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    How to chat WhatsApp

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    Frequently asked questions about WhatsApp

    Before getting to the heart of the tutorial, let me answer some frequently asked questions about WhatsApp that you are probably asking yourself right now.

    • Is WhatsApp paid? No. Until January 2016 there was a small annual fee of € 0,89 but now it is no longer due. If you receive messages that tell you that WhatsApp or some of its functions have become paid, do not believe them, they are hoaxes and / or scams.
    • Are messages on WhatsApp paid for? No, it's all free.
    • Do you pay for calls and video calls on WhatsApp? No, but if you use WhatsApp under 3G / 4G network you will consume data traffic and therefore you could pay money for it (to your operator, not WhatsApp).
    • Do the sender and recipient have to use the same phone or operating system? No, and that's the beauty of WhatsApp! Regardless of the device and operating system used, you can send and receive messages to everyone.
    • Can WhatsApp be used with all telephone operators? Yes, and even under Wi-Fi network, so as not to consume 3G / 4G data traffic.
    • Is WhatsApp safe? Given that absolute security does not exist (in computer science as well as in life), I would say yes. WhatsApp, in fact, uses an end-to-end encryption system that makes communications unreadable for everyone except for their respective senders and recipients. Of course, if you don't protect your smartphone with a secure PIN and / or leave your phone at anyone's mercy, it won't protect you from the looks of nosy friends or partners! :)
    • Can I use the same WhatsApp account on multiple phones? No. WhatsApp is associated with the phone number of the smartphone and therefore can only be used on one device at a time. The account can be transferred from one phone to another (as long as you keep the same number) but cannot be used on two smartphones at the same time. The only thing that can be done is to use a tablet or a PC as a "repeater" of the smartphone app, but we will talk more about this later.

    Now let's not get lost in chatter and see how to chat whatsapp after installing and configuring the application on our phone.

    How to download WhatsApp

    The first step you need to take, you know, is to install WhatsApp on your smartphone. The procedure is disarmingly simple, so let's ban the chatter and see how to proceed on all major types of smartphones.

    Install WhatsApp on Android

    If you have a smartphone Android, april il Play Store (the shopping bag icon with the ▶ ︎ symbol printed in the center), presses the icon of magnifying glass which is at the top right and look for WhatsApp.

    In the screen that opens, select WhatsApp Messenger (the green cartoon icon with the white handset inside), presses the buttons Install e Accept and wait patiently for WhatsApp to be first downloaded and then installed on your smartphone.

    Can't find the Play Store on your mobile? Then you probably have a smartphone that does not include Google apps for licensing reasons. Don't worry though, there is an alternative method thanks to which you can install WhatsApp without going through the Play Store.

    All you have to do is connect to the official WhatsApp website, download the application installation package (a file in apk) and use the latter to install WhatsApp "manually".

    Let's try to go in order. The first step you need to take is to open the browser that you usually use to surf the Internet with your smartphone (eg. Chrome). After that you need to connect to and you have to press the button Download Now located in the center of the screen. If you are asked which application you intend to complete the download with, choose the browser you are currently using (eg. Chrome), while if you are asked for confirmation to download the apk file, answer OK .

    Once the download is complete, open the application Download Android or use a file manager such as ES File Manager to browse the folder Download of your smartphone. Then select the file WhatsApp.apk e cheap prima su Install and then apri to complete the "manual" installation of WhatsApp.

    If an error message appears when you open the WhatsApp apk file, go to the menu Settings> Security of Android and put the check mark next to the item Unknown origin to authorize the installation of apps from sources other than the Play Store. At the end of the installation of WhatsApp, uncheck the option relating to unknown sources again, it will prevent you from installing potentially dangerous apps.

    Install WhatsApp on iPhone

    If you use a iPhone, apr l 'App Store (the blue icon with the letter “A” printed in the center), select the card Search which is at the bottom right and search WhatsApp.

    In the screen that opens, select the WhatsApp Messenger icon (the green balloon with the white handset inside) and, if you are using an iPhone with an iOS version prior to 11, press the button Ottieni / Installa to start the download and then the installation of the app. You may be prompted to type in your Apple ID password or to authenticate with Touch ID.

    If you want to install WhatsApp on iPhone and your device has received the update to iOS 11, once you have identified the WhatsApp application, press the button Get and then install the app by authenticating via the Touch ID.

