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    The best free cloud services

    Not sure which cloud to choose? Here is a list of the best cloud services that are totally free and with numerous GBs.

    The cloud is a booming service. Through this tool you can save your files, data and documents in a reserved online space. The biggest advantage is being able to access files in anywhere in the world, you just need an internet connection and any device, such as a smartphone, a tablet, a notebook or a desktop PC.

    In recent years there has been a great growth of cloud services, which are becoming more reliable and safer. Another advantage that should not be underestimated is the possibility of synchronizing files on the PC directly online, generating a free backup copy. In this way you will have the security of having a safe copy of your files, in case of sudden malfunction of the hard disk, SSD, or USB stick.

    Data recovery from a hard drive can be very complicated and time-consuming, but get one backup copy stored and synchronized with PC data, it allows you to restore files quickly. Cloud backup helps you to preserve data in case of a virus on your computer. For example, when a virus compromises a file, you can restore it using the online copy.

    The main cloud problems they are caused by human errors, such as when files are deleted by an unintentional mistake of the person. Also in this case it is possible to proceed with advanced systems for recovering data from the cloud, on which he is working.


    List of leading free cloud services

    Below you can find some of the major cloud services available online. They differ mainly in the amount of space offered and supported platforms. The functions are generally very similar, with the possibility of synchronizing files and having a backup copy always available on the network.



    Dropbox is a free cloud service widely used. Allows you to sign up for free and allows you to have it right away 2 GB of space, which can always be increased free of charge by carrying out specific actions. For example, you can increase MB by having other friends sign up through your link, completing their introductory guide, linking social accounts to the Dropbox profile and other actions.

    The service is available on any platform, too mobile devices, and also integrates seamlessly with your PC. Dropbox creates a folder on your desktop where you can simply drag and drop files. Subsequently, in a completely automatic way, the synchronization in the cloud is performed, and the files in the folder are also uploaded online to the account.


    Google Drive

    Google also offers its own free service called Drive. Each Gmail account can take advantage of an online space that can be used for upload files and backups. You have well available 15 GB free to store photos, documents, videos and any type of file. The possibility to open files without having to download them is very practical, for example you can view a movie on the Drive using the integrated player.

    Of each file you can view the previous versions. This way if you've made any changes to the document but want to go back, you can simply revert to your preferred version from the last 30 days. Really a great feature to avoid incorrect and unwanted changes. Again, the Google cloud service is accessible from any platform, desktop and mobile.

    Microsoft OneDrive

    The space offered by the Microsoft cloud service is 15 GB free. OneDrive is really very practical, because it integrates with the Windows operating system and allows you to store as many files as you want in the online cloud. Just drag the files to the OneDrive folder that appears on the desktop once installed, and the document is automatically synchronized over the network.

    Microsoft's service is also available on smartphones and tablets, and also fully integrates with Windows Phone.



    If you are an Apple user and you want to always have your files with you on each iOS device, you can use Apple's free iCloud service. By installing the application on the MAC and on other mobile devices, such as iPhone and iPad, you can synchronize photos and documents, storing an online backup copy. The application for Windows is also available, in order to make it accessible even to non-Apple users.

    You have it available 5 GB of space to use as you prefer, also uploading presentations, PDFs and other types of files.


    Best free cloud services: conclusions

    In this article we have seen some of the major clouds available. Obviously it is possible to find many other free or paid services, simply by searching online.

    If you need a cloud from your professional and secure country, you can rely on the Babylon Cloud offer, an innovative platform technologically advanced and dedicated to professionals.

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