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As you already know, you can only use one WhatsApp account on each of your mobile devices, but let us tell you that this is only the official version. There are methods to use two WhatsApp accounts at the same time on a single smartphone, using third-party apps or pre-installed units.

Below, we want to show you how you can have two different WhatsApp accounts on the same cell phone. In the case of Android we will use the features included in some phones, such as Samsung models. In case your phone does not have these features available, we will do it through applications available for free on Google Play.

In this article we explain how to use the same WhatsApp account on two different phones..

Find out if your phone has the function to duplicate applications

Currently, most mobiles have support for multiple SIM cards and manufacturers have had to make use of this functionality. They have made sure that you can get the most out of these two SIMs, which you can insert into your mobile device and in principle will have two different phone numbers.

In other words, it is a case of having two different mobiles in a single device, as you can manage the two separately without one interfering with the operation of the other.

Having two phone numbers, it is very likely that you will want to use your two WhatsApp accounts on the same device, so that you don't have to buy another mobile. But in the conventional way, this is not possible, since it is not a feature that WhatsApp allows.

The duplication of applications is also known as dual messaging and is not a feature that all phones include, but each manufacturer will have the option to produce your phone with this service or without it. We could say that it is not a basic service included in all cell phones, but is optional for the manufacturer.

In fact, within the same manufacturers, for example Samsung, there are productions with the application mirroring function and others without it. This service consists of nothing more and nothing less than creating clones of an application to be able to use more than one account.

In Samsung, the name it receives is dual messaging, as mentioned above, but in other operators, such as One Plus, it is called Parallel Apps. In Huawei mobiles this function is called App Twin, in Xiaomi branded devices, you will find it as Clone Apps and so it happens with each of the different brands of smartphones that currently exist.

Each of the different models has a different way of working, so you will have to specifically look for the name by which this feature of duplicating apps on your smartphone is called and you will be able to find specifically how it is used. There are other methods to clone your phone, but if your phone already includes this function from the factory, we recommend that you use this, rather than an external application.

In order to give you an example and show you how these application duplication services work, we will focus on Samsung phones. Remember that the name given to this feature was Dual Messaging and you will surely find that it is very similar to the rest.

In case you have doubts about whether your phone has the function to duplicate applications by default, read the user manual of your phone or contact the manufacturer for proper information.

How to duplicate applications on a Samsung, as an example

In this section we will explain step by step how to access the Dual Messaging system to duplicate your applications and start using more than one account on the same device. We will do it taking the example of the system that Samsung has, but remember that you can apply it to your mobile in a very similar way.

On a Samsung phone that has Dual Messaging included in the factory, the procedure to start using it is quite simple. The first thing you will need to do is to access the applications menu and look for the Settings icon, to enter them. You may be able to find the settings directly on your main desktop screen.

Once you have gone into settings, you will see that you don't get any information about Dual Messaging and that's because the system keeps it partially hidden. This way, only users who go looking for it will find it and not those who are just browsing through their phone's options.

Scroll down the settings menu until you find the Advanced Features option. Click on it to go to the next step. This is where you should find the Dual Messaging section. In case you do not see it, it is because your mobile is not configured from the factory to be able to duplicate applications, so you do not have this service included.

Even so, access the search engine that you will find in the upper right corner and type Dual Messaging, in case that in your mobile model this option is available in another sub-section. In case it does not appear, even in this way, you should read the following section in which we explain how to duplicate applications through a Google Play app.

In case you do see the Dual Messaging section, click on it to access. The only thing you will have to do then is to activate the function for all those messaging applications that you want to have duplicated. In this situation we will activate only the WhatsApp application, which is the one we are interested in for this article.

In the list you will see all the applications that you have on your mobile and that are compatible with the duplicate. That will give you an idea of all the options you have in terms of working with two accounts at the same time from the same device. Before activating this feature, it will ask you to accept a disclaimer, as Samsung is not responsible for what you do with duplicate applications.

Basically, the message explains that the Dual Messaging feature might stop working in the future in case the app, in this case WhatsApp, prohibits its use. You will need to click on the Confirm button in order to proceed to the next step.

The next step consists of another confirmation that you must accept. In this case the confirmation is already referring to the actions you are carrying out on your mobile device. You must confirm that you agree to install another copy of WhatsApp, which will be the one you can later set up with another account.

When you have confirmed you can click the Install button to finish the process. Once the new WhatsApp is installed on your mobile, you can see that it shows a different icon, so you can differentiate them correctly and do not get the wrong WhatsApp account.

Now you will have a new WhatsApp account on the same device, only with a small badge on the logo that will allow you to identify which account you are in. This WhatsApp application works in a completely parallel and independent way from the one you had in the beginning and will be linked to the other phone number that cohabits in your mobile, since it has two SIM cards.

So you can be chatting with both accounts at the same time, without this being a problem for the system. In addition, as the two accounts are completely unlinked to each other, you will have the option of configuring each of them as you wish.

External application to duplicate applications

In case your mobile does not have included the service of duplicate applications within its system, you will not be able to have two WhatsApp applications installed on the same cell phone. But in Google Play you can find a good number of applications that will help you make that possible. For example: App Cloner, Parallel Space, etc.

The most recommended is Parallel Space, since it is the one with the best compatibility with most devices. You can download it by accessing Google Play, searching for the name in the search engine and hitting the download button and install it on your device.

What Parallel Space does is literally do what its name suggests: create a parallel space. In this parallel space you can install all the applications you want, regardless of whether you have already installed them on your regular device, that is, outside this parallel space. This way you will be able to install a copy of the WhatsApp app without interfering with the old one and link it to the phone number you need.

So you will have two WhatsApp applications installed, one inside the parallel space and the other outside, in the normal mobile system. The first time you open the application, the system creates the space itself. It is a process that will take a few minutes and when it is finished you can press the Start button that is presented to you on the screen.

The next step proposed by this parallel system is to choose all the applications you want to install in this place. Parallel Space will choose some possible applications that might interest you, as they are the most common, but you must make a list by selecting all the apps that interest you.

If you are only interested in WhatsApp, the best thing to do is to select the WhatsApp option and remove the rest, this way the performance of your mobile will not be so affected. Once you have selected the applications you want to install in the parallel space, in this case only WhatsApp, you must click on the Add button in Parallel Space, which you will have available on the screen.

Now you have your copy of WhatsApp installed and you will be able to use both accounts at the same time without them interfering with each other. Tap the icon to log in and you will see that you can register with a different account than the one you currently have on your smartphone. So you will be using another phone on the same device. In order to start using WhatsApp on the device, you will have to follow the usual procedure to verify your phone number by SMS or with a call.

We hope this article has been helpful and that you now know how to use two WhatsApp accounts on the same phone. If you are interested in being up to date with all the updates that WhatsApp is doing, do not hesitate to read our posts on the OnlyWhatsApps platform.

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