    Install WhatsApp on Windows Phone

    If you use a Windows Phone, april il Windows Phone Marketplace (the shopping bag icon with the Windows flag printed in the center), presses the icon of magnifying glass placed at the bottom and search WhatsApp.

    In the screen that opens, select the icon WhatsApp Messenger and proceed with the installation of the app by pressing the button Install.

    Come iscriversi to WhatsApp

    Once the installation is complete, start WhatsApp by pressing on its icon that appears on the main screen of the smartphone and create your account within the application. The procedure to follow is the same on all phones.

    The first step you need to take is to press the button Accetta and continue, after which you have to type in yours cellphone number in the screen that opens and you must first press on forward and then OK to start checking the number.

    Verification of the number can take place automatically (in this case you do not have to do anything, within a few seconds you will be automatically redirected to the next screen) or manually. If you receive a verification code via SMS and the application does not automatically go to the next screen, manually type the code you received and go forward. If you haven't even received the confirmation code, press on Forward SMSCall me to have the code sent back to you or to have it dictated vocally via an automatic phone call from WhatsApp.

    Once the number verification is complete, type the name you want to use within the service, set a profilo's photo pressing the circular icon on the left and that's it. You are officially a WhatsApp user!

    How to chat on WhatsApp

    Now you can finally take action and find out how to chat whatsapp! Let's start by saying that there are various types of chats on WhatsApp: single ones and group ones; then there are calls and video calls. So choose the type of communication you want to exploit and find out which steps to take thanks to the information I am about to give you.

    Single chat

    To start a chat on WhatsApp, go to the card Chat of the application, presses the icon of sheet located at the top right and choose the name of the person you want to talk to.

    WhatsApp automatically extrapolates the names from the phone book, in this way you will already have the list of friends who are subscribed to the service and can therefore receive your messages. In this regard, if you use an iPhone and WhatsApp asks you for permission to access the system address book, accept.

    Once you have selected the person to contact, to send a message to the latter, press the text field at the bottom, compose the text to be sent and press the icon of theairplane (bottom right) to send it.

    If you want, you can format the text using the following codes.

    • To write in italics, enclose the text between two underscores (e.g. _hello_).
    • To write in Bold, enclose the text between two asterisks (e.g. * hello *).
    • To write strikethrough text, enclose the text between two tildes (e.g. ~ hello ~).
    • To write a text with the monospaced font, enclose the text in three quotes (eg "'hello"').

    Alternatively, for even easier text formatting, just hold down on the written text and, before sending it, tap the button with the three dots symbol (on Android), or on the button DARK (on iOS). By acting as a smartphone with Google operating system, the items will appear Bold, italic, crossed outmonospaced, while acting as an iOS device you will have the possibility to format the text with the quick keys Bold, italic e crossed out.

    If you want to share photo, video, PDF file or other content with your interlocutor, press the icon of clip located at the bottom right (if you use an Android terminal) or the symbol capacitor positive (+) lead which is located at the bottom left (if you are using an iPhone). Also, to send self-destructing photos and videos, you can turn on the feature View once, pressing the button (1).

    Then choose the type of content to send (eg. Document for a PDF or Gallery for a photo), select the files to send and that's it. I remind you that, in case of sending more photos, these will be grouped in the form of a gallery. To view them all you will have to press on the item capacitor positive (+) lead followed by the number of photos.

    When you send a message, a photo or any other content in WhatsApp, you will see some appearing check marks next to the latter: a single √ indicates that the message has been sent but has not yet been delivered to the recipient; two √√ indicate that the recipient has received the message, while a blue √√ indicates that the message has been received and read by the recipient.

    But be careful, the read confirmation (therefore the two blue check marks) can be deactivated. If a friend of yours has chosen to disable this feature, you will not be able to know when the friend will view your messages. For more details on the matter, see my tutorial on how to disable WhatsApp blue ticks.

    Have you regretted a message you wrote? I'm sorry, but you can't delete it. Or rather, you can delete it but this will only disappear from your WhatsApp and not from that of your interlocutor.

    If you want to delete a message contained in a chat, all you have to do is keep your finger pressed on it and press the icon of basket (Android) or button Delete (iPhone) that appears at the top.

