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    WhatsApp: how to delete a message sent by mistake?

    You sent a message by mistake on WhatsApp and want to delete it? It is quite possible as we explain in this tutorial. 

    WhatsApp is full of hidden features which are very convenient for users. Among them, we find in particular deleting messages. This is necessary in many situations. Did you send a text full of spelling or syntax errors in a professional conversation? Sent a naughty message to the wrong person? You mistranscribed the bottom of your thought and fear the misunderstanding?

    If you delete your message before it is read, your contact will see nothing but fire (or almost since a mention “This message has been deleted” will appear in the conversation). Also note that deletion for all members of the discussion will be possible a maximum of one hour after sending. After this time, you can only delete the message for yourself. Finally, be aware that WhatsApp will not notify you if the deletion for everyone has failed.

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    WhatsApp: how to delete a message sent by mistake

    Do you want to delete one or more messages in an individual or group conversation? Here's the procedure to follow :

    • Start by opening WhatsApp on your smartphone.
    • Go to the relevant discussion.
    • Keep your finger pressed on the message to be deleted.
    • You can also select more than one if you want to perform a mass deletion. To do this, simply touch the other targeted messages after performing the previous step.
    • Click on the trash can symbol and then on Delete for all.

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    That's it that's all. You have successfully deleted your post and hopefully no one has viewed it yet. We also checked if the deleted message still appears in the push notification, which would be a significant flaw.

    And it is clear that this is not the case. We only see the mention "This message has been deleted" in the notification received as you can see on this screenshot:

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