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In the old days, when you met someone, you had to do it at a specific time in a specific place and trust that the other person would show up. With time and the emergence of free messaging applications, that changed and it was possible to communicate with the other person you had arranged to meet communicate with the other person you had arranged to meet, once you were both on the street.

But, even so, it's hard to describe in words exactly where you areespecially if you're in a big place. "In front of Apple's door", "50 meters down the street", "at the other exit of the subway", etc. Fortunately, there are now many applications that include the exact location of where you are, so that the other person can come and get you.

The person who receives your location will be able to see exactly where you are, through the map application that you have linked to your device, for example Google Maps. Here's how you can send your location to someone through the WhatsApp application, a function that you will only have available in the app and that you cannot access from WhatsApp Web or WhatsApp Desktop.

Then, later on, we will explain how you can also change the location to send a different one to the person you are meeting (you will do it using the search engine). Finally, we will show you how you should do it so that the other person can see where you are moment by moment during a period of time, through your updated location automatically on the map.

Sending your location

The first thing you will need to do to be able to send the location through the WhatsApp messaging application is to click on the icon that has the shape of a paper clip. This is the same button you will need to use if you want to send any contact, video, file, WhatsApp photoetc. This paperclip icon refers to all the files you want to attach. files you want to attach to the conversation you are having with that user.

Now you will have to choose which item you want to attach to the conversation, in this case you will have to click on the Location icon. You will be able to attach your locationin private conversations as well as in WhatsApp groups. For all the location types that we will show you in this article, you will have to use the same button.

Send your location right now

When you press the location button, you will be shown the exact point where you are, the exact point where you are, marked as a little blue dot on the map. This is definitely the fastest way to let someone know exactly where you are. The blue dot is inside a circle, also blue but more transparent.

This blue circle can be of different sizes, since it is the precision radius of your location point. radius of your location point. Depending on your connection or the satellites that help your smartphone to locate itself at that moment, this precision circle can be smaller (more precise location) or larger (more imprecise location).

Finally, all you will have to do is press the Send my location button, to send it in the chat you have previously selected. Other people will be able to see where you are at that moment. But be careful not to move from that point, because the people to whom you have sent the location will follow the little blue dot and it will not move with you.

Send a location even if you are not there

If what you want to send is not the location where you are at this very moment, but another one, the first thing you should do once you have pressed the Location button is to check if it appears as a suggestion in the lower list of the locationwith the title Places Nearby. If the specific place you need to send does not appear, you should tap the magnifying glass icon to start a location search.

Once you have pressed the magnifying glass, you will see a search bar bar will appear in which you can type. The first thing you should do is type the name of the place you are looking for and wait for WhatsApp to give you all the matching results at the bottom of the search window. As soon as you see that the place you need appears, you can click on it to send the location to the chat where you are.

The search is based on the map of the area you are currently in. So, if the location you want to send is a bit far from where you are now, you may need to move the map a bit or enlarge the search area by making the map bigger. This way, the search engine will be able to find the location you are looking for. Press the Send button and the other person will have the location of the place where you are meeting.

Send the location live

The live location or also known as real time, is available for either a single person or an entire group chat. The main difference with the locations mentioned above is that those send a point on the map and give an address to the users who receive it.

This type of location, on the other hand, is updated as you move long as you have your smartphone with you. The blue dot showing where you are will move around the map as you move and change your position. This way, you can send your location to the person you are meeting so that they can find you, without the need for you to stand still.

In order to start sharing your updated location, you must press the Real-time Location button. The system then asks you to choose how long you want to share your you want to share your live location. You will have a choice of 15 minutes, 1 hour or 8 hours, but remember that you can always stop sharing location before the time has elapsed.

Choose the option that suits you best, write a comment to the person to whom you are going to send the location, if you want, and press the send button. When the person opens the live location you have sent will be able to see where you are with a little blue dot and every time you move they will see your new position. So it will be very easy for them to follow you.

Even if you have chosen to share your location for a certain period of time longer than you need, for example 8 hours, as soon as you no longer need to share your location you can go back to the chat and press the Stop sharing my live location. You can find this button just below the location you have sent a while ago.

We hope that this article has been helpful and that you now know how you can send different types of locations on WhatsApp. If you are interested in continuing to learn more features and curiosities about this messaging application, do not hesitate to read our posts of OnlyWhatsApps posts. In these articles we will explain in detail each of the updates that WhatsApp offers you.

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