    All conversations initiated in WhatsApp will be displayed in the tab Chat application. To hide some of them, you can decide to archive it by keeping your finger pressed on it and pressing the icon of box which appears at the top right (Android) or by swiping it from right to left (iPhone). For more details on this procedure, read my guide on how to archive WhatsApp messages.

    Group chat

    If you want to chat on WhatsApp by creating a group conversation, go to the tab Chat of the application, presses the icon of sheet which is at the bottom right (on Android) and top right on iOS and choose to create a group by selecting the appropriate item on the screen that opens.

    At this point, select all the friends you want to join the group (do not be too fussy in this step as after you can add and remove participants as you wish), go forward and assign a group name.

    Subsequently, to add new participants to the group, open the latter, press his title at the top and select the option Add attendees from the screen that opens. The maximum number of WhatsApp group participants is 256 users.

    To remove users who already participate in the group, press the title of the latter, scroll to the bottom of the screen that opens, keep your finger pressed on the name of the user to be deleted and select the item Remove [name] from the menu that opens (on Android). On iOS, after tapping on the user to be deleted, press on the item Remove from group.

    For the rest, there is not much to say. The functioning of groups is practically identical to that of single chats. The only difference is that you cannot make calls or video calls within it.

    To join an existing group, you need to apply to the administrators. Once added by an admin, you will be automatically admitted to the group and will find it in the tab Chat of your WhatsApp.

    If you want to know more about WhatsApp groups and how they work, read my tutorials on how to create a group on WhatsApp, how to leave a group on WhatsApp, how to delete WhatsApp group and how to appoint a group administrator on WhatsApp.

    Call or video call

    To start a voice call or a video call on WhatsApp, all you have to do is start a single chat with the person you want to call and press the icon of handset or of video camera you see at the top right. You will then be able to choose independently whether to start a voice call or a video call. If you use an iPhone and also an Android, to start a video call you must then press the icon of video camera and not on that of the handset, which allows you to initiate only a voice call.

    Alternatively, if you prefer, you can select the tab Call of WhatsApp, press the icon of handset located at the top right and select the name of the person to call. On iPhone this feature is only for voice calls. On Android and iOS, to start a video call from the section Call instead you have to press on the item with the symbol of handset located bottom right and top right respectively to be able to choose whether to call or video call, by tapping on the respective symbols corresponding to the name of the people to call.

    To find out more, read my tutorials on how to call with WhatsApp and how to video call on WhatsApp.

    Notifications and blocks

    After taking the first steps in the world of WhatsApp, I bet you will begin to wonder how to "tame" the many notifications you will begin to receive and how to block some users who are a little too insistent who will begin to disturb you. Well, know that I have tutorials dedicated to these topics.

    As soon as you have some free time, consult my tutorials on how to "turn off" WhatsApp, how to change WhatsApp ringtone and how to block a person on WhatsApp and you will find all the information you need.

    How to chat on WhatsApp from PC

    Would you like to chat on WhatsApp on your PC too? It can be done, all you have to do is rely on the WhatsApp Web service or the official application of WhatsApp for Windows and macOS which you can also download via the official WhatsApp website.

    In both cases it is not a real WhatsApp that works on the PC but a sort of "repetition" of the application installed on the smartphone, in fact both WhatsApp Web and the WhatsApp client or the application for Windows and macOS work only if you authenticate via your smartphone, scanning the QR code, and only if the device is turned on and connected to the Internet.

    To find out how to chat on WhatsApp from PC, open a browser between Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Microsoft Edge and connect to the site At this point, open WhatsApp on your smartphone, press the button (...) located at the top right (Android) or on the tab Settings (iPhone) and select the item for Web WhatsApp.

    Then use your phone's camera to frame the QR code you see on your PC screen and that's it. From this moment on you can "text" on WhatsApp from your computer, but also make voice or video calls, by pressing respectively onhandset icon or your quella della video camera.

    If you want more details on how to use WhatsApp on PC via WhatsApp Web or via the client for Windows and macOS, read the tutorial I wrote on the subject.

    If, on the other hand, you want to install WhatsApp on tablets, know that there are (unofficial) applications that emulate WhatsApp Web and therefore allow you to repeat the WhatsApp app installed on your smartphone on tablets. I told you about it in more detail in the tutorial I dedicated to the question. Read it and you will not regret it.

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