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    How to view public IP address (dynamic and static)

    Believe it or not, all you have to do to view the public IP address - whether it is dynamic or static - is to connect to an Internet site, or rather, to a Web service, which allows you to obtain this information without using any software.

    Although there are many, the service I recommend you try is called What Is My IP Address and allows you to have very detailed information on the IP address, the ISP to which it belongs (ie the telephone company that provides the Internet connection) and even the geographical position of the user, which is displayed on a map. But be careful: what is provided is not the exact location of the computer, but the location where the network node to which the connection in use is located.

    To view the IP address, you just need to reach the official website of What Is My IP Address and wait for the latter to load. Done this, under the heading My IP Address is you will be shown your public IP address. This information is divided into two items: IPv4 e IPv6. Generally, your IP address should be shown next to IPv4 in numeric format. If you have activated the IPv6 service on your Internet line, you will be shown the alphanumeric address next to the corresponding wording.

    If you want to see even more details about your IP address, once connected to the main page of What Is My IP Address, click on the button Show Complete IP Details which is located in the center. Once this is done, you will be redirected to a page with more precise information on the company that provides you with the Internet connection and the geographical location of the user with a red indicator on the map that identifies the area where the network node that distributes the network is located. IP address in question.

    If the service to view the IP address that I have just proposed has not particularly attracted your attention, you can try the My IP website. This is a solution that, similar to that already indicated in the previous lines, allows you to view the IP address quickly and easily and directly from the web browser. To do this, all you have to do is reach the site in question.

    On the page that opens, you will find your IP address under the heading Your IP address is, the name of the location where the control unit is located, to which your connection refers next to the entry City, and the name of your Internet provider next to the entries Provider e Hostname.

    As you can see, this is a fast and immediate resource that allows you to know your IP address in the time of a click. This website does not offer additional features to view more information about your IP address, as all the main information is already present in the screen I have indicated to you.

    View local IP address (dynamic and static)

    It is invented you interest capire how to view the local IP address, what you have to do is carefully read the suggestions that I will show you in the next chapters, based on the device on which you want to obtain this data.


    If you use a PC Windows, know that you can get the local IP address of the latter simply by using the Command Prompt.

    To do this, access the search field attached to the menu Home, located next to the button Home or attached to the menu that opens by clicking on it, type cmd in the text box and click the search result corresponding to the entry Command Prompt.

    In the window that opens, type the command ipconfig and then press the button Submit of the PC keyboard. Once this is done, you will see all the information about your system's network. The IP address of your computer is the one indicated next to the wording Address IPv4, for example


    If you use a Mac, to view its local IP address you must go to the operating system settings panel, specifically you will find this information in the section Network di System preference.

    To do this, therefore, access the Launchpad e pigia his System preference. Alternatively, click thebitten apple icon in the top menu bar and select the item System preference. Once the System preferenceclicca sull'icona Network and select your connection, for example Wi-Fi, from the left sidebar.

    Well, we're almost there! All you have to do now is to carefully read the information you find in the screen area on the right: under the heading relating to the connection status, you will find the local IP address that has been assigned to your Mac.


    If you want to know what is the IP address of your smartphone or tablet Android, you can easily get this information simply from the operating system settings panel, without necessarily having to resort to using any third-party app.

    To do this, tap on theicona dell'ingranaggio present on the home screen or in the drawer and select the item Wi-Fi from the screen Settings of Android. At this point, tap on network to which you are currently connected and scroll through the different information that is shown to you: you will find the IP address next to the wording of the same name.

    Alternatively you can resort to the use of some apps used precisely for the purpose in question. Again, there are many solutions you could turn to, but I recommend using the free app IP Tools: WiFi Scanner (also available on alternative stores for devices without Google services). This allows you to discover the local IP address of the network but also the public one and provides various information about the ISP, DNS server and other connection parameters.

    The app also includes a series of useful tools to ping the connection (i.e. check latency times), to know detailed information on an IP address through the Whois system, to view statistics on data sent and received and much more. . After starting the app, you will find the IP address value next to the wording IP Locale.

    iOS / iPadOS

    If you use a iPhone or iPad and you want to view local IP address, you don't need any app to succeed in this. All you have to do is find this information directly from the iOS / iPadOS settings panel.

    Per fare ci貌, fai tap sull 'icona dell'ingranaggio, which you find on the home screen, and select the item Wi-Fi on the panel screen Settings operating system. Once this is done, tap on the network to which your iPhone or iPad is connected and scroll the screen until you find the value you are looking for, next to the wording IP address.


    In addition to the solutions that I have indicated to you in the previous chapters, know that you can find the local addresses of the devices connected to a network by directly accessing the management panel of the router. If you do not know how to access the router, I advise you to carefully read the tips I have indicated to you in my tutorial on the subject.

    Be aware that the procedure for identifying the IPs assigned to devices on a network differs from router to router. Therefore, in the next few lines I'll give you some tips on how to do this on a ASUS router, but you can take this example of mine to be able to locate the exact section also on the panel of the router in your possession.

    That said, after logging into the router, click on the entry Network map, in the left menu, and press the button View list, which you find in the center of the screen. In the new screen that will be shown to you, you will find a list of all the devices connected to the router: next to the name of each, in the column Client IP address, you will find the information you are looking for.

    How to view the printer's IP address

    You need to locate the printer's IP address, so that you can configure it or perform other operations on it? In this case, know that it is not difficult to identify a local IP address of a printer: all the procedures are simple and immediate and can be carried out from the router, from the PC or from the smartphone or tablet.

    All you have to do to get the information you are looking for is to carefully read all the procedures and suggestions I have given you in this tutorial of mine. If you then want to know how to configure a printer on the network, you can refer, instead, to my guide dedicated to the topic, which I have just linked to you.

    How to view router IP address

    Know that it is also possible view the IP address of the router. This information may be useful, for example, if you need to access the router panel to perform some operations such as viewing the connected clients or opening the firewall ports, which I told you about in this tutorial.

    In principle, come on Windows just open the Command Prompt, give the command ipconfig and check the value visible next to the item Default gateway; on MacOS you have to go instead to System Preferences> Network, you have to select your network from the left sidebar, press the button Advanced, select the tab TCP / IP and locate the voice Router. On Android e iOS / iPadOS find the IP address of the router to which the devices in use are connected by going to the same panels that I indicated in the previous chapters.

    If I wanted to deepen this topic, my advice is to consult my guide on how to find router IP address, in which you will find lots of information on how to locate this data on PCs and on smartphones and tablets.

    How to view a site's IP address

    Do you want know the IP address assigned to a website? In this case, the procedure to follow is very simple, as you will have to use one of the many Whois web services used for this purpose. What I suggest you use is the service Whois Lookup di Domaintools which you can reach at this link.

    In this case, all you have to do is type in the first and second level domain of the website whose IP address you want to find, for example [domainname]. extension, in the appropriate text box and press the key Search. At this point, you will be shown a screen with all the information about the domain: you will find the data you are looking for under the item IP address. More info here.

    How to view IP address

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