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    Recover data from burnt hard drive

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    Has your hard drive burned out? Here's how to recover data from a damaged and burned hard drive.

    The hard disk is a very delicate component, which can break and be damaged following a fall or an incorrect connection. As we have seen in the past there can be various more or less serious hard disk problems. In general, to resolve a mechanical fault it is necessary to contact the data recovery specialists, to be able to open the device in a laminar flow hood and repair the damage.

    In other cases when the hard drive has suffered a electrical fault, you can fix it by replacing the PCB plate. In any case, it is always better to consult the opinion of a company specialized in data recovery.

    If you connect the external hard disk to an unsuitable power source, you risk burning the plate e compromise the device. In these cases you could first damage the power supply support of the box where the hard disk is contained, or you could burn the PCB plate of the hard disk.

    In the first case, in order to recover the data and continue to use the media, you can simply remove the disk from the box and connect it directly to the PC as hard disk interno. Since the electronic part of the disc works, it is correctly powered and recognized by the system. Then you can use it and recover the files.

    If, on the other hand, it is damaged the electric plate hard drive, it must be replaced to repair the damage. In these circumstances it is advisable to find a plate identical to that of the hard disk, so the burnt plate must be removed and replaced with an identical one so that the disk starts working again.

    In the worst cases, the hard drive it may have burned out in a fire. In this case it is not always possible to recover the data, because it is necessary to carefully evaluate the extent of the damage caused by the fire and by the high heat generated by the fire. Flames can permanently compromise mechanical parts, damaging internal components and destroying stored data.

    In order to establish the severity of the damage of a burned hard drive, the support must be opened in a suitable environment and any damage caused by flames must be checked. In some cases the hard disk heads may be damaged, or in the worst cases there may be irreversible damage, resulting in data loss.

    Recover data from burnt hard drive: conclusions

    If your hard drive has burned out and you need to recover the data, you can contact us for advice. Thanks to our technologies and the laminar flow hood, we can safely open the hard disk and check for any mechanical or electrical damage, evaluating the damage.

    Trust the professionalism of , we can replace damaged electric plates and repair mechanical damage by recovering data from a burnt hard drive.

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