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    Let's start with DocsPal, a universal online converter through which you can convert all major electronic document formats (e.g. Office files, RTF, TXT), video (AVI, MKV, MP4 etc.), audio files (e.g. MP3, OGG, AAC ), images, compressed archives and e-books. It allows you to transform a maximum number of 5 files at the same time and has an upload limit of 50 MB for images, documents and e-books and of 200 MB for archives, videos and audio files. Let's see how it works.

    To use it, the first step you need to take is to connect to its home page and select the file to convert by clicking on the button Browse file. Repeat the operation for all the objects you want to transform (for a maximum of 5, as we said before). If you prefer, instead of selecting "by hand" the elements on which to intervene, you can drag the files to be converted directly into the browser window, in correspondence with the box where it says Simply drag an drop your files here. If, on the other hand, the file to be converted is online, you can paste the url in the appropriate field that you find in correspondence with the wording Enter file url:.

    Once this is done, use the drop-down menu located next to the name of each file in correspondence with the section Step 2 to indicate the output format to be obtained (eg. PDF - Portable Document Format to convert a DOCX file or other types of documents to PDF).

    Then choose whether or not to receive an email with the link to download the file when the conversion is complete by placing a check mark on the box next to the wording Step 3 or leaving it blank. If you check the box, remember to add your email address in the text field under the heading Send a download link to my email address (optional):.

    At this point, you just have to click on the button Convert Files and wait for the conversion process to start completed. Then click on the links with the names of the files that appear at the bottom of the page to download them to your computer (if no changes have been made to the default settings of the browser, the file will be saved in the download folder) and that's it. .

    Obviously, if you had checked the box to receive the converted file also via email, by accessing your e-mail box (or in any case the one relating to the address indicated in the appropriate field), you will find an e-mail message sent by DocsPal with all 'internal link through which you can download the converted file.

    Online Convert

    Another online converter that is definitely worth a try is Online Convert, which, through its very simple user interface, allows you to convert all the main formats of audio files, videos, text documents, compressed archives, books and digital images. It has an upload limit of 100 MB and allows you to convert only one file at a time, however, it has advanced options to change the properties of the converted items.

    To transform a file with Online Convert, connected to the home page of the service, expand the drop-down menu located in one of the boxes in the home (eg. Audio converter if you want to convert audio files, Document converter if you need to convert text documents and so on) and select the output format to obtain (eg. Convert to MP3 to transform an AAC or OGG song into an MP3 file).

    At this point, click on your button Choose file/Shop by Department and select the file to convert. Alternatively, go to the camp Or enter URL of the file you want to convert to [extension] and type in the latter the URL of a file that is already online. If, on the other hand, the file you want to convert is stored on your Dropbox or Google drive account, press the relevant buttons, provide the data requested and select it directly from the cloud.

    Then use the options in the box Optional settings to apply - if you want - some changes to the output file (e.g. change of bitrate for music tracks or resize for photos) and click on the button Convert file to start the conversion process.

    Wait for the operation to complete (the duration of the conversion varies depending on the weight of the files to be processed and the speed of your connection) and the final result will be automatically downloaded to your computer, in the folder Download (if you have not made any changes to the default settings of the web browser you are using). If the page seems to stop loading, don't mind, it happens, but the file is actually loaded and converted.


    Impossible to make a guide on conversion web services without talking about ZamZar, probably the most famous online converter in the world. It has the ability to handle all major multimedia file formats (video, audio, photo), text documents, e-books, compressed archives and CAD files. In the free basic version it has an upload limit of 100 MB and allows you to convert up to 5 documents at the same time.

    To use it, connected to its home page, click on the button Choose files ... che trovi in ​​corrispondenza della dicitura Step 1 and select the file (or files) to convert. At this point, expand the drop-down menu Convert files to that he finds under the heading Step 2 and select from the latter the output format you want to obtain (eg. avi if you want to convert a video file to the format in question). Finally, type your e-mail address in the field below the item Step 3 and click on Convert to start the conversion process.

    Upon completion, you will receive a link to download the converted files via email. You simply have to go to the indicated address and click on the button Download now to start downloading each object immediately.

    Speaking of email, you can also convert files via email by creating a message with the file to be transformed as an attachment and the address as recipient [format] @ where instead of [format] you have to type the extension of the file you want to get as output (ex. to receive PDF files). The download link will be sent to you directly by email.

    I also point out that if you need to convert a file that is already on the Internet, you can select the tab URL Converter of ZamZar, type the URL of the file in the field Step 1 and continue with the conversion as we have seen previously.


    Another excellent service capable of performing the task of online converter flawlessly is CloudConvert. It is free, it is very easy to use, it has a simple and clear user interface and it is very effective in conversion operations. It supports the conversion between more than 200 different file formats including audio, video, documents, ebooks, archives, images, spreadsheets, allows you to convert a maximum of 25 files every day (10 if you do not register by creating a free account) and their weight can be up to 1 GB. However, it should be borne in mind that no more than 5 conversions can be carried out at the same time. Also, conversions cannot take more than 25 minutes (if they take longer, they are automatically stopped).

    To use the service, connect to the main CloudConvert page and click on the button Select files to select the file on which to act manually from the computer or presses on freccia rivolta verse il basso which is next to it and choose the file to convert by taking it directly from the Internet (providing the URL) or from one of the supported cloud storage services. Alternatively, you can drag the file directly into the browser window, using a simple drag and drop.

    Then indicate the format in which you intend to convert the chosen file by clicking on the extension that you find next to the wording to at the top (ex. pdf) and using the appropriate menu that is shown to you. If you have special needs, click on the button with the wrench that you find next to the file name. In this way you will be able to access the section through which to adjust all the different parameters relating to the latter. When the changes are complete, click on Okay to apply and confirm the changes.

    At this point, click on the button Start conversion located at the bottom right, wait for the conversion of your file to be completed and download it to your computer by pressing the button Download that you will see appear next to his name. If you have not made any changes to the default settings of the browser you are using, the converted file is saved in the folder Download from your computer.

    Finally, I would like to point out that the limitations of the service relating to the maximum weight of the files and the number of elements that can be converted can possibly be shaken by activating a Pro account (for a fee).

    Online converter

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