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    Programs to find songs

    Programs to find songs without knowing the title

    If you are looking for programs to find songs without knowing the title, I think I have something that can do for you: an application that, after having "listened" to a song, is able to tell you its title and the artist who sings it: keep reading to find out what it is .


    The application to find songs without knowing the title that I recommend you try is the very famous Shazam, available for free download on macOS, Android and iOS. Before it was also available on the Windows 10 store but, at the time of writing this article, it was removed.

    That said, using Shazam is really simple: just start the song whose title you want to know and ask the service to recognize it. Get well explained how.

    If you are going to use the Shazam version for MacOS, went to its download page in the Mac App Store, click on the button Ottieni / Installa and eventually confirm the download by inserting the Password of your Apple ID or through the touch ID (if your Mac has such a component).

    After installing and starting the application, grant it permission to access the microphone by clicking on the button OK in the box visible on the screen. Then click on Shazam icon present in the menu bar (top) and, in the box that opens, click once again on his logo.

    At this point, Shazam will examine the content of the song being played and, if it is able to understand which song it is, it will show you its title with a link to buy it online (eg through the services of Apple, which is the company headed by Sahazam) and information about the artist.

    If, on the other hand, you prefer to use the mobile version of Shazam, install and start the app on your Android or iOS device, press the button Continue present on her welcome page and, if asked to do so, allow her to access the microphone.

    In the screen that opens, then tap on the button in the center of the screen, on which the logo on Shazam, place your device near the source from which the sound comes (therefore the song being played) and wait for the song to be identified.

    If Shazam will actually be able to recognize the song, in addition to indicating what its title is, it will provide you with the buttons through which you can buy / play it on the main music services (eg. Spotify, Apple Music, Etc.).

    I remind you that, if you have an Apple device, you can take advantage of Shazam through the voice assistant Crab, since the service is integrated into the latter. Just launch Siri, ask her "What song is this?" And that's it.

    For more information on how Shazam works, I suggest you take a look at the in-depth study I have devoted entirely to the service.

    Programs to find songs by singing

    Don't have the possibility to play the song whose title you want to know? If you remember the melody or the lyrics, you can use gods programs to find songs by singing, such as those listed below.


    One of the best apps to spot songs by singing is SoundHound. It integrates a function like that of Shazam, which allows you to locate a song while it is playing and, what interests you most at the moment, a function that allows you to locate a song simply by singing it.

    Please note that, at the time of writing, the application is only available for mobile devices. Before explaining how it works, I would also like to tell you that the app has advertising banners: to remove them, you need to purchase its paid version, called SoundHound∞, which eliminates advertising and allows you to access some extra features at the cost of € 7,99 one-off.

    After installing and starting SoundHound on your Android or iOS device, tap the button Start and grant the app the necessary permissions to access the microphone and the location of your device. Then tap on logo on SoundHound, bring the device to your mouth and start singing the song you want to identify.

    Within 15-20 seconds, SoundHound's algorithm should be able to detect which song you are humming. If it actually manages to recognize the song in question, it will show you its title, the artist who plays it and the links to play it on the main music streaming services (eg. Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, Etc.).


    The Google app for Android also allows you to identify songs by whistling or humming them: just start it, press the icon of the microphone, grant the necessary permissions (if required), press on the item Search for a song and whistle or hum the song to find.

    Programs to find similar songs

    You would like to discover gods programs to find similar songs? Then I think you should turn to some dedicated functions present in the main music streaming services. These functions are based on algorithms that, by analyzing the user's activities and the music they usually listen to, try to identify their musical tastes and, consequently, the songs they might like.

    • Spotify - one of the most popular applications for music streaming lovers. It allows you to find similar songs thanks to its algorithm which, based on the music listened to, proposes weekly playlists, called Discover Weekly and other "smart" playlists. I also point out the function Radio which allows, by pressing the button (...) related to a song to discover others similar.
    • Apple Music - the section For you of Apple's music streaming service allows you to identify playlists and suggested albums, which are identified by the service's algorithm based on your musical tastes. Furthermore, the function radio it allows, as on Spotify, to listen to songs similar to those selected.
    • YouTube Music - on the main screen of the famous Google home streaming music application there is the section Recommended music videos which groups together some recommended music videos based on the music listened to and / or searched for on the platform.

    Programs to find duplicate songs

    You came to this guide with the intent of identifying gods programs to find double songs? Well, in that case you can use some software that allows you to find duplicate files, such as CloneSpy available only for Windows and dupeGuru, available instead for Windows, macOS and Linux.

    If you want more information on how to delete double files and how to use programs for double files, please read the insights I have just linked to you because I'm sure they will be of great help.

    Programs to find songs

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