected to the Internet, it will receive your message, which will then be effectively delivered to the recipient: at this moment a second check mark alongside the previous one.

    When your contact opens your conversation and then reads the message you sent, i two check marks they become blu.

    Having said that, take a look at the check marks on the messages you sent to the person you think blocked you: if there is only one check mark, then the message was never delivered to the recipient, who could therefore have actually blocked you (blocking, with you, the reception of your messages).

    This is also not a definitive response, because your contact may simply not have connected to the internet and therefore not received your messages. Let's say, however, that if it is true that three clues make a test, if this and the other two tests give the results I have described, the probability that your contact has blocked you is consistent; we can still get one last clue through the calling functions.


    To dispel any doubts, try one more voice call or a video call to the contact you think has blocked you. To do this, just open the conversation with your contact and tap the icon of video camera or of handset top right.

    If you cannot establish communication and proceed with the call, this is an additional indicator of possible blocking.

    Contact the person who set the block on WhatsApp

    At this point, you should have checked enough to determine that your contact has actually blocked you. Let's see now how you can still contact the person in question, both on WhatsApp and using external solutions.

    WhatsApp groups

    The most immediate way to get in touch with a WhatsApp user who has blocked you is to chat with him using a group conversation. In fact, in group conversations, the block applied to a single user is not valid and messages from the latter continue to be received.

    That said, if you have been blocked by a person on WhatsApp, you will not be able to add them to a new group: you will have to use an existing group, of which both you and the person you think blocked you are already part of, or you will have to ask your mutual acquaintance to create a group by inserting both you and the person who blocked you into it.

    Once you have identified or created a common group, you can contact the user who blocked you using the conversation in question, so that the messages are delivered to the user and he can read them.

    However, keep in mind that your contact may decide to leave the group to stop receiving your messages or decide to silence it and / or disable its notifications.

    Change number

    Another ploy you can use to contact a person who has blocked you on WhatsApp is change the number associated with your account in the famous messaging app.

    In fact, the blocking of WhatsApp acts on the phone number and by changing the number you can bypass the block while keeping your account intact and therefore all your conversations, your documents and your multimedia files. For more information, I invite you to consult my guide on how to change WhatsApp number.

    Alternative solutions

    You can also contact the user who blocked you outside of WhatsApp, with a call or SMS, using other social networks that you both follow including Facebook, Instagram e Twitter or by email.

    A phone call or text is the easiest way to contact someone, but if you think they're too old-fashioned for you, you can try some alternatives.

    • If you and the person who blocked you are friends on Facebook, try to use Messenger.
    • If you have connections on other social platforms, for example if you follow each other on Instagram, use the messaging built into one of those platforms' apps.
    • There are many competing applications of WhatsApp that represent a valid alternative, for example Telegram o Signal. You may not be interested in using them on a regular basis, but if the person who blocked you is subscribed to one of them, you have one more chance.
    • Chat is not the only way, think also of a meeting in person or a simple e-mail.

    If you want more information on the applications I just mentioned, take a look at my guides on how Messenger works, how to send messages on Instagram and how to use Telegram.

    Get unblocked on WhatsApp

    Once you have managed to get in touch with the user who blocked you on WhatsApp, it will be time to explain your reasons for being "unblocked".

    First, try to understand the reason why you were blocked. For example, you may have had a quarrel or a diatribe that has nothing to do with WhatsApp, in real life in short, and therefore your contact no longer likes to hear from you. Or you may have annoyed this person via chat, perhaps by sending continuous, useless or offensive messages. Once this is done, you will have to apologize for your behavior and promise to remedy your actions.

    In conclusion, remember to take some small steps to prevent your contact from blocking you.

    • Don't clog private chats with useless messages. Avoid, therefore, images and videos of those that run on the Net or, even worse, the chains of Saint Anthony that often you don't even read but you limit yourself only to forward.
    • Don't be nagging in conversation. If your contact doesn't respond to your messages right away, maybe he's busy and doesn't have time to respond, be patient.
    • Don't use offensive language and do not commit insult or defamation towards your contacts. Always remember that, in addition to blocking you, your acquaintances may also decide to contact the Judicial Authority for all the investigations of the case and you would face problems far worse than those I have exposed to you.
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